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Girl hypnotized to be a guy who has possessed her body
From: guest (Hypnosis) , 9 months, post #1
There's a hypnotist that like to hypnotize girls to do a variety of things, including being fembots. But my favorite is when he makes them think they are a guy in a girl's body.
Warning: NSFW

These are my favorites
at 9:19, she keeps feeling herself up and keeps checking herself out in a mirror
at 5:20, she selects the lucky guy who will take her body over, and when he does take her over he has a great time feeling up her body

To get the full list on youtube, I searched for:
entrancement guy in girl's body

From: guest (Achilescomics) , 9 months, post #2
These are really good! I’m impressed!

From: guest , 9 months, post #3
Are these legit though?
I mean, they look convincing enough, but hypnosis is one of those not-easy-to-believe things if you're not involved (like if you're not the one being hypnotised or don't know the person being hypnotised), cause it can be staged quite easily. I don't wan't to discredit the guy or anything though, i'm just a little skeptical/curious.
If it IS 100% legit however, that's really impressive, since this might be the closest thing we've got to possession.
Either way, good find, thanks for the links!

From: guest , 9 months, post #4
its fetish clips. previews on youtube, uncensored vids on his website/patreon. not to downplay the acting in the clips, the girls do a good job

From: guest (Hypnosis) , 9 months, post #5
@guest(3), @guest (4) "Either way, good find, thanks for the links!", and "the girls do a good job". We love the movies and animes which we know are staged. This one, we don't know for sure.

But, hey, this is way more in the realm of real-world possibilities.

And the girls are beautiful. And if they "faking", they should be the ones in the movies!

Let's totally support those who are clearly into TF and providing content.

P.S. And to clarify - I have no clue who this Entrancement guy is, though I would love to be his assistant for a day / week / month.

From: guest (vup) , 9 months, post #6
You can tell it's fake 'cuz of the guy's hat. No serious person in this century wears a hat like that. :-P

From: magicmaximus , 9 months, post #7
He's well known in the hypnosis side of things and is believed to be legit with the hypnosis, the only faked ones are labeled under a heading called Hypnodolls. As for those videos, I have full versions of both of them, the second one is probably the best of the TG scenes he has done with the girls. There are many more than just these two though.

From: guest (guest2) , 9 months, post #8
I checked his patreon site but did not saw the full videos of those two.

From: guest , 9 months, post #9
I meant uncensored videos for sale or for his Patreon supporters, not that they'd be available for free on his patreon page

From: guest (quiter) , 9 months, post #10
All videos are sale in clip4sale. You find videos info:

Mostly man in woman body hypnosis are quite short and not so good but "Honour 2" where "David" takes control is really good.

From: guest , 9 months, post #11
"He's well known in the hypnosis side of things and is believed to be legit with the hypnosis"

Well the business is kink and fetish and if it works for that it's legit in its field, but that doesn't mean it's not acting. "Woah, check it out," isn't a legit response from someone who isn't improvising. There were lotsa' tells and in one, the woman walks over to the mirror and says "I have tits and...[rattles off names of body parts that everyone has real quickly...and a bum." She didn't even turn around and look at her ass.

Enjoy it, by all means if it works for you, but don't go around telling people that real hypnosis is anything more than a relaxation/imagination technique, not a hallucination/mind control tool. Even real psychologists admit that.

From: guest , 9 months, post #12
Well, yeah, it's improvising; the alternative would be that they're reciting a script, and that would definitely be acting.

The hypnotist didn't actually insert a man's consciousness or memories into these women's minds; I don't think anyone thinks that's how hypnosis works outside of fiction. Ultimately, unless these really are actresses working from a script (which doesn't seem to be the case), these videos show women acting on the knowledge they have as women to imagine how a men would react if they found themselves in women's bodies.

I think the only question is whether they actually believe they used to be men, or if they know they've always been women and are just pretending to be men in women's bodies. I don't have good enough an understanding of hypnosis to know which is the case. I lean toward skepticism, but I don't think we can determine just from watching these videos what the women actually believe.

From: guest , 9 months, post #13
Can a "TV show" hypnotist create a illusion of a image of yourself as a woman? I mean, look at a mirror and see a image of a woman llike fictionmania histories?? I always have this curiosity.

From: guest (Hypnosis) , 9 months, post #14
@quitter, thanks for the URL! There are some nice NSFW pix of the Honour full tape in that wordpress site.

Does anyone know how to pay anonymously for this? I don't want to charge a credit card, but am willing to pay for the full session given what I see on the site and what people have written here.

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