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Emerald City
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From: Holly Dunn , 17 months, post #1
Sorry we seemed to have missed this. Emerald City, a new show on NBC, is a precursor to Wizard of Oz. It has Tip, who is the young boy who was turned into Princess Ozma in the original books.

Tis is Princess Ozma

I saw the last three minutes of episode 1, and Tip is a young girl.

From: guest , 17 months, post #2
if anyone has a link to the transformation can u link it.

From: juupton , 17 months, post #3
Very well.

YouTube link:

I have submitted it on here along time ago ;)

From: Holly Dunn , 17 months, post #4
@juupton: Your link is a Russian cartoon with an Oz/Ozma theme. There is a new American show on NBC airing Friday's. The first episode aired January 6, 2017.

From: guest (Lorinell) , 17 months, post #5
So, it seems, that NBC Tip/Ozma is a girl, raised as a boy and having gender identities issues.
Well, then not really worth to watch (from transformation point of view). Sad :(

From: guest (LOL) , 17 months, post #6
You all can dream on... but TG will NEVER becomes mainstream Hollywood thing... never... :(

From: guest (Lorinell) , 17 months, post #7
Well, I know, but they can do at least something less typical.
My best interpretation of Tip/Ozma is when boy changed into a princess, is having adapting issues and is not super happy about being cute girl.

From: EthanGrace , 17 months, post #8

Click to show spoiler
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From: Holly Dunn , 17 months, post #9
Hi guys. I watched a bunch of previous on Emerald City today, as it has been off our radar entirely. Here are some things that happen and some inferences.

Fifteen year old Tip had been raised as a boy. They have shots of his shirt open and his boy chest in the bath tub. Tip has no memory of being a girl. He is locked away in a tower until Dorothy breaks him out.

Upon leaving and not taking his "medicine' he transforms into a girl.

From the teasers, brief shots indicate Tip will go to the orphanage run by the Witch of the North, and try to reject his girlhood. Then the Wicked Witch of the West, who also owns a brothel in the non-magic Oz, will take Tip in as a servant girl. Tip will dress in a servant peasant long dress, but the teasers so far don't show Tip in the brothel. The West Witch is obsessed with bringing magic back, so it seems like having someone who has been somehow enchanted by magic is paramount to her and may be why she plucks the former boy from the orphanage run by her sister witch.

Tip appears as a minor character in Episode # 2. There are only a fixed 10 episodes if I read previews correctly. But the actress is the #6 star on IMDB. It seems encouraging that the plot is that she is clinging to who she feels she should be while fighting what she really is due to societal guilt.

Granted, some of this is fact and some is inferred based on the teasers. But it is a 10 week program and Tip became Princess Ozma at the end of the original Fran Baum book. Now it is happening so we will hopefully see the struggles with identity.

From: guest , 17 months, post #10
Pity the actress isn't cute.

From: juupton , 17 months, post #11
@Holly Dunn - Oh! (Laughing nervously) ^^;

From: guest , 17 months, post #12
Fran Baum. Sometimes I love typos.

From: guest (KJ) , 17 months, post #13
Ditto to post #10

From: Yoyoeldas , 17 months, post #14
@EthanGrace I thought male Tip is played by the same actress? Cuz I don't see any male actors on Imdb credits

From: EthanGrace , 17 months, post #15
Possibly XD, I was trying to decide if it was the same actress or not throughout the episode. It would make sense, but then the scene in the bath made me doubt it -- but they probably just CGI'd away the boobs. If not it's a very effeminate looking kid.

From: Holly Dunn , 17 months, post #16
@Lorinell: A spell turned Tip into a girl. By not taking his medicine, he transformed back. It isn't as simple as a girl being raised as a boy.

@Ethan Grace
Yes, according to eonline and IMDB female Jordan Loughran is Tip. No male actor is named on IMDB as a replacement. It appears to be movie magic that made her a boy that they showed with an open shirt and a boy chest in the tub.

Tip Poster

Jordan Loughran takes on the role of Tip in the NBC series.

From: nightmareman81 , 17 months, post #17
so is everything mention here happen in the first 2 episodes?

From: Holly Dunn , 17 months, post #18
I hate to not to use spoiler tags, but they would be dated and not necessary very soon.

Tip appears in Episode 2, or the second half of the double Episode 1. He is a boy until the end of the episode, and is not happy about the change.

I stated some things based on speculation, but also based on some promo shots where Tip is in a peasant dress appearing to serve the Wicked Witch of the West, who is obsessed by magic in a world that supposedly doesn't have any.

Tip is a secondary character but listed as a top 6 star in the miniseries that is slated for 10 episodes.

The reviews say gender identity issues are built in, and Tip has to figure out who he/she really is before becoming Princess Ozma.

From: guest , 17 months, post #19
she is semi cutie omg can we get a clip of the transformation please. Hate to try and find the full ep with adds.

From: guest (bmi) , 17 months, post #20
so poor old tip is heading for life in corsets and skirts could be worse

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