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TG Storytime VS FictionMania
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From: guest (Robana) , 45 months, post #1
Which one is better for a reader?

Which one is better for an author?

How many stars out of 5 would you give to each?

From: guest (Guest) , 45 months, post #2
Fictionmania is like an old video store. It's a little outdated but it's an institution with a gigantic selection and all the classics.

TG Storytime is like (whatever streaming service that's trying to be Netflix).. It's newer and has got a slicker interface but not much content and what the do have isn't that great. Still, I they have a nice organization system. There is potential.

Fictionmania 4/5
TG Storytime 3/5

From: guest (Robana) , 45 months, post #3
Thanks @Guest 2!

If FM is an old video store & TGS is a not-yet-Netflix, then is there any Netflix equivalent TG story for now? Or we have to wait until TGS manages to catch up?

From: guest , 45 months, post #4
Although tgstorytime has better search features, it is completely filled with super short and incomplete stories. I prefer fictionmania.

From: Monsta , 45 months, post #5
Fictionmania Ingredients:
72% "Guy puts on dress and prances around"
21% "Poof, I'm suddenly a bimbo!"
6% "Guy gets cuckolded, so he puts on a dress and prances around"
1% Quality stories

From: guest (Guest2) , 45 months, post #6
Big Closet is the only other TG storysite that I know has an established history but I find it's search and navigation to be the most frustrating. I stumbled across two good serials but can. Ever seem to find anything worth reading. Not to mention it doesn't have much of a message board.

I wish fictionmania had a separate site for cross dressing. I'm tired of sifting through it when I'm more interested in transformation. Monsta makes a good point about there only being 1% of quality stories but it's always a nice surprise when I discover a new author. Just Pretending on fictionmania is a good example. Unfortunately That was 4 years ago

From: guest (KJ) , 45 months, post #7
Big Closet just sucks, and I mean absolutely sucks when it comes to story search and navigation.

Fictionmania has stood the test of time, is easy to navigate and search, has a great feature in posted this date, fun to look through that and re-discover a story, or find one you missed.

TG Storytime is in between the two above.

From: guest (Moe Mix Mack) , 45 months, post #8
Both have their good points and bad points. But in the end, this isn't a either/or proposition. Use both, and see how they work out for you.

There's no competition between them, and I like to think the two compliment each other.

From: guest (Mel) , 45 months, post #9
In story lay out, TG Storytime is frustrating with its "chapters". I hate that.

From: guest (Lorinell) , 45 months, post #10
TG Storytime - not bad, there are well written stories. But it's small site relative to FM or BC.

BigCloset - Best stories, many stories - especially long series. Search engine sucks.

Fictionmania - biggest archive, search possible only by keywords, absolutely lack of google search. And mentioned biggest problem - most content is crossdressing, bimbofication...

From: rugal , 45 months, post #11
@Guest2 - The funny thing is that for a long time suggesting that crossdressing was a problem on FM would cause people to flip out and claim that it totally wasn't and besides nobody's preventing you from reading the other stories. :^)

Of course that turned out to be garbage because once the the dam started to crack it eventually burst, the site became flooded with short sissification stories or long ones with lots of short chapters. Combine that with a trickling in the people who wrote proper TG fiction for whatever reasons (losing interest, getting driven out under the deluge of crossdressing stories) and you wind up with FM's current situation.

Bimbo stories were always there but didn't really seem to overtake things until the crossdressers got their way.

From: guest , 45 months, post #12
Complaining that FM has crossdressing stories is like complaining McDonald's has too many hamburgers.

From: guest (a crossdresser) , 45 months, post #13
yes that's right. FM was established to cater to readers of crossdressing stories. Why would people want to make it an issue that the site has too many of them? This sense of entitlement is mind blogging. The world owes you nothing. Stop whining...

From: guest (BennyLava) , 45 months, post #14
Fact checking is in currently in high demand, so here we go regarding crossdressing stories on FictionMania:

The overwhelming amount of crossdressing / sissification / bimbofication stories on FM is a (not so) recent development; so are ongoing storylines with 20+ chapters.

Those that have been around since FM's inception know that for a long time other categories were predominant.

You can check yourself using FM's Range Search . Just roughly compare category keywords for a year at a time: in 1998 (and for more than 10 years since then) CD was an exception, not the rule.

As for myself: I always preferred fantasy / sci-fi settings in TG fiction and FictionMania seemed to gather the best authors around. Nowadays checking FM has become a bit of a chore for me. I can empathize with the sentiment that it has been kind of overrun, but of course I grant that CD content has a lot of fans. I'm just not one of them.

Therefore, as for yourself: whatever floats your boat :-)

Lastly, here's a time saver for those that want to search the latest stories on FM without the "Crossdressing / TV" and "Bimbo" categories.

From: guest (Joanna of the Jungle) , 45 months, post #15

Thanks for the link but they still include many sissy stories! Guess we have to add "Femdom", "Chemical or Drug Induced Change" and "Transitioning" to the list of exclusion!

From: guest (BennyLava) , 45 months, post #16
@Joanna - here you go: Excluded: Bimbo, Chemical or Drug Induced Change, Crossdressing / TV, Femdom / Authoritarian, Transitioning

It might be obvious to many, but still: one can find the category numbers is the search page's HTML source, add additional ones with "&wordcat1=????" and bookmark the resulting URL.

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 45 months, post #17
I really don't like serial stories that give you very
little in one part but then have fourteen subsequent
parts. It's like, I want to read the story all at once.

From: Monsta , 45 months, post #18
The problem with the cross dressing stories, besides the numbing repetition, is that they don't present any actual struggle for the characters. Typically they put on a dress, suddenly become passable as a woman, then proceed to act like an overly feminine and thus unbelievable stereotype. Nothing has actually changed about them until later in the story when they take hormones because being a woman is so totes awesome for them. There's rarely any obstacle to overcome besides going dress shopping and having to pick out so many new outfits.

They lie in a valley of mediocrity, not fictional enough to be good fiction, not realistic enough to be good drama. They fail at being escapist fantasy and also fail at being a realistic portrayal of actual struggles faced by actual transgender persons. Much like an actual McDonald's hamburger, they are mass produced and don't provide much other than the bare minimum technical specifications that define what they are. And much like a small town that only has a couple fast food restaurants to choose from, the TF/TG community is simply hungry for more options.

I think most visitors to Metamorphose want, well, metamorphosis. It's what we in the TF community seek out. We complain because we want change, both literally and figuratively.

From: guest , 44 months, post #19
wow... didn't know that so many people in this site hated crossdressing genre...

From: guest (KJ) , 44 months, post #20
Add me to that list of those who dislike

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