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PC and the Transmafia
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From: guest (123456) , 33 months, post #81
find 1 article where "cis" (ie normal, regular, straight) is the term used to describe a group in a positive light word is needed for the normal, just needed to describe abnormalities or deviations from the norm

From: Alias , 33 months, post #82
It's kind of hilarious that a group that loves to pigeon-hole people with labels like 'trans' and 'SJW' completely lose their minds when someone decides to label them.

Also, it's funny that you assume 'cis' implies normal, it only says that you are satisfied with the gender you were born with. Who are you to decide what normal is?

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #83
"It's kind of hilarious that a group that loves to pigeon-hole people with labels like 'trans'"

Still waiting for an explanation of why the term "cis", is needed? Have not read one good explanation yet.

For people who say they are proud to be "trans", there sure seems to be a lot of trying to get away from that term. One of those ways being to label non-trans as "cis".

SJW's are what they labeled themselves.

From: guest (Susan) , 33 months, post #84
Suppose we're talking about restrooms. In the men's restroom are men. Some are trans-men and the others are...? men? No... they're cis-men. Because the first division divides people into men and women and trans-men ( at least at some point ) are clearly NOT women. So, you need names for the (a) and (b) type of men. Otherwise your rest rooms are going to be labelled "men and transmen" and "women and transwomen"? That makes no sesne.

From: guest (BarackObrahma) , 33 months, post #85
Well... I think that in that case, it must be better if we all shared the same bathroom. In my humble house there are no women's or men's bathroom. Just bathroom. If you are there, unoccupied, serve yourself. Anyone can poop at my bathroom, if they flush afterwards and keep it clean.

Sometimes I amaze myself that the majority of the houses follow the same rule (well, some of you might not let others poop at your sacred places of interior contemplation and bowel movements, BUT YOU ARE JUST AN EXCEPTION! A SELFISH ONE!), but when it come to public places, we have to divide people in genders, like they weren't the same people who share an unissex bathroom at home.

Humans, you are a funny thing to observe.

From: guest (Bud) , 33 months, post #86
Why not get rid of public restrooms altogether and just have outhouses?

From: Air Gear , 33 months, post #87
Public health issue. More likely to spread gastrointestinal illnesses that way.

From: DAW , 33 months, post #88
Can we just stop arguing already? Quite frankly over the course of the last fourteen years I have seen this argument dozens of times and it never goes anywhere.

From: guest , 33 months, post #89
I sure hope for better... maybe one day we don't need to take energy from dead beings (animals, plants and so on), taking it by means of a renewable non-live mean. Or something like those stillsuits from Duna.

Not yet, just a little more, can we?

From: guest (Sally) , 33 months, post #90
Easy enough to not read this thread if you don't like it.

From: guest , 33 months, post #91
LOL... I guess it DID run out of steam?

From: guest (123) , 33 months, post #92
one of the majority which is how a norm is determined...get a grip, if you are not straight you are not normal, not bad, but not normal

From: guest (123) , 33 months, post #93
also a man is a regular man, a trans man is a transgendered man, again no need for cis as "man" covers it seeing as though a trans man is something different from an actual man, it just is, it is very simple

From: guest , 33 months, post #94
Ah... just needed a nudge to get the authorities fired up again and using words like "normal" and "regular"... LOL... amazing how little it takes.

From: Alias , 33 months, post #95
Are we seriously going to say the majority rules?

Because the majority of Americans support gay marriage, gays in the military, comprehensive background checks for firearms and the majority of Americans voted for Clinton.

So how's that 'majority rules' argument working out now?

(Not trying to make this a political discussion, just pointing out that having a majority means nothing.)

From: guest (Kara) , 33 months, post #96
I don't see anything wrong with the majority supporting ANY of those things (maybe Clinton).
While the majority may not always be objectively correct, they are representative of prevailing social policy and attitude.

From: guest (Kara) , 33 months, post #97
In most cases, the majority DOES rule. If you want change for those in the minority, you have to influence and change the minds of the majority. That is how you effect lasting and meaningful change.

From: guest (Fed Up) , 33 months, post #98
(Not trying to make this a political discussion, just pointing out that having a majority means nothing.)


Then do not post political beliefs or points that others could argue against as not being true.

From: guest , 33 months, post #99
Well language IS pretty much determined by the majority. Whatever the majority of the people do and say becomes the definition of a word -- the dictionary eventually reflects that. I still remember when "ain't" wasn't in the dictionary and most of us probably remember before "google" was a verb. So, we'll see if, in 5 years or so, who wins this argument according to society and the dictionary.

From: Alias , 33 months, post #100
Well if that's the criteria, then cisgendered is in the dictionary and has been in use for over 20 years.

Cis actually has a much older history, dating back over a hundred years. So I guess they win? Yay?

Also, to Fed Up's comment: At no point did I post political beliefs, just facts. You can say you don't like them, but that doesn't change them.

And as for the SJW thing, if you're against them, does that make you a Social Injustice Warrior? Fighting to promote social injustice? Isn't that kind of a horrible thing to be?

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