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From: guest , 2 months, post #41
Whatever happened to frosty117's account on

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #42
I've noticed too. Maybe it's a subtle way of saying hes done with the story?

i'd wish Frosty to confirm it himself tho.

From: guest (BOb) , 2 months, post #43
RIP Frosty. ='(

From: guest (Guest) , 6 days, post #44
i'm bumping this to connect to the other thread, incase anyone else wants discussion.

: guest (Blackdaw) , 6 hours, post #13

Don't worry, I have a few character and little events in mind, it won't all be sex and smut. That being said, the majority of the focus will be on a few 'main' characters. I plan on taking a similar angle that JR and Frosty took, that is, not cutting a whole lot of time out of the story. While I'm not sure that I agree that the original thread was repetitive, I think I've taken a different spin. So I guess we'll see if it fits with what you're hoping for, can't promise anything though. I really like a lot of the characters already in the story, but there are a few others I'm gonna throw in there. Maybe they'll mix things up enough for you.


I'm happy to chat about this story, you guys seem to have some neat ideas. I'm not game for everything that's thrown out of course, but it helps to talk about some of this. If you feel like making another thread, go for it.

Glad you like it. I'm getting a kick out writing Jezzer as so vulgur. It's hard to describe, but the way he is demeaning her is really erotic for me. Trying to think of ways to do it so as to not make it repetitive. That's messed up but hey, it's a story about a homeless guy possessing big-chested women...

Yeah I'm looking forward to finally getting him to perform as his new identity around other people, especially Tim and Heather. I think you're right, that will provide good opportunity for Jezzer to further insult her, I'm sure he'll be quite smug as he parades her around. As for this second point, I had a similar idea, but I'm now sure when and how I would introduce this mechanic. I feel like the pay off would be better if Jezzer simply had her forget most of the things he does while inside her body, to start with. That way I could play with her behaviour changing in subtle ways and not-so-subtle ways due to his influence at first, while she's totally unaware she's being manipulated. I don't know, the order of events is still a little murky for me.

As for the memory, I will partially agree, in that the memory scene in the masturbation chapter was a bit clunky. I knew that when I submitted the chapter, but there were a few pieces of info and characterization in there that I felt were still important enough to leave in. I think I'm going to avoid the memory thing in a scene involving any kind of action from now on, simply because it breaks the pace.

As for me 'burning out', well, this is literally the first time i've tried writing erotica. I won't promise that i'll add with anything near the frequency that Frosty and JR were doing at one point, but I would like to keep working on it.

Your points on diversity are pretty close to my intentions, I want things to go pretty slowly as opposed to chaotically. Though I do plan on switching to Tim's POV at some point soon, just so we can see at least a little bit of his own internal reaction to what's happening with his mother and soon, some of the other women around him.

I agree, seeing Jezzer directly manipulate Rebecca will make this quite a different story to the original thread I think. I'm not sure what other 3 you're referring to, though.

Actually I quite like reading what other people think about this story, i'm pretty new to this so hearing other ideas is quite helpful. Just don't be surprised when some variation of it appears in my work. I'm already going to borrow a few things from the main thread, but I don't think that's a problem, considering the nature of these interactive stories. Hopefully I make it original enough to be worth it.

This last idea is pretty cool, I like it a lot. I do think that something like this would be one of the steps that happens before the level discussed before, where Rebecca is forced to watch Jezzer manipulate her body. Having her less directly controlled by Jezzer, via him just sitting in the back of her brain, is definitely something I'd like to try. But again, the timeline is something I'm not set on. As of right now, I'm still getting over Jezzer's second orgasm :P

Thanks very much for the compliments and feedback. Nice to see that this community is welcoming, if a little odd.

From: guest (guest) , 6 days, post #45
I'm hesitant on starting a thread because last time it turned into the usual request forum.

I enjoy talking about stories on this topic, i also enjoy letting the content creators know my/community's appreciation for their work. Cause truthfully, people can just keep it to theirselves and thats it. We are entitled to nothing but people forget that sometimes.

I already said all i wanted so... i will just read and see what you do next.

Don't fuss too much about the glitchy part thats hard get through. Its like you said, the story is about a homeless dude possessing someone! The premise is already ridiculous in the standard story sense, so dont force yourself a logical solutions/mechanics. Its your story, any mechanics you provide doesn't Have to make sense.

From: guest (leon) , 6 days, post #46
@Guest #11

As I said, my viewpoint is strictly limited as a reader, so I wanted to thank you for pointing out the effort angle (and also for starting the original thread of course.) I have to admit I was only thinking how the story could be different, and hadn't given enough thought to how much more work that would require or the stress it can have on a writer, to not only create that diversity, but also sustain it without comprimising the quality (though I believe Wassel's work can definitely be an example.) All in all, I agree with the argument of having less can be more (as I said in my previous post), but reading about what is essentially the same act over a number of chapters actually made it stagnant, for me at least. But again, I understand that's what most readers want (or at least those who voiced their opinions) and frankly, I like the direction Blackdaw's taking the story. As I said before, I'm hooked.

