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Thai Lakorn/Show with Possession
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From: Polover , 55 months, post #21
This has male and female possessions but moreso male:
2 รัก 2 วิญญาณ (Song Rak Song Winyan)

Female Possessions in my Playlist:

From: guest (jasonlovefight94) , 55 months, post #22
@Polover, thanks for the great find!
In addition, EP. 4 3/4 there's a scene where the female lead got de-possessed and re-possessed.

Also, the same female lead was in another horror drama where she got possessed by a bride ghost or some sort. But all the possession scenes are off screen or explicit.
Drama name: ชะนีผีผลัก

From: Polover , 55 months, post #23
Good catch. I'm more interested in the ghost from the first show; she was sexy! I feel like she probably isn't in anything else with possession though

From: Polover , 52 months, post #24
Has Thailand gone quiet with possession lakorns? I haven't heard of anything in a while. Does anyone know of perhaps even any upcoming?

From: guest (Jefflayer) , 52 months, post #25
Polover there's many Indian possess in YouTube that you missed to tag in your channel go check out

From: Polover , 52 months, post #26
@Jefflayer Like what? Pretty much the last thing anyone's pointed on the Indian side is Nandhini which I already put in my playlist

From: guest (mtm fan) , 52 months, post #27
From what Thai series is this?

From: Femalepossession , 52 months, post #28
My dear bootham 139 episode lol so hard to find (11:24)
My dear bootham 599 episode (0:56)
@polover you forgot about these

From: Polover , 52 months, post #29
I found a female possession episode 46 of ละคร ศีล 5 คนกล้าท้าอธรรม @19:30

This a long running series so people should look through and see if there are any more in the series

From: guest (likefempossessed) , 52 months, post #30
I want to know the chinese movie & thai lakorn in which there is a female possession scene
Anyone can tell me ??
Thank you for the information

From: Polover , 52 months, post #31
Can you stop hijacking people's threads? Make your own topic if you want people to just give you links

1) Search this site yourself. If you're not looking for anything in particular then there is plenty of threads on here that already have stuff like that. Try "thai", "thai movie" and the same for Chinese

2) Here's a topic on "female possession" terms in other languages that you can use to search things in Google to again find some stuff on your own

3)Between my 2 playlists you can find some stuff if you haven't already seen it:
(Does anyone else besides me have active playlist on Youtube with actually unseen/harder-to-find stuff? I feel kind of narcissistic always recommending my own )

From: f2flover , 52 months, post #32
You are absolutely right about yourself being narcissistic. I think some dare not share links in case you claim "ownership" and last I understood of thread etiquette is that the TS does not own the thread so long as posts are not off topic.

From: Polover , 52 months, post #33
^Great post. You really added to the thread. I especially like the ownership line; you're very perceptive to know that I am 1) A copyright holder of multiple properties across the entire world 2) An active claimant of those copyrights despite sharing sources on here for years

From: Polover , 52 months, post #34
Let me not be as useless and provide this:

Implicit possession @ 19:20 and a de-possession @ 33:45

From: f2flover , 52 months, post #35
That's good. Polover gave you the thai lakorn. Now I will complete the chinese movie portion of your request.

十三号鬼屋 (1985)
Possession followed by plenty of sex @1:05:30
It is a happy ending for the ghost despite the interference of busybody priests which is most satisfying as she deserve a chance at happiness. :D

And speaking of happy ending, I like this thai softcore bodyswap movie about 2 couples at a countryside resort. But it is a body swap and not possession so I won't risk going off topic by posting a link.

From: guest (F2FFan) , 52 months, post #36
^@f2f you have a name for that or link for a separate thread?

From: guest (mtmfan) , 51 months, post #37
From what Thai series is this?
Help please

From: Polover , 51 months, post #38
@mtmfan the comment on that video says "亲爱的鬼先06" which if you search can lead you to here:

Name in Thai:คุณผีที่รัก
Name in English: Khun Pee Tee Ruk

Don't know what episode though, maybe 6?

From: guest (lelelel) , 51 months, post #39
Anyone know about this thai lakorn? Just the name will do, many thanks!

From: Polover , 50 months, post #40
^ The above is from:

Thai: เรือนพะยอม
English Translation: Ruan Payom

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