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tail scenes in movies/commercials/cartoons/shows?
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From: guest (otherguest) , 87 months, post #21
Blue Exorcist - Anime

Main Character, Rin, grows a tail in the second episode. He must hide said tail from most others for the remainder of the series.

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #22
In the movie Monkeybone right before the end credits a bunch of cartooned people turn into monkeys. A woman has a tail burst through her dress.

From: guest (otherguest) , 87 months, post #23
Not entirely sure this counts.

In the Mini Series "The Tenth Kingdom", one of the main characters "Wolf" is called a half-wolf. This mainly is demonstrated in his heightened senses, but is also revealed that he has a tail. Apparently the size of the tail is dependent on the phase of the Moon. Otherwise, he is pretty much a human.

From: guest (guest) , 87 months, post #24
Tail growth or just people with animal tails (preferably live action), either one is fine :)

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #25
From the show Every Witch Way: At 0:29 a guy sprouts a tail before quickly dropping on all fours and turning into a dog.

From: guest (otherguest) , 87 months, post #26
Here is kind of a cheesy one.

Show: Teen Angel (1997)
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Ep Name: One Dog Night.

In this episode, the family's dog is temporarily turned into a Man for the purpose of taking the mom on a date. Toward the end of the episode the effect starts to wear off, resulting in a visible (though corney) tail.

From: guest (otherguest) , 87 months, post #27
Thought of another one, though it is kind of painful.

Movie: The Shaggy Dog (2006)

A business man finds himself turning back and forth between himself and a Shaggy dog. Stars Tim Allen.

At the end of the movie:Click to show spoiler
. Eboreg Qbjarl We'f Punenpgre tebjf n qbt gnvy naq fgnegf rkuvovgvat qbt-yvxr znaarevfzf.Pyvpx gb fubj fcbvyre

I have to warn you, I personally do not believe this scene is worth watching the movie.

From: guest (guest) , 87 months, post #28
Nice to see the list grow :)

Here's another one I've always liked, from the 1987 Teen Wolf Too movie.

Tail scene @1:17:25

The school teacher turns out to be a werewolf, in this scene she walks away all casually with a long bushy wolf tail peaking under her skirt. The principal stares bewildered, and the teacher turns around one last time to see his reaction.

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #29

In this theater short, a boy turns into a dog. Pretty good prosthetics/costume design.

Tail growth around the 10:30 mark.

From: guest (otherguest) , 87 months, post #30
I as not going to bring this one up due to the quality, but since the thread is starting to die, I might as well.

Show: Beetleborgs
Episode: S1 EP: 7 "Cat-tastrophy"

Main protagonist Drew is scratched by a DNA altering cat creature. He slowly starts to turn into a cat creature himself.

There is a brief scene during class where he grows a tail. The tail seems to only exist for that scene and does not come back for the rest of the episode.

Hopefully we will get some other posters on this thread. There are a few foreign videos I have been trying to find again where tails are grown.

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #31
In Phineas & Ferb S3E143

Candace uses a couple potions that make her grow a unicorn horn, and then a long thick dragon tail.

Scene at 4:35

From: guest , 87 months, post #32
Television ads that feature tails

1) Boy with dog's tail. (There's also an animated version.)

2) Boy grows pig's tail.

3) Man grows goat's tail, then ears, then horns.

Film: "Nonta Non Shippo" where a young man somehow acquires the tail of his wife/girlfriend's dog.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Film: "Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting", in which a very camp young man is cursed to transform into a horse.

(A small tail starts to grow at 43:00; a long tail grows at 53:00.)

I particularly like the way they show his shorts/pants bulging with his growing tail, as at 48:15 to 48:33. That sort of thing is very rarely seen in tfs featuring tails. Too often the tail just spears through clothing without distending it in any way, as in these clips from Wansapanataym's "Tikboyong", which also feature horse tails: (2:25 onwards) (1:00 onwards)

Hope you like all these bits. :)

From: guest , 87 months, post #33

remake of Petrang Kabyo (57.00)

From: guest (Guest) , 87 months, post #34
(8:50) Guy tf's into werewolf:

(0:32) M1 Wireless Ad - woman grows squirrel tail:

Felix Orzeszki Ad - hot girl walks out with a squirrel tail at the end:

O2 Waggy Tails Ad:

Woman grows cat tail before sex (from Wicked Stepmother) :

(7:28) Martha Speaks - girl grows dog tail:

From: guest , 86 months, post #35
old but good

From: guest (Guest) , 86 months, post #36

@22:25, girl cast spell to turn woman into a monkey. She grows a tail at first.

From: guest , 86 months, post #37
Two Vimeo films that may be of interest:

The Tell Tail:

The Tail:

From: guest (Guest) , 86 months, post #38
This can probably be in multiple threads, but there is a tail seen in this commercial:

A guy visits an outdoor party, his cologne causes a bunch of hot women around him to turn into various animals: a cat, a peacock, a snake.

The hot cat chick has a tail at the end of the commercial. Great ad, any other animal TF/tail ads you guys know of?

From: guest (otherguest) , 86 months, post #39
This ad is on the Wacky Wild TV Ads posted earlier, but was never added to this post.

Alton Towers [2015 Enchanted Forest - “The Feeling’s Contagious”

A family goes to a Vacation spot. Each transforms slightly into fairy tale creatures. The Dad gets a fox tail.

Found this at the Dutch Bull Site.
Movie: Enteng Kabisote 3
I'll be honest, I have no idea what this movie is about, however a guy is punished with a monkey's tail for some reason.

I would love to see a version of the movie with Subs so I could get the context.

From: guest (Guest) , 86 months, post #40
I was on WackyWildTvAds' blog, and apparently there was this Milton Bradley commercial in the 80's for this gameboard called Cats Eye. The commercial used to be on YouTube.

In the commercial a kid walks into a barn, where a girl and a boy are playing the gameboard. The girl and boy beginning to transform as they play the game; they have cat ears, paws, whiskers, and tails. The boy from the beginning leaves the barn after growing a cat tail.

- That was the description for the ad referenced in the blog.

I never saw the commercial, I can't find it anywhere online, but I was wondering if anyone else heard of it.

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