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PC and the Transmafia
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From: guest , 31 months, post #201
Someone intentionally stirring up a shitstorm on a separate site and having their post he removed is not deplatforming, doxxing, or harassment.

From: guest , 31 months, post #202
Using the term "cis" or criticizing someone for using language they see as transphobic is also not deplatforming, doxxing, or harassment.

From: guest , 31 months, post #203
Personally, if I ask someone not to use 'cis' when referring to me and they continue to do so, I would consider that harassment.

From: guest (bob2006) , 31 months, post #204
Ive watched Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitch all allow left wing ideologues to dox, harass, abuse, and threaten critics of LGBT organizations and individuals. You are literally not allowed to discuss, critique, or fact-check many of the positions or prominent figures or risk being perma-banned, Doxxed, or threatened by thuggish keyboard warriors.

It has never been about deciding a non-trans word like cis to be used to label people, but the way it is used to describe. Outside of an academic context, it is used almost exclusively as a pejorative label, examples can be pulled from nearly any website you like.

And if that were the only thing, of course this would be silly and a non-issue. But it isnt. The sacred cow of the left, their unwitting LGBT puppets online, have poisoned every issue, every discourse by making all the conversations about themselves and creating a "for us or transphobe" atmosphere in any discussion on the matter. Look at Canada and how they decided to legislate against critics of LGBT and now its a crime to simply mis-gender a person. Or the recent example of gay men being labeled as Transphobic for the "rime" of wanting to date other gay men and not trans-men.

Either way, this thread is definitely not appropriate for a site like this and I apologize for my involvement and bear no ill-will to anyone who I have disagreed with. You're all fine people and I hope this thread can resolve amicably.

From: guest , 31 months, post #205
So, it comes down to what many have said... it's the context in which it is used, not the word itself. Which is, pretty much, what it always is. I have many times heard people use words that most would consider slurs but, when used nicely, clearly do not come across as such. Maybe both sides need a little more tolerance of those not intending to offend if they don't know "the rules" for today of which words are okay and which are not.

From: Alias , 31 months, post #206
That whole 'new Canadian law against mis-gendering someone' is complete BS. The bill in question adds four words, "gender identity or expression" to the list of factors like race and sex that government agencies and businesses regulated by the national government can’t use to discriminate That's it.

Next time, read up on a subject instead of just parroting ignorant headlines and made-up stories.

From: guest (nope) , 11 months, post #207
Message deleted by hskfmn. This is not the place to discuss politics.
From: guest (Kara) , 11 months, post #208
Message deleted by hskfmn. This is not the place to discuss politics.
From: Forestier , 11 months, post #209
Message deleted by hskfmn. This is not the place to discuss politics.
From: DrunkenSneech , 11 months, post #210
I don't like the original framing of this thread, but regarding Trudeau... regardless of whether someone self-labels as conservative or liberal/progressive, I think it's apparent that three things seem to keep coming up.

1) People with massive financial resources who have spent much (or all) of their life in that bubble environment just don't think or act like all the rest of us because they don't have to. I'm easily far on the progressive/liberal side on probably all issues, but it's likely I have more in common with the conservative MAGA dude down the street than I do with most wealthy "progressives" like Trudeau (or Lori Loughlin, Bono, Tom Steyer, or George "The Bogeyman" Soros). When a person's wealth means they don't have to worry about day-to-day stuff (food, utilities, medical bills, etc) and they can buy their way out of the consequences for most criminal behavior, that shapes their politics and actions far more than any Left or Right political beliefs.

2) We as a society just don't know how to discuss these divisive issues in a constructive manner. If we can't even discuss an issue, we damn sure can't come to an agreement/compromise on how to start trying to fix it or on how to justly punish those who commit these offensive acts.

3) Regardless of how a person self-labels, we need to instead judge them by their actions and inactions. What I think of Trudeau will be based largely on if he attempts to take real responsibility and seeks to justly redress what he's done.

From: guest , 21 days, post #211
Message deleted by hskfmn. This is not the place to discuss politics.
From: guest (DiscoStu) , 21 days, post #212

Relevant to this conversation.

From: guest , 17 days, post #213
Message deleted by hskfmn. This is not the place to discuss politics.
From: guest (unknownorange) , 16 days, post #214
Message deleted by hskfmn. This is not the place to discuss politics.
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