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Archiving interactive stories
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From: guest , 56 months, post #181
To. Tights

The download speed becomes slower and slower, eventually, the estimated download time becomes infinite. Will it be downloaded?

From: guest (Brayn) , 56 months, post #182
I went to the spreadsheet today and all the archive links give me an error...

From: guest (Ashu) , 56 months, post #183
I've got some bandwidth to spare but the torrent hasn't found any seed for the past day and I've been running it continuously.... Maybe things will speed up as lore people join in. I'll seed once i get one.

From: guest (Tights) , 56 months, post #184
What you mean by that? Also, did you read the warning message in the begging of the spreadsheet? You have to navigate through chapters using the "Interactive Story Outline" page, if you click using the "You have the following choices" inside the chapter itself it won't work. [I made a script that fix this issue but you would have to install Tampermonkey. I just tried it now, and it worked just fine (maybe it could have been some temporary problem on wayback machine?)

Try to install other torrent software (qBittorrent) also, be sure DHT option is enable. I tried myself downloading the torrent using a second torrent software and it worked just fine, it found the seeds (all of them are like at 53%). Anyway, I will upload this into some http server eventually (if anyone knows a good place to upload files, preferably some service that offers option to resume upload, I would be thankful)

Guest 181
In the begging, torrent speeds are usually slower, when just one person has it, as more people download and seed, it gets faster. Anyway, I'll eventually upload this into some http file hosting.

From: guest , 56 months, post #185
Yea I Was also seeing Warnings Also!

From: guest , 56 months, post #186
Do you have "Imagine That?" by kidd?

From: guest (Dante) , 56 months, post #187
THanks you guys for all your hard work. it is a shame what has happened to so many great interactives. It looks like only a few chapters of "The Role Re-writer" survived and I am a bit disappointed. I have a paid membership to now, does anything think there would be a reasonable way to save the stories still there for posterity?

  • Also if anyone knows about more potential archives of role rewriter too I'd appreciate it

From: guest (Tights) , 56 months, post #188
Usually if you are trying to find something on the internet, some deleted page, Wayback Machine is your go-to place. The only rope, I presume, it would be if someone had downloaded the stories.

From: guest , 54 months, post #189

I have been using the above link for wassel's transplant story. Got it from this messageboard. It waaas an awesome, fast way to circumvent's wacky page view limits, until recently...

Opening any link is painfully slow. Opening new tabs is super sluggish. Makes browsing on mobile real rough. Anyone else having this issue? Is this a wayback machine thing?

Are there are any alternatives to comfortably and quickly read this story?

From: guest (Tights) , 54 months, post #190
Hi, it's me who create this circumvent thing. About your questions:

>is painfully slow
I couldn't observe any issue regarding that. Maybe Wayback Machine could be going through some instability period, but I couldn't observe any issue. Also, there's a small chance of your ISP be screwing around with your Wayback Machine connection, depending on what country you live . Oftentimes this archiving sites are subject to some blocking court order. Just for sanity sake try to navigate using a proxy or a VPN.

>makes browsing on mobile real rough
I couldn't quite understand what you are referring to precisely. When the pages are archived, they are archived in its "PC version", so when viewing the archive page in the mobile browser, it ended up being a little rough. Because, unlike when you directly access the original page, the wayback machine server can't send you the mobile-friendly page version. And you ended up getting something like:

If your mobile browser has something like a reader mode, this could help to better browse the archived version. Also, this backup is somewhat old, if you go to this link, you can see a newer version, which should be updated automatically:

Also, just to check, you know you have to navigate gaiding yourself through the index page? Unless you install the script that I created that fix this issue in most cases.

From: guest , 54 months, post #191
Hey, Tights. First off, thanks a bunch for doing this work around! Reallyyy appreciate it. I've been using it since you first posted it!

Re: slowness

Scrolling through the index only the first few chapters are displayed and then everything below it is just a gray block. I wait several minutes for the other chapters to display, but I am left with the empty gray space for a while. Takes like 5 whole minutes for the next handful of chapters to be displayed. This happens on mobile, when I am connected to WiFi, when I'm using cellular, and when I'm using urban VPN.

I'm in the same country and use the same ISP I have always used. I don't know why this unexpected behaviour is cropping up now.

Re: mobile

Opening new tabs is slow and difficult. On desktop I can right click a link and wait (a while) for the drop down menu to appear. On mobile it is hard to tell if the index registered I am clicking on a particular chapter, especially since I need to hold down on the touch screen and it takes even longer than desktop for the drop down to load. If I get impatient and try to scroll while waiting for the drop down menu to appear, it slows down even more and the page loads choppy.

I have been using your archived page since you shared it, so I am used to the layout. My issue now is that it is just so slow for me that browsing it on mobile is impractical.

The new link you shared loads a little bit faster but still run into the same issues. It's strange that I am able to replicate the issue on a number of devices and connections, but you're not seeing it on your end.

Either way thanks for taking the time to respond and look into it!!!

