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Archiving interactive stories
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From: guest (Dante) , 61 months, post #141
If anyone has any info on DatWeirdOnes role rewriter i would really appreciate it. It's one of my favorites

From: guest (pillas) , 61 months, post #142
Yep, second that request for Role Rewriter, because that was the one I was looking for.

From: guest (Tights) , 60 months, post #143
For those who may be interested, I started to do some web crawling on wayback machine data, basically I started looking for all the stories that have been submitted to internet archive throughout all its history.

Which is somewhat hard because a same story can be viewed by different urls, which makes the whole sorting and organizing thing a living nightmare. But, anyway, I was able to more or less organize the things and found about 500k chapters of thousands of stories that have been submitted to wayback machine. Here's one example of them, 600 chapters of the story "Role Swaper" from "SandySeeker":

I'm still working on it, it will probably take one or two mouth to finish all up (again: the sorting and organizing thing is very annoying). I'm also archiving all the stories currently submitted to the site. Which you can view here:

From: guest , 60 months, post #144
What do the column C numbers in your spreadsheet mean?

From: guest , 60 months, post #145
and is there a way to search for specific words in the content of interactive story?

From: guest (Tights) , 60 months, post #146
"C" is the number of chapters that a given story has (or at least, it's the number of chapters that a story had when I added it to the list).

About your second question, unfortunately no, at least until today, Wayback Machine, which is where the stories are been archived, doesn't allow you to search archived pages using a keyword. If I'm not mistaken, not even itself allows people to search interactive stories using a given keyword :(

From: guest (Tights) , 59 months, post #147
For those interested, here it is, all the legacy stories archived on throughout the years, there still some things to work around, but it's more or less searchable:

P.S: Search through the index page

From: guest (Tights) , 59 months, post #148
all the legacy stories that someone archived on wayback machine*

From: guest , 59 months, post #149
Great work, Tights! Seriously.

From: guest , 59 months, post #150
Nice job, a lot of the archives are out of date houwever or returning "404", but at least it's something to start with.

From: guest (Tights) , 59 months, post #151
Could you give an example, post #150? Also, you need to navigate through the index page (for instance:, if you try to navigate between the chapters itself it, using the options "You have the following options inside the chapter itself) it won't work because... a same chapter can be view by different URL. I should have warn about that.

From: guest (Tights) , 59 months, post #152
>it won't work because... a same chapter can be view by different URL
That is a bad way of explaining, but just navigate using the index main page that it is should work.

From: Nptox18 , 59 months, post #153
excellent work as always...really much appreciated...

one there a reason for chapters that are supposed to have cpntinuation, or a multiple choice (at the time they were created by their original poster) lead to the page not existing???
for example the story hybrid morphing just has a couple dozens chapters available from the spread sheet but the item had 214 chapters...

any way to recover more of them???

thank you

From: guest (Tights) , 59 months, post #154
It's because not all chapters of this stories were archived, basically. For instance, the story you mention had 214 chapters but only 14 chapters were archived on wayback machine. Basically, not all stories are completed, actually most of most them are not all. It's not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

From: guest (Brayn) , 59 months, post #155
That's an amazing collection, well done on that. Pity some of hte stories i liked are missing almost all thier episodes (Magic Hands, Not myself, Teleport Trouble), but you went to a major effort to collect a lot of good ones relatively intact like House of Doom.

Kinda feels like archology in a way, heh.

Pity a few of my other favourites are gone forever still, despite your list. "Head Swapping + More", "picture swapping story" and "He was a boy, she was a ghoul".

From: guest (Tights) , 59 months, post #156
Probably the NSA has it archived somewhere haha But, yeah, unfortunately many stories weren't that much archived and are pretty incomplete, that's why is important to people to archive and save things that they consider to be important, cause the internet is pretty ephemeral, those stories that I managed to put together and create somewhat of an index and organize them... it was only possible because someone one, two, three, or teen years ago decided to save something that they really liked. And that's the most important thing, because if you save something, even if it is unorganized and messy, eventually someone, somewhere, 10 or 20 years into the future will come across and decide to fix and to better organize what you preserved...


From: guest , 58 months, post #157
Hi there!

I would like to start archiving a little too.
But I don't know how you can archive the story outline. Even if I'm logged in at, it still takes the waybackmachine to the "this action requires an account" page.

From: guest (Blaze) , 58 months, post #158
I’ve been looking for a few stories from The first I believe was called Portable Body Swapper. I think the main character was named Kyle Wright. He had a younger sister, I think she was 6, named Anna and an older sister named Katelyn. His mother may have been named Martha but I’m not sure on that. It’s his birthday and he gets a present which turns out to be a reality altering remote. He can use it to switch bodies, use ghost mode which essentially allows him to astral project, and it may have done other things.

There was also a story about this young woman who is cleaning out the attic and finds a ring that allowed the user to swap lives. It turns out that her mother used to use it to change places with her sister when they were kids. The girl changes places with her thick friend while the mother changes places with her sister.

Another story I found was about this family with three daughters. They were affluent and had a housekeeper. The family begins to experience body swapping which included the housekeeper swapping with one of them.

Another I found involved a guy who found out he could swap bodies with other people. There are two popular girls named Maria Lopez and Nicole. Maria is a ditz and Nicole is stuck up. He possesses Maria and has her give a dumb answer in sex ed. Then, he has her ace her math test. Maria’s body is later stolen by an obese lesbian who gives his body to her Asian friend whose name I believe was Yuki. It may have involved a camera or that could’ve been another story.

Women in this gym begin shrinking and altering the bodies of other women. They are found by various people like the rival of one of the women or a stalker. I’m not sure if this one is from but I thought I’d include it.

And Tights, thanks so much for the link. Role Swaper was one of the ones I was looking for.

From: guest (guest05) , 58 months, post #159
Has Arabian Nights already been archived?

From: guest (Tights) , 58 months, post #160
You're welcome, Blaze. You can check all the stories on the google spreadsheet I posted above, I gave it a quick look and there are 3 stories with "Body Swapper" in the title, if you wanna take a look.

And, yeah, Guest05, Arabian Nights has been archived, although, I need to update it, cause the archive I made it's from one year ago:

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