Though reading your comment on the memory part, I have to disagree as I thought it was brilliant, and one of the most original things I've come across in a possession story. And about minor characters being introduced; Since the story is an interactive, couldn't you just choose not to develop the character, but leave the option for someone else to do so? (Maybe as a different path like some quality interactives have done.) Perhaps it's not a good idea to rule out the opportunity for more collaborations, which could essentially remove the workload and the stress you mentioned. We may even get to see another duo like Frosty and JR.


I have no issues with the characters that Frosty and JR so brilliantly developed, they were essentially what drew me in to the story (along with their dynamics.) I'm actually glad that you're considering the opinions of your readers.

"perform as his new identity" <- This.

I have no concerns.


█▄░░█ █▀▀█ ▀▀█▀▀░░█▀▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄
█░█░█ █░░█ ░░█░░░░█▀▀▄ █▄▄█ █░░█
█░░▀█ █▄▄█ ░░█░░░░█▄▄█ █░░█ █▄▄▀


When I first read your voice-shifts, it was the first time I realized there could be a lot more to explore in a possession story, and that you basically raised the bar. I agree with everything you said about Blackdaw, and how Blackdaw employed it was absolutely brilliant. It'd be great to see that in action again.

And yeah, I think it's actually constructive, and nice to talk about it, and have people with experience chip in even if they have to (or want to) distance themselves from the 'darker' stories one way or another. I've said this before, lovers of a dark tale are not that uncommon, you just don't hear their voice because it's basically, well, not only hard to talk about, but also of other concerns of being shamed if they do so, and even of their privacy to some extent. If these stories were that much 'niche', and they didn't tap into some desire, none of the major productions of varying media industries would consider involving these elements, even when their creative freedom is limited. Just wait for an opportunity (like for VR to become more mainstream) and see how difficult it becomes to contain what people may actually want to explore.

From: guest (guest) , 6 days, post #47
I think I didn't fully get my idea across, I really like the memory thing as well but i think BlackDaw is right. It is the pacing, which is why I originally thought he can maybe just simplify some memories. Maybe keep Rebecca/Vessel's part in and Jeezer can just give tidbits of his old life through out, but get into the details when its significant to the motives of Jeezer's reasonings. Example would be the liquor store interaction.

Good to see you! Been a fan of your stuff, ive read your stories and some captions. You are like one of the OG writers of this genre.

Sometimes i wish there's a patreon page for writers so theres a forum/casual support for creators of the darker stories. I'm only bringing this up cause i supporting German's(skinsuit/possession hobbyists) patreon.

This was his previous work, He has gotten better in the latest pateron only ongoing story. I think you guys would be interested in his stuff.

His first language isn't english so his story telling is a little weak, but his 3d models, facial expressions and paneling is probably the best ive seen. He has to satisfy his skinsuits patreon (surprisingly, its more than half of his paterons) so he he has to do some really detailed effects of people turning into skinsuits lol. He has trouble making use of the memory accessing but at least it still there.

Feel free to check out his stuff. Everything he does is free on his deviantart after completion.

From: guest (Blackdaw) , 5 days, post #48
Got a few responses here,

From the other thread, @DocVS

Thanks so much for all the kind words Doc, high praise coming from you. I'm glad that I'm hitting the right notes, but I'd like to know more about why you think this was a game changer for you.

I've enjoyed making use of the voice swap, and I'm glad you think I pulled it off well. I think using Jezzer's voice helps to remind who he is, how crude and rough around the edges he can be. Jezzer was surprised and delighted by the discovery, and don't worry, he'll definitely make use of it more. When he reveals himself to Tim (whenever that's gonna happen), i'm sure he'll be itching to show off this depraved ability.

It just made sense for Jezzer. He's a pretty weird guy, and this is probably not the first time he's imagined talking dirty with Rebecca Gately, only now he actually has voice, body and mind to act with. I'm glad you like the idea, hope to see how you've been inspired soon :P

Your caps are great as usual, Doc. Thanks for the message.


One thing you should consider about the original story I think, is that it only took place over a few days. I'm gonna be taking a pretty slow approach as well I think, and we're probably gonna see Jezzer keeping his 'eye on the prize' as it were. Right now Jezzer's two primary goals are:

1. Enjoy Rebecca's body.

2. Seduce Tim.

Past that, pretty much everything is ancillary to Jezzer. That being said, this isn't going to be the same story that JR and Frosty wrote, not entirely at least. We'll see how it develops. As for leaving options open for people, they're always free to take a crack at a follow-up chapter. That being said, I'd request that people allow me one chapter option to continue on my own, as I'll continue leaving the first option marked as 'reserved'. I'd love to write in response to somebody else, if the quality was high, but I also want to make sure I've got space to continue with my own plan if there's some creative difference.

