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Mother/Son swaps
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From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #61
would love to hear from more of you on mothers and sons you have seen that if you could you would swap thier souls. lol bet that son in the moms body at the bank would take a lot of money out and buy himself some video games. his dad would wonder what was wrong with his wife lol

From: AverageJoe* , 194 months, post #62
I have seen some at the mall, think of the Mom that drags her son shopping and has to leave him waiting while she is in the dressing room trying on a swimsuit or a new dress...

I have seen some mom's that are like the MILF type that dress like they are on the prowl, and have the kid with them.

I think the ultimate 2 would be.

1. Mom and son swap during mother's wedding, long white gown and heels for the son, and mom in a tux as she is now the son who was an usher...
2. Mom and son swap during the night, so that son wakes up next to dad in a slinky piece of lingerie after a night of the parent's fooling around.

I would want the son to have to be a mom that works, so he had to wear a suit or something, and handle responsibilties...

Step mom might be even better, because then it could be very easy for a 25 year old mom swapping with a 15 year old boy!

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #63
i love the idea of the son waking up in the moms body, looking around confused seeing his dad and seeing he is wearing his mothers lingerie, and worst of all wearing his mothers full figured body. his dad reaching over holding his apperent wife that he has no idea is really his son.

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #64
yeah evilspidey, i like the thought of a son waking up in his parents room and thinking "what the hell?" and noticing that his dad is next to him and then looking down to find that he's in his mothers body.

Average joe had some good ideas too, ecspecially the one with the wedding. That would be too cool.

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #65
beeznatch do you have aol or yahoo messanger? id love to chat with you more about mom/son swaps. lol yeah the son would freak but not say anything cause he doesnt want to look crazy, he would just excuse himself from his dad and his parents bed and go to the master bathroom to look in the mirror seeing his mother in her nightgown.

From: anonymous , 194 months, post #66
lol and then the son has to get dressed and take his mom to school and then come home and do the housework and do her errands. that would be a trip.

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #67
Oh yeah, and that last post was by me and no, I don't have AIM. sorry..

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #68
or the son has to go to work as his mom, wearing her slacks and blouse, heels lol. he would drive his mom to his school so they could keep up apperances and then he would go to her work and do his best to impersonate her there. Wonder how he would handle the weird feelings he gets from his new body. Do you have yahoo messanger beeznatch? any messanger at all?

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #69
yeah and the mom in his body hates school and the son comes home and has to cook dinner and tell the mother what to do and punish her lol.

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #70
lol what sorts of things do you think the son would wear as his own mother? yes he would make dinner for his father and the rest of the family as to not raise suspicion that he is not who he appears to be. and make sure that his mom isnt ruining his reputation at school.

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #71
probably something a house wife would normally wear or if he went to work he would have to wear business clothes.

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #72
i see him wearing his moms big panties, and matching bra, at work he would wear her slacks that hug his new wide hips and butt, and a soft blouse and heels. And at home maybe one of his mothers housedresses. all the while feeling how wide hips were, his new breasts jiggling, and how much his butt sticks out. not to mention the lack of something between his mothers thick thighs.

From: AverageJoe* , 194 months, post #73
I wonder what the Mother would do as the son...
Anyways, I bet the son would be pretty freaked out and in many ways grossed out...
Even if he really wanted to be a girl, that would not be what any boy would want to wake up as...
I still think a wedding would rock, or changing room

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #74
lol yeah the sone would definatly freak seeing his mother in her panties and bra in the mirror and know that its him, when he moves she moves. her body is now his body.

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #75
lol yeah one thing the boy is playing video games and the next thing he knows hes staring at his mom in the mirror wearing her bra and panties and realizing that every movement he makes, the reflection in the mirror makes the same movement and he realizes that he's in his mom's body lol.

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #76
lol yeah and he looks down and sees he truly is his mother, he reaches down and cups his generous breasts, he would feel his huge hips in wonder, wondering why they are so wide, then he would turn to see his mother butt seeing its giant compared to his old one and it sticks out a lot, and of course he looks at the flat crotch he has now, maybe the slight imprint of his moms hairy muff, now between his chubby thighs

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #77
lol what do you think the son would do from that point on?

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #78
beeznatch, do you have yahoo messanger? i would love to play this out with you. the son would probably take a peak in his moms panties and see a hairy crotch, with no sign of his cock, and he would see his moms hairy bush. im sure he would feel his fat hips and butt and wonder how women deal with these things

From: beeznatch* , 194 months, post #79
No man, sorry, I don't have any of that messanger stuff. But yes, I think he would be confused as to how he ended up in his moms body and more importantly how women deal with all of these differences that come with his new body lol.

From: evilspidey* , 194 months, post #80
lol ok no messanger, so after the boy stares at his figure, what does he put on from his mothers closet?

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