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(Seeking) FTF shapeshift into a loved one to seduce
From: guest (Zach) , 56 months, post #1
Hey guys, I'm looking for clips from TV or movies where a female shapeshifter assumes the form of a man's wife, girlfriend or love interest in order to seduce him. I have quite a few of my own I've found over the past little while and I'll put their links down below:
Around the 3:40 minute mark Rihanna shapeshifts into Valerian's love interest asking for a kiss.
Virtual girl shapeshifter mimics the appearance of the man's crush and shows of her naked body (2:30)
From the movie: The Craft, a witch turns herself into the man's girlfriend and I think they have sex?
Shapeshifter turns into Snow White, the love interest of the man and begins to make out with him.
Witch takes the appearance of Popeye's girlfriend in order to get her lucky coin back (not really seduced but similar)
From the movie Sparks, a shaleshifter changes forms to gain the interest of the man.
From the TV series charmed, shapeshifting stripper takes the form of the man's ex-girlfriend he is still fond of and grinds on him.
A fairy shapeshifts into the form of the man's girlfriend and asks for a kiss. He takes quite a while to respond.

That's all I've got from YouTube, I've seen quite a few others around but I would love all the help finding more clips similar to these! Thanks in advance

From: Eric , 56 months, post #2

SOrry for caps

From: guest (guest) , 56 months, post #3
Legends of tomorrow season 3 episode 4
A female dominator makes one of the legends see her as Ray Palmer's mother and tries to seduce him.

From: guest (Zach) , 56 months, post #4
Thank you guys! I hopped over to my Dailymotion and found a couple more that people might be interested in.
The devil in the form of a woman takes on the form of another woman to hook up with a man.
A woman uses a magic mirror to change her appearance to that of the man's partner. They get mixed up and the woman switches with the girl she's impersonating and tries to make a move on the guy.
The clown from the older movie IT shapeshifts into the woman of the friend group and makes out with one of the members.
From the TV show Bewitched, Sam's cousin transforms into Sam to kiss her husband Darren. Sam walks in as it's happening and confusion ensues

That's pretty much everything I got, hopefully you guys got some more to share that I've missed 👍

From: guest (Kara) , 56 months, post #5
Slight correction: in the first video, the Devil has possessed Marlena Evans-Brady, not shifted into her form. She DOES then assume the likeness of Kristin DiMera.

From: guest , 56 months, post #6
Got a few obvious ones:
Scene from X-Men 2 where Mystique tries to trick Wolverine by disguising herself as Jean Grey, and then tries to tempt him some more by transforming into Storm and Rogue (and then Brian Cox).
X-Men First Class has a scene where Mystique transforms into an "older" version of herself to seduce Magneto. It's Jennifer Lawrence transforming into Rebecca Romijn on screen, though.

No clip for this one, but in the second episode of the second season of Poltergeist: The Legacy (database entry here ), there's a succubus that keeps transforming into dead wives or girlfriends to suck the life out of a bunch of dudes. If you can find the episode, there's instances at 10:50, 25:50, 29:30, from 34:00 to 35:30, at 35:50, and at 41:30 (off-screen).
The First Anniversary episode of The Outer Limits (database entry here ) has a pair of (apparently) female aliens transforming into women to snag guys to marry. One of them transforms into a woman that resembles one in a photo the protagonist has in his office to seduce him near the beginning of the clip.

From: guest (guest) , 56 months, post #7
something new?

From: Bodyswap1 , 56 months, post #8
The second dailymotion link in post #4 is from the tv show called Legend of the seeker.

From: guest (Stag) , 56 months, post #9
=Morgan takes the form of Guinevere to sleep with Arthur in hopes of bearing a child

-The Inheritance & Blonde Ambition
=Adalind takes the form of Juliette to sleep with Nick and steal his magical powers

From: guest (Stag) , 56 months, post #10
Once Upon a Time
-Heart of Golf & Lily
=Zelena took the form of Maid Marian to seduce Robin Hood and steal his love away from Regina

From: guest , 56 months, post #11
> Camelot
> -Reckoning
> =Morgan takes the form of Guinevere to sleep with Arthur in hopes of bearing a child

She does the same in the movie Excalibur but it's a very brief scene:

From: guest (Guest) , 47 months, post #12
Any New and recent content regarding this topic? Thanks!

From: guest (troll) , 47 months, post #13
Prince valiant

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 46 months, post #14
I wonder if there are any MTF tv shows or movies that
have the same premise.

From: guest (Mr A) , 46 months, post #15
Maharakshak aryan, jaani dushman ek anokhi kahani, ftf krrish3@post14

From: guest (Mr A) , 46 months, post #16
Maharakshak aryan, jaani dushman ek anokhi kahani, ftf krrish3@post14

From: guest (troll) , 46 months, post #17
movir 666 traue
onepiece bonclay mr2

From: guest (Dbsdf) , 36 months, post #18
Any new content?

From: guest , 12 days, post #19
Hera Purple: Devil Godess (FTF/F2F)
Hera Purple is, this is an Asian softcore horror, supernatural, and thriller porno movie. Plus, there is one FtM in it.

From: guest (guest) , 11 days, post #20
ftf time stamp please?

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