Right now I've got most of the 'main characters' from the original planned. SPOILERS:Click to show spoiler
Urngure, Zf. Ubyfgra naq Gevfun ner nyy tbaan raq hc orvat ubfgf gb Wrmmre ng fbzr cbvag sbe fher, gubhtu V'z tbaan znxr n srj punatrf gb gurve nccrnenaprf. V'z cebonoyl abg tbaan hfr Prpvyvn, be ng yrnfg jvyy znxr ure dhvgr qvssrerag. Gurer'f ybgf bs frpbaqnel punenpgref gb hfr nf jryy, fb V zvtug cvpx sebz gurz yvorenyyl. Vs nalbar unf n fhttrfgvba sbe gur glcr bs tvey gung Wrmmre zvtug cvpx gb or Gvz'f "tveysevraq" ng fpubby tb sbe vg. Pbhyq or fvzcyl naq ragregnvavat naq tb sbe gur tbbq tvey guvat gung Prpvyvn unq tbvat. Ohg v'q znxr ure purfgl, phm gung'f whfg zl guvat.

Right now I'm sort of trying to show Jezzer's control over her mind to be sporadic. Her memories are powerful, and are bleeding into his consciousness without his bidding. Like the liqour store and with the blowjobs, for example. It's just how his brain works, and he'll probably get better at controlling it as he continues to exert his powers.

Thanks for the posts, sorry if I rambled or missed a point.

From: barackobrahma , 5 days, post #49
Wow. This thread makes me happy (after making me sad with JohnG leaving (and I wouldn't be surprised if Blackdaw revealed that he, indeed, is just another character invented by the same mind that invented JonhG, since both seems very good writers that go thought details around the scene, which is rare, almost non-existent))... I dont know how I can contribute, so I'll just keep following what you guys are talking.

/ \___/ \
( o o )
( =^= )
( )
( )
( )))))))))))

From: guest (Blackdaw) , 5 days, post #50

Nope, just me.

From: DocVS , 5 days, post #51
@leon - I totally get that it's very taboo to talk about this, and that there is a danger of exposure or an invasion of privacy. I just sometimes feel a little bit excluded, or isolated, if that makes any sense. Seeing this topic sort of explode in a way in terms of popularity and appeal piqued my interest and gave me the courage to reach out. Honestly, you guys are all pretty cool, and I knew this back when you had referenced my work, or how I saw that some of my work was being recognized as solid contributions to this very specific genre of TG fiction and fantasy.

@guest - Jeeze, I'm OG? Man I feel old now...I only started creating my TG captions a few years ago. But nice to see that you enjoy my work, I do my best to try to evolve it to a new level of perversion. With Blackdaw's influence that may happen a bit more often

@Blackdaw How is your work a game changer? Its pretty simple: the powers and abilities Jezzer develops now aren't just throwaway abilities that have a one time use. There's an actual purpose to them that Jezzer will use I'm sure in the future to his own depraved delight. I really would like to incorporate that in my character's personalities in future captions or stories. Of course it won't happen ALL the time cause that can grow stale but I mean from my standpoint, you just helped to "legitimize" voice swapping and perverted possessions.

And as most people already know, this is something that I personally enjoy. And I know that for some, it has been held in not the best light. Cause it can be an odd duck as it can blemish the appeal of being the other sex, the appeal of tapping into one's feminine mystique. One, the voice swap is a perverted reminder that someone is forcefully usurping the life and identity of a woman. I have tried to be tolerant and to do other material that is more "mainstream" or popular, and for the most part I enjoy them. But I can't really can't change that this is my first love and interest. And Blackdaw's work just helped me to justify that. :-)

From: guest (Guest) , 4 days, post #52
Just spitballing here, what if Jeezer just have the sick fantasy of Rebecca seducing her family initially but now he has the power to act on it and make it a reality. That would give him the "motive" of how all this started.
He realized this power can essentially become a tool for him to "Roleplay" any scenario he wishes. Which explains the desire of him possessing other women and his little mirror roleplay.

Even if Tim finds out the truth, he is so weak willed against the temptations and with his own incestuous desire slowly creeping out against the better part of himself. He just ends up becoming what Jeezer wants him to be.

I find this a better motive than Jeezer simply having romantic feelings towards Tim like in JR/JohnG verison.

From: guest , 4 days, post #53
The way BlackDaw's stuff reads so far seems like his version of Jezzer has been lusting after Rebecca and Tim for some time already.

From: guest (Blackdaw) , 16 hours, post #54

I think intertwining the powers and the story are important for this kind of fiction. You pin it down well here, a lot of stories use the powers just as a one off thing, without really considering why and how the powers work. I like developing this sort of thing.

I wouldn't worry so much about what others want, Doc. You've got a great thing going, and people will continue to enjoy it regardless of how the mainstream might go.

I think that's a little too specific, and would be a bit too 'lucky'. I think I've got a pretty good grasp on his motivations for the moment, but thanks for the suggestions. I think what I've got goes a little bit beyond just Jezzer's lust, so keep watching.

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