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From: guest (Guest) , 48 months, post #1
Live-action series of the Runaways is coming to Hulu.

From: cj , 48 months, post #2
It's always nice to add a bit more detail with your announcements.

Since I'm not a comics geek... I thought, at first, that you were referring to The Runaways, instead of the Runaways.

And for those like me, who are still wondering why this is of interest.

There is a shape-shifting character in the Marvel comic. There are several entries in our database for this comic.

From: guest , 48 months, post #3
So, instead of being about a bunch of teenagers who can't stay at home and can't stay in school, it's about a bunch of teenagers who can't stay at home and can't stay in school...?

Lemme guess...Lita can transform into a wicked muscle car where as Joan can transform into a jet. Sandy can control silicates and/or pulverize rock. Jackie is a were-fox and Cherie can whip up a mean batch of asian food.

I'm going to have to look this one up!

From: Random , 48 months, post #4
The skrull character is unlikely to be in the Runaways TV show, since Fox own the rights to the skrulls. So, unless Fox is involved in the production there won't be any skrulls(or mutants, but the can probably just use inhuman instead).

From: guest (Moose) , 48 months, post #5
Well actually Fox let marvel partially own a couple of skrulls so wouldn't be surprised if they show up

From: guest , 48 months, post #6
It's Super Skrull they can't use, because he's a Fantastic Four character, and Fox owns the Fantastic Four rights for the time being.

But after the failure of Fant4stic, I'm pretty sure even Fox is starting to wonder if there's any point in keeping the rights anymore.

From: guest , 48 months, post #7
Marvel own the Skrull race, but Fox own the named Skrull that are associated with the fantastic four. It's well documented in interviews that Marvel have the main rights to the Skrull... It's the Badoon that they cannot use :/

I like the idea of a whole film of Skrull shapeshifter a that are super strong and near invulnerable.

From: DaveS , 19 months, post #8
Why resurrect this dead thread? Season 2 is out on Hulu and the speculation from two years ago in this thread was sort of wrong... Shapeshifter character confirmed. But...
Click to show spoiler
Kniva vfa'g n Fxehyy hayvxr gur pbzvp. Ur/fur vf n Knegn, n zber bofpher funcr-fuvsgvat nyvra enpr sebz Zneiry uvfgbel. V qba'g unir Uhyh ohg Kniva vf cynlrq ol n jbzna naq qbrf traqre-fuvsg, nccneragyl...

From: guest (MAG) , 19 months, post #9
we just got an age regression story in the comics, not that long ago.

From: DaveS , 19 months, post #10
Found two FtF clips...
Gert to Xavin
Xavin to Nico and back

From: guest , 19 months, post #11
I wonder if they’ll do the same sort of transformation effect for the Skrulls in Captain Marvel.

From: naumm , 19 months, post #12
Can anyone confirm mtf/ftm on this?

From: guest , 19 months, post #13
WOW NOW this is one to stay on top off.i don't have hulu so hope we can find more of this.

From: Bodyswap1 , 19 months, post #14
I was wondering when a shapeshifter would get into the mix.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 8 months, post #15
Season 3 is airing soon so keep an eye out if there is any shapeshifting!

From: guest (Jaol) , 8 months, post #16
Any TG/shapeshifting scenes in season 3?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 8 months, post #17
So far there is one in 3x01.
Click to show spoiler
Kniva genafsbezf vagb Treg cergraqvat gb or cbffrffrq ol gur nyvra fba va beqre gb sbby gur nyvraf bpphclvat gur cneragf' obqvrf.
Haven't watched the rest yet, so look out!

From: guest (Jay) , 8 months, post #18
EP2: 20:30 ftf

I think she leaves the show in ep4, couldn't find more shapeshifts.

From: Bodyswap1 , 8 months, post #19
What is the time stamp for S3 Ep 1?

From: guest , 7 months, post #20

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