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Archiving interactive stories
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From: guest , 45 months, post #201
Any news on the front? There is a ultimate source where one can download and easily search for specific stories?

Thanks for the good work guys!

From: guest (guest) , 45 months, post #202
More clingy readers than active writers these days

From: guest (guest) , 45 months, post #203
Please help to add, thx.

From: guest (Passerby) , 45 months, post #204
Yes, please help to add to any story. It helps to inspire a story for others if you could

From: guest (Devman1) , 43 months, post #205
Hey all,

I was wondering if by any chance somebody has an archived version of "A Rude Awakening" by TheDude1 or "The Ultimate Power" ?

From: guest (Tights) , 43 months, post #206
Devman1, here what I could find on wayback machine on these two stories you mentioned
>The Ultimate Power (90 chapters archived)

Unfortunately I couldn't find any archived of "A Rude Awakening", are you sure this was the correct name?

Post #201, there's a searchable database with about 2GB, with all stories that I could find until the begging of this year. Although, it's a little tricky to search, I posted some instructions in the previous posts.

From: guest (leon) , 43 months, post #207
I think I know exactly which stories Devman1 is talking about. I liked reading them so I saved both, although my archive may be incomplete.

Confirm these for me if you can:

The Ultimate Power - by Robert8869
"A Meteorite fragment gives you 3 amazing powers"

A Rude Awakening - by thedude1
"A comatose boy is stuck passing among bodies in a hospital to avoid unsavoy characters."

If you can recommend me a good upload site without registrations or any hassle, I can upload them for you.

From: guest (Tights) , 43 months, post #208
Leon, could you send me those stories? I would love to add them to the archive. Actually, I would be interesting on any story you have lying around. My email is:

From: guest , 43 months, post #209
Related: I saved parts of this story called A Magical Find a log time ago, I'd be happy to upload it somewhere. Although, it's no longer in the interactive story format and most of what I saved isn't TG

From: guest (Tights) , 43 months, post #210
Send me whatever you have, and I'll give a look. You can upload on google drive or Actually, anyone who have a old story, just send me I'll give a look and add to the database.

From: guest (guest) , 43 months, post #211
@leon you can try pastebin

From: guest (Tights) , 43 months, post #212
I'm still interesting on any old stories so that could add to the archive...

From: guest , 41 months, post #213
The Possession Gun is gone from

From: guest (Brayn) , 41 months, post #214

This archiver still has it.

From: guest (idk) , 41 months, post #215
Hey do anyone know if more branches of The Book of Life Changes is archived? I know some of it is on Cyoc

But there were this one path were the family all swaped gender but all got diffrent memorys. The dad whom were now a woman remberd being a man, but thought he was suposed to be a gay man, the mother now a man remberd being a woman but thought she was a lesbian, the older brother now a girl remberd being a boy but think he hadd a little brother, the younger sister now a boy remember being a girl but think she hadd a older sister. Anyone know what I'm talking about? And if it still exist?

From: guest (Tights) , 41 months, post #216
idk, you might be interested on this story, it's also about people in a family switching roles (but yet keeping their original bodies):

From: guest (idk) , 41 months, post #217
Thanks, Tights. I will checked it out. But I am realy more into reality change, atribute/personality/role swap, global changes and plain old TG RC AR AP. The reason I liked this brance of The Book of Life Changes was becuse they all got diffrent memorys. Diffrent pasts. Idk, it just worked for me even though the keeping their original bodies stuff is not usually my thing. Anyway, I will check out the story you sugested Tights. :)

From: guest (Abyss) , 39 months, post #218
You guys think it would be a good idea to repost these stories on Chyoa?

From: guest (Mr M) , 39 months, post #219
I have a Chyoa account, which Chyoa is another website you can post interactive stories on, if anyone wants me to repost these stories on Chyoa. Let me know and let know which ones you want reposted

From: guest , 39 months, post #220
@leon did you ever manage to upload the chapters for "A Rude Awakening"?

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