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Archiving interactive stories
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From: guest (Brayn) , 89 months, post #21
Most of the ones I want are older ones that probably never got archived.

"The Swapper"
"Magic Hands"
"Imagine That!"

Really good stories thrown to the wayside because the webmaster is too lazy to create a proper archive solution for his hardware and too petty to let document his site.

From: guest (DocJr) , 89 months, post #22
While I appreciate that people enjoy what little work my muses have been able to allow me to create and I cannot stop anyone from saving the work from for themselves, I would respectfully request that my work not be archived. Thanks.

From: Weirdoid , 89 months, post #23
I found another I forgot about

From: Weirdoid , 89 months, post #24
A quick question. I noticed a couple of the stories needed you to be a registered member to read them. Is the registration free? Does it let you make interactives? Does it let you read without a too many readers error?

From: guest , 89 months, post #25
Registration is free.

You can add to other people's interactives on a free membership, but you can't make your own.

That requires a paid membership.

From: guest (Dogmann) , 89 months, post #26
Hey guys. Sorry for the delay in responding. A quick update. I have not gotten permission either way to re-upload the deleted stories from the admins of those. Does anyone know the best way to contact them? As for docjr, not a problem. I have already noted to not copy your stories/chapters if they get deleted. I will continue to do the same for anyone who wants that.

These are additional stories I have archived at the request of others.

From: guest (guest) , 89 months, post #27
Message deleted by Eric. insulting
From: guest , 89 months, post #28
Thanks for all of the archiving, Dogmann! Any news on the hosting situation?

From: guest (dogmann) , 89 months, post #29
No answer either way. I am tempted to just create it and if it isn't ok then that's fine. All that is wasted would be time but I'll still have it. Hopefully, it won't be too many stories but I get this feeling the owners of will just nuke everything and we'll lose it.

From: Weirdoid , 88 months, post #30
Thank you for archiving them (and giving me a huge list of links to read) I appreciate it.

From: Nptox18 , 88 months, post #31
sorry to bother, but do you know wich of those intercative have hybrid fusions (2 people becoming 1...)


From: guest (Brayn) , 88 months, post #32
You may be thinking of Merge Necklace.

From: Nptox18 , 88 months, post #33
yeah that i know...

but i was wondering if any of the others from that extent list had more on the subject...

cuz i believe i remember reading at an interactive of a boy who could fuse himself or other people...for example his mom and a tennis player, or himself and his girlfriend, and defuse also at will...

sorry for bothering, thanks for the help...

best regards...

From: Nptox18 , 88 months, post #34
dogmann do you have archived stories deleted, or all of the lists you posted are still on the site...


From: guest (Dogmann) , 88 months, post #35
Good news! I have official approval from Adama at beaddventure to repost there! I think this will be the better option due to all of the different unused links. I am limited to 10 chapters/day so some stories may take some time to add. I will link the main chapter once I find a restart page to setup all of these stories.

Nptox18, all of the stories are still there except for roommate trait swap when I last checked. You also may check out merge necklace for those kind of stories. Also role swapper has some fusion chapters. They are both in the list I have posted.

From: guest , 88 months, post #36
That's awesome, Dogmann! Thanks for all of your work.

From: guest (Dogmann) , 88 months, post #37

Location of all future stories. I will try to find a way to easily search for the summary chapters only so stories can be found. If anyone wants me to keep an archive on a story, just let me know and I'll add it.

From: guest (Cobcorn) , 88 months, post #38
So this site is supporting copyright thieves now?

Just because you give an author credit does not give you the right to steal someone else's work and put it where you want. That is, quite literally, copyright theft.

From: guest (Brayn) , 88 months, post #39
Actually, DMCA safe harbour provisions allow for the non profit replication of media for the purposes of archiving or educational. Since the Beaddventure is free, technically it's not making a profit off the material.

Having said that, if Adama started asking for donations or the bearchive put the adventure behind a paywall, then it becomes copyright infringement.

From: guest (Brayn) , 88 months, post #40
Meant "fair use" not safe harbour, my bad.

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