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TG Storytime VS FictionMania
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From: guest (CD lover) , 44 months, post #21
Well, this being a transformation site it is not hard to understand why the people on this site hate crossdressing. But the number speaks for itself. There is a simple supply & demand equation here. The fact that FM is dominated by crossdressing stories is enough proof that this particular genre has more appeal than transformation.

From: guest (guessed) , 44 months, post #22
@ Monsta "Fictionmania Ingredients:
72% "Guy puts on dress and prances around"
21% "Poof, I'm suddenly a bimbo!"
6% "Guy gets cuckolded, so he puts on a dress and prances around"
1% Quality stories"'s_law

There seems to be a category error in Monsta's list. "Quality stories" does not necessarily exclude "cuckold" or "bimbo" nor, indeed, does it map identically to realistically depicted physical transformation with a thoughtful examination of the consequences of such an event

There is also a counting error in the assertion that "crossdressing" stories are dominant on FM. As others have noted, one story may be tagged with multiple categories. However, the categories are -- as far as I remember -- selected by the author and (possibly) the taskforce volunteer who uploads to the database. A story may have only incidental crossdressing and still acquire the tag.

From: guest (Lorinell) , 44 months, post #23
Good proof about FM is one of recent story description.

Man is reluctantly transformed into cocksucking whore.

Well, there are more stories like this then more ambitious...

From: Lazy , 44 months, post #24
Try being like me and not like anything related to crossdressing or a body transformation, only being into someone else like body swapping , body possession, body hopping, and the great shift. Quality stories are so damn hard to come by.

I'd love links to good body swap/hop/possession/or great shift stories.

From: guest (Dolphin) , 44 months, post #25
Identity death, sissification, bimbofication, sexual assault, misogyny...
These all bother me a lot more than crossdressing. (Which I'll diplomatically say "isn't for me," I agree 100% with Monsta, but at least it isn't essentially morally reprehensible like the others.)

It's frustratingly difficult to avoid FM stories containing these elements. It's not hard to figure out why: authors cater to themselves and their audience, not to their non-audience, and don't care enough to label them properly so the rest of us can avoid them.

(For example, is there any costume gun story where the process is reversed? I haven't seen one yet. Or is it all just murder-her-wear-her-skin Buffalo Bill fantasy? There are some seriously problematic aspects to so many stories in the TG genre.

From: rugal , 44 months, post #26
That doesn't bother me too much in all honest. In fact I actively like the more "problematic" or sinister elements in things like the costume gun or even just possession because I more like the idea of someone having to impersonate the life of someone else (or ruin it). Not all of those I like granted such as any form of identity death.

From: IstraPsyche , 44 months, post #27
This is a fascinating thread. FWIW, I'll add my two cents:

I just don't read crossdressing stories, and I'm not crazy about body swap stories (e.g., Great Shift). I'm really fond of tg transformation and mind alteration. The Role Exchanger universe has some great stories and a ton of potential. But, as so many people have been pointing out, the abundance of crossdressing stories and the dearth of transformation stories on FM have led me to look elsewhere for what I like.

Recently, I've really been following more caption sites than story sites for this reason. You run into the same problems with captions, too, but I've just been having better luck in that arena than any of the story sites. I don't like how incomplete most the stories on TG Storytime are. Fictionmania seems to cater primarily to stuff I'm not all that interested in these days. So the captions sites are what I have left.

As a related side note, I'm really in love with Some TG Captions' Swap Institute universe: .

From: guest (leon) , 44 months, post #28
I'm with what rugal said on this one.

And about the tagging system on fictionmania, as useful as it is, it can definitely be inaccurate, as I remember finding body swap stories where it wasn't tagged as such, and vice versa with other tags like possession.

Regarding the 'identity theft' tag, I think it's very much inadequate in categorizing what type of 'theft' it implies, and I believe there should be an entirely different tag for 'impersonating' in general, regardless of the type of change that utilizes it, where a character in the story attempts (and/or succeeds) an impersonation of another existing character (or even an entirely new character, which wouldn't be identity theft , but 'impersonation.') I think the issue here is pinpointing how and where the 'identity theft' trope is used in the story.

The other issue is not knowing which character gets their identity stolen, as in, who has the dominance in the story: Is it the MC getting their body/identity stolen, or is it the other way around? Do we follow the changed protagonist in a gradually depressing state of affairs put forth by the difficulties of the new identity, or do we see them embracing it in a willing manner, as they (may) have induced the change? Or perhaps it is not as simple as one character stealing anothers identity. This is a matter of taste, but I, for one, don't like reading material where the point is basically a tragic end and nothing else, and this can make finding stories I like kind of a hassle.

I know there are other tags for permanent change and the like, but not all stories seem to employ it. I'd also like to add that I'm thankful for the authors who try to be as clear as possible in their descriptions of their stories, and not entirely reliant on the tagging system with a flair of some old-fashion clickbait-like text. ("X does Y for Z reason, but not everything is as it seems. ") This criticism, sadly, also applies to authors who I've grown to like.

For me, FM in this state equals doing a tag search or two every couple of months, and looking for new content from the same authors over and over again.

From: Mr. Ram , 44 months, post #29
At Fictionmania, the authors choose the categories and Key Words that are listed with their stories when they fill out the story submission form. If there are omitted or inaccurate Categories and Key Words for a story, blame the author.

From: guest (A Pinoy) , 44 months, post #30
on the incomplete stories in TG Storytime, that is actually because of the format which allows the writer to upload chapter by chapter instead of one whole final complete work like in FM.

I actually like it because it gives the authors chance to evaluate readers' feedback and make change to their story if necessary.

From: guest , 39 months, post #31
that might be true but I think too much readers' feedback is not necessarily beneficial to the writing of a story.

From: guest , 2 months, post #32
fictionmania is unbest

From: guest (Jayzie) , 2 months, post #33
Either one is better than I'm starting to regret ever finding that site.

From: guest (Arabic Soil) , 2 months, post #34

Liu Zixuan is that you? We are all tired hearing of your complaints about FM already. And now you resurrected a 37 MONTHS OLD thread just so that you can shitting on FM again? Just stop it please.

From: guest , 2 months, post #35
tgstorytime is either dead or down right now..

From: guest , 2 months, post #36
Seems accessible now...

From: guest , 2 months, post #37
i like fictionmania change genderwace tam

From: guest (K) , 2 months, post #38
FM Pros:
Great collection, very easy to use

Unable to filter out SWI
Tons of TV/CD stuff (at least this can be filtered)
Part 37! (is a 5kb file)
Age category is completely useless if there's multiple changes

Storytime Pros:
Excellent Search

I still dont know what an epub story is
Chapter format is extremely and obnoxious ruins the flow of reading
Not a lot of good stories, lots of unfinished stories

just my opinion as someone with uncommon tastes

From: guest (J) , 2 months, post #39
I agree with J. I haven’t read a story that I’ve enjoyed on FM since 2013. I figured by now there would be more authors but the reality seems to by quantity over quality.

From: guest , 2 months, post #40
J agreed with himself lol....

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