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PC and the Transmafia
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From: guest , 43 months, post #121
Jenner is mentally ill

From: guest , 43 months, post #122
does Valkan not realize South Park is making fun of them? Have you ever watched South Park?

From: guest (Also Interested) , 43 months, post #123
Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. She transitioned, and is still an asshat.

Chris Everett is a woman. She's cisgendered. In other words, she was born female. I don't even know who she is I'd have to look it up. The only reason why you care is because you know that it exists. If you didn't know, you wouldn't care. Your pseudo-interest into the topic is based on your initial thoughts and preconceived notions about this. Let's not pretend you actually care, or are actually concerned. You just don't want the world changing too fast for you to keep up.

From: guest (Fed Up) , 43 months, post #124
Jenner lived almost 60 years as a male, still has a dick. Jenner is not a “woman”. Trans woman, maybe, but not a woman.

Chris Everett, a woman competing in sports at the same time Jenner was, is a woman. To call her anything else is an insult.

From: guest , 43 months, post #125
"it is simple, this 1 generation of freaks doesn't get to change everything because..."

"you are either born a man or a woman or have weird mental problems"

"won't be bullied into conforming to your mental illness."

Wow... the irony of this stuff coming for someone on this site just astounds me!

The fact that you are ON this site would label YOU a freak in the minds of many... and yet you choose to hurl those words at others. You ARE sick, indeed.

From: guest (Fed Up) , 43 months, post #126
They were not my words, but using a site that deals with mostly fantasy, does not preclude one from seeing reality.

Am sensitive to the plight of transgenders, but I will not stand aside and remain quite when I see a wrong happening to those who are not trans.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 43 months, post #127
You will stand aside because you are irrelevant. Good to know I can just easily offend you by calling you cis. So fragile.

From: guest , 43 months, post #128


From: guest (guest) , 43 months, post #129
Message deleted by MissMako. Not a very polite and very disrespectful post. Please be civil.
From: guest (guest) , 43 months, post #130
above post in response to the clowns not making a point about the topic but attacking others or making themselves feel good with insults because they have no point....tit for tat basically....

From: guest , 43 months, post #131
Interesting calling people mentally ill when even the mental health profession doesn't call it that.

Of course you know for a fact, with all your years of extensive research, that it's not possible to have a brain-body mismatch.

And you're completely mentally healthly in your desire to fantasize about being a woman.

Okay, you will... how stupid we all were for not realizing this before. I'd make an appointment with a mental health professional except, they have already said that there's nothing mentally wrong with me.

Oh, well... I guess I just lose. You're so much better and smarter than I am.

(are we done now?)

From: guest (Also Interested) , 43 months, post #132
"freakishly deviant" do you know where you are on the internet right now?

Just because you don't know anything about transgender doesn't mean your opinion holds more water because of how much angrier you are. And no, we don't want to be accepted as long as we shut the fuck up, we will never be silent or hidden just to keep you or anyone else happy. But you do realize you're not even following your own advice by not shutting up or stopping your whining? That's what gets me about people complaining about SJW...they literally just spend their being keyboard warriors as well. Hypocrites.

From: guest (redneckdemon) , 43 months, post #133
It occurs to me that the point of this entire thread has been: "Do what you want, but leave me out of it."

If you really want to be insulting, you could phrase it as "Stop calling me names!"

It would still be accurate, but why be such a jerk?

The OPs whole point is that there is no cause to call anybody a cis-anything. Someone comfortable with their own genitalia is a normal thing, and so needs no special lingo to set it apart.

Calling someone "trans-whatever" serves a useful function, especially if they are being referenced purely because of their self-image issues. Calling someone a "cis-whatever" amounts to calling someone "a Square".

However much it might please some few people with a special interest in the matter, the English language nor the behavior of reasonable people can be forced to change, just to suit somebody else's preferences.

The continued attempts to do so will continue provoke a negative this thread. You can all sit and curse and pull your hair and fling insults at each other all you like, but I note that the problem has not run away or hid, yet.