From: guest (Eumel) , 53 months, post #192
Heyo guys,
I got myself the archive but having to manually sort through the files and having those load times was horrible! So I wrote a script that reduces file size and removes all dependencies on
I tested my script with "A Snakes Charm" and got the size from 110MB down to 3,6!
Loading times are nice, and the links for the next chapter now actually work, so no more searching the folder for the next chapter.
I wrote the script using sed in linux, because that's the only way I learned, but I heard there are tools for windows that are compatible.

So that's my code:

  1. !/bin/bash/
  2. A for loop going through every .html file in the current folder
for f in *.html
  1. First adding new paragraphs to make the html code easier to use
sed -i 's/">/">\n/g' $f
  1. Removing everything before KonaBody (Where the actual story is)
sed -i '1,/<div class="KonaBody">/d' $f
  1. And everything after the choices
sed -i '1,/end_of_choices/!d' $f
  1. Shortening the links to the next chapters to only be the number to the next chapter
sed -i 's@weight: bold;" href="http.*map/@weight: bold;" href="@' $f
  1. Adding a placeholder and .html after the chapternumbers
sed -i 's/[0-9">/&ASDFYXCV.html">/g' $f
  1. Removing it again, but with some leftovers of HTML I couldn't get away otherwise
sed -i 's/">ASDFYXCV//g' $f
  1. Removing all other links to the outer world
sed -i 's@http.*"@@g' $f
  1. closing the for loop

It's not pretty, but it gets the job done...
I tried to explain what I was doing in each line, but honestly the best way to use it would be to paste it in a file and run the script in Linux. It's not that hard to setup a virtual machine to convert all the stories you need! There are tons of video tutorials for that.

Anyway, back to the topic. Thank you Tights and Dogmann for scraping those stories!

If anybody has questions I might be able to answer, hit me up on

From: guest (Eumel) , 53 months, post #193
Welp. Those enumerations should actually be #'s to indicate a comment.
The actual code should be something along these lines

[NUMBER SIGN goddamnit!/bin/bash/
for f in *.html
sed -i 's/">/">\n/g' $f
sed -i '1,/<div class="KonaBody">/d' $f
sed -i '1,/end_of_choices/!d' $f
sed -i 's@weight: bold;" href="http.*map/@weight: bold;" href="@' $f
sed -i 's/[0-9">/&ASDFYXCV.html">/g' $f
sed -i 's/">ASDFYXCV//g' $f
sed -i 's@http.*"@@g' $f

From: guest (Tights) , 53 months, post #194
Thank you for your work, Eumel, I did notice such issue, although, it would be a pain the ass to edit all those millions of files to remove such problem, that's why I didn't implement.

From: guest (Tights) , 53 months, post #195
Thank you for your work, Eumel, I did notice such issue, although, it would be a pain the ass to edit all those millions of files to remove such problem, that's why I didn't implement.

From: guest (Tights) , 53 months, post #196
TL;DR: I made a searchable database with all interactive stories, so that you can do search-full text in it and find some particular story that you are looking for, or maybe some thematic that you are looking for. Since it's only text the file is only 2.7GB. The file link is below this text, in order to open the file, it's a little tricky though... If you're using linux, GREP is your friend and you know you way around, but if you are on windows, there's this amazing program called EmEditor, it's an amazing text file software that allows you to easily open 1, 2, 3 gigabytes text files on computer with only 4GB RAM, the link for both are... Also, don't try opening this xml file on notepad or word, that you will crash the program.

Program to open large text files:

If you are Android/iOS? Well, in this case you are out of lucky, sorry. I wanted to come up with something a searchable online database, maybe someone could help me with ideas or whatever. Also, this is not the final database, there's some issues missing, the idea is to go updating the database from time to time with new stories created.

Oh, just the last thing about how the database works, it's just a spreadsheet split into 4 columns including:

Wayback Machine Page URL Story Title Author Chapter Text

From: guest (Tights) , 53 months, post #197
Also, after opening the database, everything must look like this:

From: guest (Tights) , 51 months, post #198
Updated searchable database:

From: guest (badwolf) , 51 months, post #199
Any advice on how to open that file @Tights? I am having trouble

From: guest (Tights) , 51 months, post #200
The searchable index file? As I said, install the software "EmEditor"++, it's just an amazing piece of software on dealing with huge text files. It should work even on weaker PCs, with like 4GB of RAM.

And, again, if someone has any idea about how could I make this data easily searchable online (for free), I would appreciate any help. I obviously know that downloading a 3GB file and opening is not ideal, but I still wasn't able to find any solution that would allow such data to be easily searchable/indexed for free.

The whole problem with wayback machine is that Google just doesn't index such pages and internet archive doesn't offer any native full text search functionality as well.

For those people who are in linux (with tools like grep, awk, sed, etc...), I come up with this little command that will help you guys:

searchable-db.temp.xml | awk -F'\t' '{print $2,$4, $1}' OFS='\t' | sed 's/\t\t*/\n/g' | sed '0~3 a\\'

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