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tail scenes in movies/commercials/cartoons/shows?
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From: guest (JosieChung) , 87 months, post #41
> A guy visits an outdoor party, his cologne causes a bunch of hot
> women around him to turn into various animals: a cat, a peacock,
> a snake.

Ha! It's funny, the woman gains a peacock's (a male peafowl's ) tail and blue feathers; peahens are a dull brown without the fancy tail. Maybe the peacock woman also gained a bit extra ... ;)

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #42
One of the lamest tail growths ever, but whatever

@6:26 from Every Witch Way S2E14

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #43

In this ad, a guy replaces his lower half with that of a cheetah's to win a track race. Before launching his sprint he raises his tail

From: guest , 87 months, post #44

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #45
Live action TF scene from Italian Pinnochio film

From: guest (Guest) , 86 months, post #46
A couple lizard tail finds

In the music video "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold, a bunch of fork-tongued strippers flick their tails around:

Some lizard girl TF's in this old music video by Uncle Luke:

On a side note, does anyone know of any content/commercials with cat costumed girls? Something similar to this:

From: guest (otherguest) , 86 months, post #47
I completely forgot:

Movie: Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

In the movie, the love interest is a "monkey girl" for the freak show. She does have monkey's tail.

From: guest (otherguest) , 86 months, post #48
Found a small example.

Super short, but this thread appears to be dying.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch S3 E17 - sabrina, The Teenage Writer

Hilda and Zelda are cursed by a chain letter from the other realm. They experience several random transformations. They consult an expert who states for them to stay strong and believes they are all doing well.

As he turns to leave, it is revealed he has a tail. He turns to them and states: "well, we can't catch everyone".

Here's hoping we can find a few more examples before this thread dies for good!

From: guest (Guest) , 86 months, post #49
American Dragon cartoon, Jake's dad starts partially TF'ing into a donkey

Fairly Odd Parents "Grass is Greener" Episode, Timmy runs away to a carnival and grows an alligator tail in one scene

Dudley in the first Harry Potter grows a pig tail

K3 en de Kittenprins (hard to find online) a princess starts tf'ing into a cat. First ears then a tail comes out

From: guest (Guest) , 86 months, post #50
This Progressive Ad

From: guest (otherguest) , 85 months, post #51
Not Sure if this will breath life back into this thread, but I found another.

Movie: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Toward the end of the movie, one of the villain's reveals her peculiarity is monkey feet and a monkey tail.

The effect is not bad, though the movie is so-so.

From: guest (Guest) , 85 months, post #52
Family Guy episode "Family Gay", Peter gets injected with a squirrel gene and grows a squirrel tail

From: guest (Guest) , 85 months, post #53

woman grows a dog tail. Part 2 and 3 show more

From: guest , 85 months, post #54

Midnight DJ - Oink Oink (13 parts). A pig demon goes around biting people and turning them into pigs. In Part 3, above, one victim starts to grow a pig's tail which fully reveals itself in the next part, where he fully transforms into a pig. Later on, in Part 8 I think, another guy who's been bitten feels himself growing a tail, which he shows to his friends later, after it's grown. I love the lengthy butt-scratching in Part 3, but I deplore the awful quality of the upload!

From: guest (Guest) , 84 months, post #55
Anyone know what anime this is from?

From: guest (Kait Sidhe) , 84 months, post #56
That would be Strike Witches.


From: guest (Kait Sidhe) , 84 months, post #57
Strike Witches clean opening

From: guest (Guest) , 84 months, post #58
A reverse tail growth?

This dude turns into a lion then back into his human self, the last thing that goes away is his lion's tail. It sorta restracts back with a funny "sproing!" sound effect.

So, anyone have any more tail growths to share?

From: guest (Guest) , 83 months, post #59

This sexy Russian fox girl ad

From: guest (Guest) , 83 months, post #60
This obscure French cartoon has an oddly detailed fox tail transformation

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