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From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #101
The term nigger has been in longer than that, and used longer, ok to use it?

You posted your political opinions, then said you did not want to discuss politics. Kind of like how Al Bore runs around shouting bullshit, then saying the debate is over.

SJW’s are opposite of what they say. Kind of like Antifa.

From: guest (Valkan) , 33 months, post #102
Cisgender is not defined as a pejorative in the dictionary though, like the N-word, so it can be used.

From: guest (Valkan) , 33 months, post #103
Also in exciting news the latest South Park game is letting you choose your character's gender identity. You can pick transgender, cisgender, or non-conforming. A small victory for the trans community in gaining more visibility and acceptance.

From: guest , 33 months, post #104
Agreed. I feel sorry for you, FedUp, that people have used it as a pejorative term to you, but just because someone used it to you once as a way to exclude you from a discussion does not make it one.

As far as I know, once someone transitions sufficiently (which maybe can vary from state to state, I don't know) they are legally recognized as their chosen gender. So, by any meaningful definition of the word "man" or "woman" they are included. Again, sorry that you don't like that.

From: guest (6drop) , 33 months, post #105
Can an admin please ban fedup? Thanks.

From: Air Gear , 33 months, post #106
Look, if you've got a situation where you want to talk about transgender actors and you want to discuss their also playing characters who in their personal history haven't ever transitioned, you could either phrase it like: "Transgender actor to play character who in the history of the character never transitioned." or "Transgender actor to play cisgender character."

See how much easier that is have one word to convey all of that?

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #107
“Cisgender is not defined as a pejorative”

But many see it as one.

Still waiting for a good explanation of how the term “woman” is not good enough to describe what is being called a “cis-woman”.

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #108
“You can pick transgender, cisgender, or non-conforming. A small victory for the trans community in gaining more visibility and acceptance.”

Labeling someone to make them sound less than what they are is always a good way to gain that visibility and acceptance?

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #109
“As far as I know, once someone transitions sufficiently (which maybe can vary from state to state, I don't know) they are legally recognized as their chosen gender. So, by any meaningful definition of the word "man" or "woman" they are included. Again, sorry that you don't like that.”

So they are not proud to be trans? So they are now “man” or “woman” but others are “cis”?

What is your point?

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #110
“Can an admin please ban fedup? Thanks.”

On what grounds? Having a discussion you do not like?

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #111
“What is perhaps most disturbing in being called “cisgendered,” is that it imposes an identity on me. Doing so invalidates my complicated experience of gender.”

Article with quote found here.

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #112
"For me, 'cis' reifies something that is mostly a fiction. It creates — or re-creates — a gender binary, which is exactly what many scholars and activists have been fighting against for decades."
To me, 'cisgender' is a clunky, unhelpful, and maybe even regressive term. It does not move the gender conversation forward in a constructive way. Or in a productive way."

University of Southern California gender studies professor Chris Freeman, Ph.D.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 33 months, post #113
I honestly can't believe this conversation is still going. I haven't read all of these, but it's really quite simple. If someone were to say "I like all fruits and apples" it would sound either redundant or ignorant (not bigoted, just ignorant as in you don't know apples are also fruits). It implies that apples are a separate category than fruits. No one would question if you said "I like all fruits and carrots" or "I like fruits and vegetables" because they are different categories or discussing different groups.

Similarly, when you say "women and transwomen" whether you mean to or not, it similarly implies that transwomen are not women, and so it comes across as ignorant. What you either mean is "women" point blank or to make a distinction like "ciswomen and transwomen." The latter does not carry the implication from before. If you were describing someone but mean to make a distinction between a woman who was born a woman and did not transition, you can easily just use the word ciswoman and people would understand. Or you can draw out the distinction all you'd like. It's fine.

If you want to take personal offense at being called cisgender, that's fine. If you want to try to police people from using the word cisgender. That's fine. But let's stop the crap that it's a TransMafia at work here and not anything different than what you are doing/trying to do. You feel it's disrespectful, just like others are saying that implying the opposite of transwomen is women, or that transwomen are not women. It's like giving a compliment to someone and making a distinction like "for a black guy" or "even though you're femme." You may not even mean to be disrespectful, but that distinction is so heavy for those that hear it all the time. All people ask is that you don't make it out to be "there's women, and then there's transwomen." That's it. If you don't want to, that's within your right. Just as it's anyone else's right to call you out on it, because that's how they feel. And you've used this site as a platform to announce how you feel and how dare someone tell you to use a word because you're some sort of white cisknight. Have fun. You're literally complaining about something while doing the same thing.

Can we please get back to the TG stuff?

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #114
“You being a cis-woman”

“Please do not call me that”

“Well fuck you, it is in the dictionary, and that is the label you will live with!”

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #115
“Similarly, when you say "women and transwomen" whether you mean to or not, it similarly implies that transwomen are not women”

They are not women on the same level as a woman raised as a female, with hormones, possibly with a natural female reproductive system, who from day one was treated, lived, etc. as a woman.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 33 months, post #116
There are ciswomen who dont cant reproduce, struggle with endometriosis, and who dont even have periods, who have amenorrhea, who either produce too much testosterone or not enough estrogen. Are they on a different level as other women? Are you the divine decider of all things women? Why are there levels of women? Why argue that you are not offensive when you literally just said they are women as ciswomen?

From: guest (Also Interested) , 33 months, post #117
Is your argument literally that you don't want to be told to use the word ciswomen, because that's offensive to ciswomen, and at the same time, transwomen are not women and that they shouldn't be offended by you claiming that?

Because why not call a spade a spade and just say that. But you don't get to be offensive while at the same time claim to be offended at ciswomen, and how dare the Transmafia and PC and SJW....You don't get to be a keyboard warrior and complain about keyboard warriors. You want to the right to be a prick without being called a prick. You want your cake and to eat it too. Really, how is the irony lost on you?

From: guest , 33 months, post #118
trans women are not women, trans men are not is simple, this 1 generation of freaks doesn't get to change everything because they are the products shitty parenting are either born a man or a woman or have weird mental problems that confuse you. No judgement on how you live your life but won't be bullied into conforming to your mental illness.

From: guest , 33 months, post #119
not a debate, or an argument, just facts....take your silly emotion and mental illness out of your response and it is clear there are men and women who are clearly biologically different

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #120
Call me whatever you desire.

Just explain to me how Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner gets to be a woman in name, that is equal to say, Chris Everett?

Chris Everett is a woman, Jenner is a trans woman.

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