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Mother/Son swaps
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From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #101
well today my mom was wearing some tan slacks and a blouse that you are not suppose to tuck in, it huged the tops of her hips really emphasizing her wide hips and slim waist, and she wore some low heels. I would want to use the medallion of zulu so i can feel my body change into hers and watch her change into me, then i would act like i have no idea how we changed.

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #102
THIS RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #103
How old is your mom and you old are you?

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #104
im 18 my mom is 48

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #105
What underwear wear your mom (control panty, thong??). Wear your mom pantyhose?

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #106
What underwear wear your mom (control panty, thong??). Wear your mom pantyhose?

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #107
What underwear wear your mom (control panty, thong??). Wear your mom pantyhose?

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #108
control panties!

From: who?* , 194 months, post #109
what are control panties?

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #110
I think he mean platex panties....LOL

From: who?* , 194 months, post #111
what are those?

From: Tom* , 194 months, post #112
I love to see a 5 year boy swap bodies in the nursery school with the female 35 year old teacher.

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #113
thats way to young to even enjoy the swap at all, the boy needs to be at least 13 to really be intreseted in his new body, any younger then that he really wouldnt care to much, only that he is bigger, thats about it.

From: cj* , 194 months, post #114

From: cj* , 194 months, post #115
Dang, I hate it when it does that!

>> "what are control panties?"

From: Tom* , 194 months, post #116
Another big fantasy of me....a bad 12 year old orphanage boy swap bodies with the leader of the orphanage....Mrs. Johnson 41 years old.

From: Evilspidey* , 194 months, post #117
Just trying to keep this dialouge blog going.... so where and who did you last see that you wanted to swap... meaning a mom and son somewhere, what did they look like? and how did you imagine them swapping?

From: Sara* , 194 months, post #118
Would a boy, like a teenage boy be able to handle things a woman would do. Like a teen girl has practiced walking in heels, or has worn tights/pantyhose before, and at teen age would have experienced breasts and a bra. However, all of this would be foreign to a boy, that has not worn this stuff before. I think for the experiment, it should be a non cross dressing boy that becomes him mother, then you get a better perspective if he could handle it.
Also, many boy's might have never seen an adult woman nude, so that would be one heck of a shock. Not to mention seeing their dad in the nude, and having to keep up appearances.

I still think, a son in his mid teens, like 14-16 (16 is best cause at least he can fake driving the car). He should not have been a cross dresser, and should not have any older siblings. I think it might be cool if he does have like younger siblings, so he has to take care of them as well as his "mother". I also think the mother should be 36 to 40, with a decent body and a healthy set of breasts. I would want her to have an imporant job, but not a life depending on it type, like not a nurse/doctor/police officer/fire fighter or lawyer or things like that, instead a secretary, librarian, school teacher or a bank teller, something that dresses very feminine. I would want the swap to be early morning, so that the boy wakes up as his mother, in her night gown. Maybe there is no dad, so that factor is not there, or maybe he is a boyfriend. Would make it a little less freaky if you do not wake up next to your own dad, and have that come up later as well... Plus the dynamics of a divorced family could be interesting, for the son to learn how it is for mom to be single raising the kids.
I would want the mother to have laid out a nice skirt, blouse, bra, hose and heels for the day.
The son would be in school, and so the mother would have to go to school for him, possibly have gym that day, and have a test as well...

I saw one branch in you are what you wish of fiction branches that was kinda like this...

From: cj* , 194 months, post #119
a little skewed from topic... but being a middle-aged man who's never really cross-dressed before - would probably have problems trying to be a teenaged girl... hair, make-up, clothing, periods. So any TG swap between non TV/CD persons could be a real taxing ordeal.

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #120
How about a switch were the son finds himself in his mother's body while she's gving dad a blow job

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