From: guest , 43 months, post #134
Again... saying "cis-women are more likely to have experienced being told 'you can't be an engineer when you grow up' than trans-women" makes a lot more sense and is clearer than saying "women are more likely to have experienced being told 'you can't be an engineer when you grow up' than trans-women."

It also don't send the message (which is what many people object to) that "transwomen" are not "women" which, as said earlier, according to the now-commonly accepted definition of "women" (at least legally), we are.

In other words, as long as it is used properly, "cis" is not inherently insulting and saying that "cis-women" should be replaced by "women" IS insulting to a group -- it is INHERENTLY excluding a group.

From: guest (new guest) , 43 months, post #135
The problem with all this is the face that these terms and pronouns are all foisted upon people rather than the vocabulary making its way through common parlance. The average person doesn't use "cis" like the tumblrites that love to use it like a pejorative. Men, women, people from all walks don't like it, and the reason is they never got to choose it like many minorities get to kind of pick a new one that works every couple of years.

I don't want to be called cis because its a word chosen to describe me by people who never allowed the term to be decided by the zeitgeist of common language.

Also, Im pretty sure that nobody born after 1980 is being told what careers they can and cannot go into because of their genitals. In fact, most schools are pushing girls into unpopular fields of learning specifically to combat the normal gender roles women tend to gravitate towards like care-giving and teaching. The funny thing is you never see women lining up to complain about the patriarchy stopping them to become garbage-people or plumbers, despite those fields desperate for ANYONE to join and being quite lucrative.

From: guest , 43 months, post #136
Then maybe "cis people" should pick a word for themselves... It's not the fault of those who need to distinguish between those who were born with the "right" genetals and those who were born with the "wrong" ones that you haven't picked one. AGAIN, how would you propose to say "someone who was born with genitals they were happy with" OTHER than suggesting that the words "man" and "woman" EXCLUDE those who were not.

The only alternative I can come up with off the top of my head is "non-trans-men" and "non-trans-women". Is it THAT important that we should use all those extra syllables? This would start to feel like the ridiculousness of having to say "African American" rather than "black" (speaking of which, I know some black people who HATE being referred to as "African American")

From: guest , 43 months, post #137
And, BTW, the fact that I picked (as an example) a statement that may no longer apply these days, does not change the fact that it is a good example where I might need to use words like that -- it's a red herring.

From: guest (Context) , 43 months, post #138
I stopped following this thread closely a few weeks ago; as a transwoman, and someone who's made several points here that have been roundly ignored (I wrote posts 15, 16, and 54, maybe a couple of others I'm not recalling at the moment), this thread is far too stressful to follow.

But I think it's worth mentioning that the term "cis" was coined by... a cisman. Specifically, a sexologist named Volkmar Sigusch, who first used the term in 1991. So it's not a term that trans people invented to insult non-trans people; it's a term that a non-trans man invented for other non-trans individuals in order to, as I and others have said many times already in this thread, distinguish between trans and non-trans individuals without stigmatizing and otherizing trans people.

It's not a new term; it's not a term invented by "SJWs"; it's not a term that trans people invented to hurt non-trans people; it's not a term that trans people invented at all. It's a term cisgender academics have been using for decades as a clinical, nonjudgmental term, and that trans people and their cis allies have gradually adopted because of its usefulness. As a transwoman, it's nice to have a way of speaking that doesn't inherently undermine the validity of my own identity.

From: guest (Fed Up) , 43 months, post #139
I never wrote it was invented by a trans, or SJW, or when, etc....My beef is how it is being used now, today.

If person is born diabetic, we call them a diabetic, but we find no need to label the one not born as a diabetic with some term.

Your last line makes my point. You are trans and called yourself trans but that is not enough, you have to label the non trans in some way, in an attempt to make yourself feel better.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 43 months, post #140
It's not about making yourself feel better, but having a convenient way to express yourself. I don't think anyone here, including yourself, would want to have to say "someone born with the genitals that align with their gender" every time they want to say it. If you want, you can continue to say trans and non-trans.

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