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New wren adams vid but...
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From: Polover , 12 months, post #61
I can't lie, deep down inside . . . I miss Wren. Or more specifically I guess the idea of her. To me, she was a unique element to this genre who had a lot of potential but then made terrible, nefarious, and anti-fan decisions. I wish a better version of Wren would appear somewhere in the world; the saddest thing is we have no replacement

From: Miss Pinky , 12 months, post #62
I think the fact that she hasn't produced anything new since her paywall went up tells you what you need to know.

From: rugal , 12 months, post #63
It's a shame. I did like that she was expanding out some by the end and for short, light videos I enjoyed them for what they were. I don't begrudge her attempting to make money either via the Patreon or Kickstarter or anything like that since if she wants to make money for it then that's fine. It's the way that she (or her crew) did it that was bad. New videos being paywalled, okay sure, but putting everything behind it seemed like either a shortsighted business move, an attempt to burn bridges or both.

From: guest (abcde) , 11 months, post #64
why give her the time of day? Ignore her, pay nothing and if she decides she wants viewers or subscribers then she release the videos...

From: guest (Robert) , 11 months, post #65
I agree completely. I miss her alot and always check her channel but am sad to never see new content. I would gladly pay if she put out new stuff that fans wanted and I was part of her Patreon as well but was sad and angry to see she just ditched it. Why.. it makes no sense to just ditch it when people were signed up to pay money for new content.
Also I don't understand the paywall, youtubers make lots of money for putting out quality content that gets alot of views. I am sure she would have made decent money.

From: guest , 11 months, post #66
I never got the feeling that Wren was really interested in TG stuff. I think she made a TG video, saw a big jump in her views, realized there's an audience that's interested in TG content, and made more videos to cater to that audience. I've seen a few YouTube creators follow that pattern, most recently the Suburban Six Toys people.

It's an understandable strategy; it's basically supply and demand. But I could see how, if you're not interested in the content you're making, it would wear on you after a while. My guess is, that's the reason she put her videos behind a paywall and stopped making TG content. She just didn't like the stuff she was making.

From: guest (SPL1) , 11 months, post #67
She kind of went the same way as Chrisbunga, maybe life moved on and found something else to do. still her video were good for a time.

From: guest (wtf) , 11 months, post #68
some of you are so desperate for content it makes me want to puke...she tried to punk you all, no other videos are pay per desperate and pathetic

From: Polover , 11 months, post #69
@wtf you hit the nail on the hammer with me at least. I'm so desperate for content, I'll take mediocre Wren over nothing.

From: guest (mike1) , 11 months, post #70
Wren was excellent, her video were great. its a shame she gone

From: guest (Anon) , 11 months, post #71
@Polover when are you gonna upload stuff again? :)

From: guest (anonimous) , 10 months, post #72
anyone who has payed for Wren videos can be so kind to share?

From: guest (Theomars) , 9 months, post #73
You guys all know she can live just fine with her videos by having Youtube pay her for having ads in the video right?

From: Tuggy24g , 6 months, post #74

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