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Emerald City
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From: guest (PC Principal) , 15 months, post #21
In the original story, Princess Ozma was blonde......Cannot have that today.

From: EthanGrace , 15 months, post #22
@guest #Post 19

There is no on-screen TF.

One seen his is by a campfire, he goes to sleep -- when his friend wakes up in the he sees a girl running away.

From: EthanGrace , 15 months, post #23
  • scene

From: guest (Me) , 15 months, post #24
Yeah I saw it he turned into a sexy little girl did he with some nice cleavage to boot!! I was surprised they showed that much cleavage on a young girl like that!

From: Holly Dunn , 15 months, post #25
Here are links to photos of girl Tip, mostly from episode 3&4 which haven't aired as of this posting. I won't vouch for their accuracy for what is occurring in the story, as they are based on brief episode synopses.

Click to show spoiler
Tvey Gvc Guvf bar (nobir) vf na AOP cebzbgvbany cubgb. Fur unf avpr unve, vzb. Fur vf jrnevat gur fnzr bhgsvg nf gur raq bs Rcvfbqr 2 (fnaf pbng,) naq gur fgneg bs rcvfbqr 3. Ure unve vf abg nf fuval va gur rcvfbqrf nf gurl ner pnzcvat va gur jbbqf naq gurl ner qvegl.Pyrnintr Gvc vf 15 va gur fgbel, ohg gur npgerff vf 24. V thrff gurl fubj ure pyrnintr sbe gur fnzr ernfba gurl fubj anxrq npgbef va gurve yngr 30'f cynlvat uvtu fpubby fghqragf va Cbexl'f 3... frk fryyf.Nabgure Pyrnintr Fubg Gbhpuvat Unve Guvf vf arne gur raq bs Rcvfbqr 3. Gvc vf ubyqvat na rzcgl ivny gubhtug gb or n pher sbe uvf/ure genafsbezngvba gung gurl tbg sebz gur ureonyvfg va gur Pvgl bs Ri. Va rcvfbqr gjb, Gvc ershfrq gb gnxr n wrjryrq bowrpg sebz uvf ubzr jurer gur jbzna unq uvz genccrq orpnhfr vg jbhyq or n yvax gb uvf cnfg. Fryyvat vg jbhyq unir srq Wnpx naq Gvc sbe n lrne.Bar urnq Fubegre Fur vf zber guna n urnq fubegre guna gur Jvgpu bs gur Abegu. (Rcvfbqr 4)Va n qerff Cerfhznoyl Wnpx naq Gvc unir frcnengrq orpnhfr gurl ner bhg bs zbarl nsgre abg gnxvat gur wrjryrq bowrpg gb fryy va Rcvfbqr Gjb naq npdhvevat gur obthf cbgvba va Rcvfbqr 3.Guvf vf cerfhznoyl ng gur becunantr eha ol gur Jvgpu bs gur Abegu. (Juvgr Jvgpu)

From: nightmareman81 , 15 months, post #26
what links?

From: Holly Dunn , 15 months, post #27
The links are under the spoiler because they spoil the unaired episodes. Perhaps We can ask the mods to take down the spoiler tag after the episodes air. My synopses are not spoiler because they are speculation, but I thought the links to photos for unaired episodes would be. If the community feels differently, a mod may remove the spoiler tag.

From: guest (jojen) , 15 months, post #28
but there is no link in spoiler?

From: paul , 15 months, post #29
Links don't work correctly insider spoiler tags.

From: Holly Dunn , 15 months, post #30
Girl tip
This is the outfit sans coat he wears in episode 3

Episode 3
Some cleavage in episode 3 after presumably the antidote didn't work and Tip is still a girl. Empty vial in hand.

A Bit Short
Tip is a head shorter than some of the other female characters, including the Witch of the North

Tip Torn
Episode 4 will feature some sort of battle between the Witch of North and Witch of West for Tip to come with one of them.

Shorter than West
Tip is shorter than the West Witch also.

Tip's Dress The North Witch runs an orphanage. This is probably where Tip is in this photo.

