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Justice league action- mxy's mix up
Justice League Action episode Mxy's Mix-Up
Male, Gender
While on a mission to stop Gorilla Grodd, the Justice League team is also attacked by Mister Mxyzptlk. He decides to make things interesting and swap members of the Justice League team into different bodies. (Spoiler Text) Later, they call in the Bravo team who also get switched around.(Sp ...more
From: guest , 14 months, post #1
New episode of justice league action features multiple bodyswaps mtf ftm mtm

Batman - Stargirl
Stargirl - Superman
Superman - Batman
Flash - Zatanna
Zatanna - Flash
Firestorm - Shazam
Shazam - Plastic Man
Plastic Man - Cyborg
Cyborg - martian manhunter (not actually seen)
Martian manhunter - firestorm

Other than the first three we don't get that much insight into the other ones

From: guest , 14 months, post #2
Nice. :) Too bad it's not longer.

Fun fact: this is not the first time Stargirl has switched bodies with a male superhero. In Justice League Unlimitd #33 (the comic, not the show), she switched bodies with.the Crimson Avenger.

From: guest (Gypsy) , 14 months, post #3
this is on TV or a comic?

episode name or issue number please

From: guest (Guest97) , 14 months, post #4
Tv Episode 29

From: guest (ElOhEl) , 14 months, post #5
Aw I wish Flash & Zatanna stayed swapped (with their body's correct voices) XD

From: Sara , 14 months, post #6
Sadly most of Bravo Team was not voiced, so the change was only shown by their spirits entering their new bodies. Only Firestorm really talks.

From: guest (Achillescomics) , 14 months, post #7
Fun swap, interesting way how its done too!

From: guest (Olo) , 10 months, post #8
Found a YouTube clip

From: guest (Olo) , 10 months, post #9
That video has been up for two, months, I post it here for reference (watched half) and it suddenly gets deleted within hours. A good chance someone from here reported it, whatever the reason, i won't be visiting this site again. :D

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 10 months, post #10
I agree with Olo, the probability is high that someone here reported it.
I've seen this happen here more than once.

From: guest (vup) , 10 months, post #11
Youtube is owned by Google which uses webcrawling algorithms that could have detected the link. While the metamorphose owner paul has requested people not put direct links to copyrighted material, I don't think the mods are charged with removing content on others sites. I can't imagine why someone who enjoys and frequents this site would report that sort of thing. Though the timing might make it seem otherwise, it's not impossible that it's a coincidence.

From: guest (para) , 10 months, post #12
Or it's possible a sudden spike in views from outside links trigger an automatic Youtube review. Maybe their content policing systems are triggered once a video hits a certain viewcount in general.

It's human nature to assign malicious intent to random events, but we should never assume bad motives without concrete evidence.

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