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Chinese TG/FTF List
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From: guest (Freaky1) , 41 months, post #481

From: cj , 41 months, post #482
Got it. "killed" it.

Thanks Freaky1!

From: guest (Devil) , 41 months, post #483

Where is this from?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 41 months, post #484
@Devil It's from Douyin aka Chinese TikTok

From: Polover , 40 months, post #485
Anyone want to help look through this playlist to find possessions? I know there's definitely one in video #245 in the playlist. It's a supernatural show, so I'm betting there's more:

The possessions for video #245 are @22:20 @36:30

From: guest , 40 months, post #486
Can u send the link of video instead of playlist bro because there is no episode no. Mentioned.

From: Polover , 40 months, post #487
Can you please actually contribute like I asked instead of asking for me to make things even more convenient for you, to ultimately do nothing for me? The playlist clearly tells you what number in the list it is, which I told you.

Can you please look through some episodes to find others?

From: Moose , 40 months, post #488
In his defense polover, while on pc im able to see what number video on the playlist im on, when i switch to mobile I'm not able to see that unfortunately. Look i get it we have a bunch of lazy people on this site and often times they uselessly bump these posts leading to discussions of nowhere, but I don't think my guy was wrong this time around, especially given that none of these episodes have an episode number attached to them. Also imo i think linking the video that you mentioned would have helped in our search for more possessions. The video in question shows one ghost character possessing another character, normally id see that and skim through the series trying to find different times when those characters show up. Ig what im trying to say is like chill out a bit,
Also really appreciate your channel and the content you find, and if it wasnt for the lack of time i have with school/work id be helping you with this "assignment "

From: guest , 40 months, post #489
Wow polover you're so mean. I have also posted possession contents on other threads and also helped other people in finding shows. Whenever I post something on the thread , I give the:
1) name of the show(with ep)/movie
2) whether it's a mtf or ftf
3) timestamp
4) link of the video.
Well , I think that helps a lot to the people and I'm not like you just posting something which isn't even that much great .

From: Moose , 40 months, post #490
Polovers not even that mean lmfao, hes just tired of certain things. Dudes been on the message board for years, hell hes been finding and uploading content onto his youtube for even longer. But too often he'll make a post showing us he found a possession in a series and asking help to find more only to be met with a response that goes "anything else" or simply "bump"
You might be one of the few people that actually provides useful info with his clips, and ill give credit where credits due, thank you for that, but he is justified for feeling how he feels.

Lastly just because YOU don't like what he shares here doesn't mean everybody else agrees on thay sentiment.

From: guest , 40 months, post #491
Well that's my feeling @moose and I just said it . It was not a criticism.

From: guest (Gunit) , 40 months, post #492
Request - if I Remember correctly then there was a clip titled Impostor by jadetrue or jadetruee way back in Good old days of YouTube in that master of disguise or shapeshifter transformed himself into an old lady, a guy probably hero then impersonated heroine herself he took her cloth and did a kind of face transform where they showed him turn to face camera and was transformed into her , was set in medivial China I guess , if anyone knows then please do let me kno thanks

From: guest (tgfave) , 40 months, post #493
@Gunit It's called Legend of Heaven and Earth: The Mermaid Beauty 2000

From: f2flover , 40 months, post #494
@490, If Polover is tired or annoyed, he can just not respond. Does contributing more give him the rights to be rude and/or condescending to others? Plus he is not just rude, he appropriate others' content and get angry when his "content" get appropriated. Just saying what I observed.

From: Polover , 40 months, post #495
On any device you can see the video list number in a playlist on YouTube. On PC it lists it outright before you click. On mobile it shows it as you are watching the video right to the title of the video. Despite that, I'm somehow the asshole for adding a max of 15seconds of inconvenience, when majority of posts don't even tell you the type of TG they're linking to, let alone the timestamps.

@f2flover you took a step too far making false accusations about me. Talk shit; don't lie. There is literally not single video on my channel that has ever been ripped from another person on YouTube. Not one. If I did get it from a user on a completely different site, like Youku, I give credit to them (even though most people are never going to navigate a foreign language site to look into that source). I put almost exclusively official sources in my playlist so still they get revenue. I've even had the desire to credit other YouTubers when I find a video from their playlists but there's literally no way to do that directly in a playlist. I will never make apologies for calling out rip-off re-uploaders, but you fail to mention I do that not only for my content but for other YouTubers alike, and even some of the adult film creators that are getting their clips resold illegally. I got "mad" when someone stole one of RdrfJames' videos, and he thanked me for it, because that video got taken down before he even had to do anything. You can dislike me all you want, but I will not let you tell outright lies about my ethics. I don't steal, I go out of my way to give credit to whoever I can, and I watch out for ANY unique creator or curator. Do that again, and I'll definitely show you how rude I can be.

It's a very simple dance on this site: I bring information and resources to this community, I get no help when I ask for it, and then on top of that some select individuals always pop up to throw out some insults & negativity, then I leave, and I take my info with me. I'm finding plenty of stuff with or (mostly) without the people on this site. I just don't have to share it since I'm so "rude & condescending". I found other videos from that series which I'll refrain from sharing. Y'all take care. One day I'll find a good replacement for this place and never feel the need to visit again.

From: cj , 40 months, post #496
A reminder:

Do not 'attack' other posters. You may attack an individual's comments but not the individual.

Calling SOMEONE rude and angry is over the line. Calling out their ACTIONS / WORDS as rude / angry, IN YOUR OPINION (or 'as you interpret them') is allowed.

Since the targeted poster replied already, I'll leave the post up.

From: guest (Stag) , 40 months, post #497
I appreciate everything you contribute to the community Polover and do my best to try and help out where I can! While I don't supply video content I do update my Youtube Favorites list frequently so keep an eye on that to maybe help with some content you haven't seen before. :-)

Hang in there, not everyone is here to "tear you down". Thanks for all you do!

From: Moose , 40 months, post #498
Maybe its just my mobile device polover, but I really can't see the video number im on when I try accessing the playlist from mobile

If I could send screenshots I would but for whatever reason a number doesn't pop up no matter what I try to do sadly

From: guest (Bud) , 40 months, post #499
Looks like a new body swap movie from China. Old big man and young woman.

Yao Tiao Lao Die (窈窕老爹, 2021)

From: guest (Soulseeker) , 40 months, post #500
Does someone know a chinese movie or a series where the princess swapped bodies with her lady servant/bodyguard?

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