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How long would it take for you to realize "you don't have it"?
From: guest (Bud) , 13 months, post #1
I rewatched episode 2 of the Korean drama Come Back Mister and cracked up at the part when Gi-Tak wakes up in his new female body and goes to the bathroom and tries to grab his package and realizes that it's not there. He says something like "I don't have it" and "the thing I'm suppose to have isn't there". With that being said, how long would it take someone to realize that they had changed genders especially if the person is a man transforming into a woman? Wouldn't it be instantly? Wouldn't the loss of mass and weight in the crotch section be obvious and not to mention being flat down there? Also, having more weight and mass in the chest area too.

From: Forestier , 13 months, post #2
I think I'd realize it instantly (unless I am drugged or groggy for some reason).

From: guest (personEL) , 13 months, post #3
Knowing me, I'd definitely notice my breasts before the absence of a dick.

From: guest (BarackObrahma) , 13 months, post #4
Considering that sometimes I forget things that normal people don't, like eating or drinking once in a while, I think that I wouldn't see it instantly, unless such body were a lot different from mine or the feedback, internal and external, were too.
Example... I'm 6'9", so, if suddenly things started to be difficult to reach and appeared to be in higher places, that would trigger a contemplation moment. However, I doubt that I would feel much difference going to, let's say, 5'9" if I were playing at the PC or watching a movie in my bed.

Human cognition take shortcuts whenever it's possible. For thousands of years, we didn't have abundance of energy, so evolution lead our bodies to those shortcuts and tricks, saving up energy. One of those is that we don't need to check every muscle involved with the action of riding a bike every time we wanna ride. We just ride. If one muscle has problem, it will trigger a feeling, usually pain, that will induce us, our conscience, to analyze it. That was different when we were learning how to ride, when we consciously payed attention to everything we could.
So, anything that made those shortcuts fail, would makes us unaware of the changes for awhile.

From: guest , 13 months, post #5
This may be relevant:

(Ghost penises!)

From: Air Gear , 13 months, post #6
Please note how skillfully our former president just happened to slip in the fact he's 6'9" tall. I applaud you sir, that was very well done.

From: guest (Bud) , 13 months, post #7
Wouldn't the voice be an instant giveaway that you were now a woman? I know in movies and tv shows logic doesn't flow the way it does in real life but I just don't see how any man could get out of their bed and not immediately realize that there are two breasts on his chest and also that his penis has been replaced with a vagina.

From: guest (Cathy) , 13 months, post #8
Interesting #5. Never had that sensation - a "ghost penis". Glad that it IS a ghost now, though.

From: guest (guest) , 13 months, post #9
Why do writers of TG TV episodes and movies keep going for the bathroom joke? Maybe it's an easy gag and they aren't familiar with the genre to realize how unrealistic and overused it really is. I'd say any major body change would be noticeable really quickly... height, weight, longer hair, breasts, genitals.

I like the reveal scenes where the character notices before they even get out of bed. James' movies and Memory Run/Synapse come to mind. Cleo/Leo on the other hand had the character drive across town and carry on complete conversations without ever noticing. The reveal to the audience and reveal to the character were nice but completely unrealistic.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 13 months, post #10
I don't think it would be super noticeable at first. But the things that would call attention to it would be the fact that your thighs could touch each other unobstructed. Then there's the very slight weight difference, so also a lack of a jiggle from an organ being there.

The "wake-up call" would probably be as soon as you thought of something arousing and things begin happening, but differently.
Also, although a naturally born woman probably wouldn't notice it, you'd definitely notice the slight rubbing of two parts against each other.

Yes, I've fantasized about this many times. Using the bathroom too.

From: guest , 13 months, post #11
Ever chip a tooth? Doesn’t it drive you up the wall? It does for me anyway. My tongue keeps noticing the difference. Even a new haircut feels definitely different. I have to imagine that waking up in a completely new body would be even more stranger.

From: guest (Bud) , 13 months, post #12
If you have a beard or goatee, you would definitely be able to tell instantly. I would also say if you have any noticeable scars, birthmarks, and tattoos on your hands and fingers, you would know right away that you're not yourself. I mean if you wake up and see that your hands are soft, smooth, and not super soft and your finger nails are painted red or bright pink then you have likely either become a woman or a drag queen.

From: guest (Golvanious) , 13 months, post #13
I've noticed that trope used numerous times at this point across many different mediums. I guess it's a go-to. Character goes to bed a male, wakes up the next day female and somehow manages to get as far as the toilet before realizing they're not who they went to bed as anymore.

Heck, some even have the character go so far as to start urinating before they finally notice, like the beginning of MentalCrash's ongoing comic. One wonders just how dangerous a character like that would be inebriated in public.

Either way, the way I conjure up an answer to that question is ask myself "what if I woke up missing my hand or having grown an extra appendage?" or some other impossible-to-miss body alteration. Even if my mind is still programmed to think something that should be there is still there, I think as soon as I started doing stuff and moving around, I'd notice some shenanigans were afoot.

That's assuming the hair, height difference, breasts and voice didn't tip me off first.

From: guest (Gypsy) , 13 months, post #14
pretty sure I would notice a new body pretty quickly, I have a lot of pain, getting up- that first few steps is pretty rough.

From: guest (jill) , 13 months, post #15
if it was a transformation I'm a side sleeper and shirtless so the breasts would come into view pretty quickly or be a problem instantly, i'd probably notice the extra hair on top of my head as well since sadly I have to shave my head. Then I'd probably reach down there to confirm, jump up out of bed and go to the nearest mirror.

A body swap I'd probably notice the room and blankets changed, then the same exact order of what i'd notice in a transformation only if a man is sleeping next to me I'd just slip out of bed. Then I'd probably try to act like the woman until I could figure out what happened, trying to find out details as I go.

I'd probably be more scared of a transformation into a girl then a body swap, because a body swap I still have an identity, it's just not my own. A transformation, if it wasn't a transformation into another person, I'd have no identity and wouldn't know what to do. How do I get my money out of my bank, I wouldn't go to my job, I'd probably try to find some way to earn money quickly or I just might show up at a hospital and go from there. Without an identity a person is pretty much screwed, limited on a job, or a place to live etc.

From: guest (Susan) , 13 months, post #16
In reality, I noticed right away. Of course I was expecting to wake up (from anaesthesia) with some changes. To answer the idea of the main question, I would have noticed immediately even though I didn't get out of bed for hours. It's pretty hard to not notice.

From: guest (Jayzie) , 13 months, post #17
Ah! I see what you did there! "hard" to not notice. Hah!

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