From: guest (Bmi) , 15 months, post #31
He/she gets taken to the brothel as a ladies maid and ends up in a built in corset dress

From: guest (metro) , 15 months, post #32
Tip is looking I wasn't his friend I would've been like Tip come here lets take these clothes and see what happened to you wink wink lol

From: Holly Dunn , 15 months, post #33
So the amount of time Tip was in the show was definitely disappointing. I'd estimate maybe 4 or 5 minutes total, spaced out in really brief increments after a lot of time as the story passes.

What is there is pretty good and worth a watch, and would almost make a good short if the scenes were edited together.

Click to show spoiler
Fprar 1-- Gur svefg bar unccraf 4 zvahgrf vagb gur fubj. wnpx cyrqtrf uvf yblnygl gb Gvc, naq bssref gb gnxr uvz/ure onpx gb uvf thneqvna. Gvc fnlf ab, fb gurl ortva gur gevc gb Gur PVgl bs Ri. Wnpx vf pnhtug fgnevat ng Gvc'f pyrnintr.Fprar 2-- Gurl ner va n qvare va Ri. Gvc'f pyrnintr vf fubjvat. Wnpx yrnirf gb svaq na ureonyvfg gb znxr zber zrqvpvar sbe Gvc. N jnvgerff pbzrf ol naq fhttrfgf gung Gvc pbire hc, "Hayrff lbh cyna gb znxr zbarl bss bs gurz, lbh zvtug jnag gb fgbc nqiregvfvat." Gvc ybbxf nebhaq, naq zra ner fgnevat. sernxf bhg naq pbiref hc, gura ehaf gb gur erfgebbz. Hcba frrvat gur znyr naq srznyr qbbef, Gvc tbrf va gur srznyr bar (Fvapr Gvc unf orra ybpxrq va n gbjre sberire, ubj jbhyq ur rira xabj jung n z/s qvfgvapgvba va n choyvp erfgebbz ybbxf yvxr?) Vafvqr Gvc ybbxf va gur zveebe sbe gur svefg gvzr, vf hcfrg naq fcynfurf jngre ba uvf snpr. Gura Gvc tenof n gbjry naq fpehof uneq, nf vs gb fpeho qbja gb uvf erny snpr.Fprar 3--Gurl trg gb gur ureonyvfg naq tvir uvz n fnzcyr bs gur zrqvpvar. Fbzrubj gur gjb ner gbtrgure rira gubhtu Wnpx ena bss ol uvzfrys gb frnepu gur pvgl. Guvf fprar vf nyy bs 20 frpbaqf.Fprar 4--Gur ureonyvfg gnxrf Gvc nfvqr naq fnlf gur zrqvpvar vf oynpx zntvp, naq Gvc vf abj va uvf gehr sbez. ur ershfrf gb znxr gur zrqvpvar naq fnlf gung vs Gvc pbagvahrf gb nfx, ur zvtug trg unatrq. Gvc ercyvrf, "V'z n obl, V'ir nyjnlf orra n obl."Fprar 5--Wnpx vf ybbxvat sbe Gvc naq svaqf Gvc ngbc n ohvyqvat. Wnpx nfxf Gvc jul ur ena bss, naq Gvc rkcynvaf. Wnpx gevrf gb xvff Gvc. Gvc chfurf Wnpx bss gur ohvyqvat.

From: guest (Guest2) , 15 months, post #34
Thanks Holly. I appreciate the detailed review : )

From: Holly Dunn , 15 months, post #35
Emerald City put out a scene highlight with Tip. The person Tip is with is Tip's only friend jack, who Tip has known since he was a boy locked away by his guardian.

Spoiler, this is how the Episode 3 ends, after finding out there is no cure for his gender change:

Tip's Anguish

From: guest (bmi) , 15 months, post #36
tip better get used to corsets and cleavage

From: guest (metro) , 15 months, post #37
Better get used to getting that dick too lol

From: guest (Yepper) , 15 months, post #38
I know at this point Tip just needs to go into room lock the door rip off her clothes and rub one out that should get things going lol

From: guest (Saint) , 15 months, post #39

Tip looking pretty in Pink

From: guest (Guest2) , 15 months, post #40
thats not from Emerald City but from Evermoor

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