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Getting new identification documents post-transformation
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From: guest (JessicaDrew) , 36 months, post #21
If you perhaps looked like a female version of your old male self, could you not pretend to be yourself, post transition? Then you could apply to have your gender changed on your birth cert and get your identity updated.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #22
That might end up being a problem if you ever end up in a situation where you're fingerprinted or have your DNA tested. You could find yourself prosecuted for impersonating yourself.

From: guest (Bud) , 35 months, post #23
The easiest thing to do would be to play stupid and cry amnesia.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #24
Steve from Switch ended up in a mental asylum.

From: guest (Kathy) , 35 months, post #25
Yes, Bud. Amnesia is what I always thought. Just walk into a police station and say "I don't know who I am." I'm sure our society would find a way to re-integrate someone who did that.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #26
A man in the UK tried exactly that with the walking into a police station and saying that.

He went to jail.

From: guest (vup) , 35 months, post #27
What's the charge? Do they suspect him of something and are "holding him" pending investigation, or is there an actual crime?

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #28
Something to do with faking his own death and insurance payouts due to , if I remember correctly.

The point generally is that amnesia doesn't really work that way for the best part and authorities are suspicious precisely for that matter which such claims and hence tend to comprehensively investigate.

Which was why in the above case, they were very quickly able to catch this guy out.

On the other hand, not that it can't (possibly) happen, though but you really have to have a very solid presentation and a lack of a pile of evidence saying otherwise that people can dig up.

However, even this case has its sceptics and even if genuine, I don't think there's ever been anything quite like it, so it seems to fall under the heading of quite unique.

From: JayGee , 35 months, post #29
The character could appear in an alternate dimension where he was born a woman; everyone else remembers him as having always been a woman and his ID match.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #30
But that doesn't really count, though does it? The whole situation and the solution is dependent how you try to solve the predicament of everything not seamlessly adjusting itself so no-one around will ever know anything had changed.

From: guest (vup) , 35 months, post #31
No, the character can't "wish" himself into a new dimension. The "author" can, but we were talking about new identities IRL.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #32
I guess if you move fast enough as well as are able to set up a convincing new identity, you could sign over at least some money to yourself because presumably your handwriting hasn't changed.

It's the establishing a new identity that's convincing which could be the very hard part, though.

From: Holly Dunn , 35 months, post #33
Researching elements of your story can always add to the depth and realism, but stories also take leaps of faith and there are almost always things that wouldn't really happen that way in real life.

Any story that uses Magic, Supernatural transformation (like from God,) or science fiction to totally transform someone isn't "realistic." I have researched how they are trying to manipulate genes, but it would still be technically unrealistic to write a transformation story based on that. That genome altering science is called CRISPR, btw. The point being that whatever device you use to transform the character you can create a similar device to alter their papers.

If God or a mystic did it by magic, that entity should be able to give him papers. If a scientist can change your genes and re-grow you, could he not have a way to give the person papers. Maybe he is smart enough to hack the Federal system or something to give him a record.

Some authors when using magic or spells, have reality quickly or slowly alter around that character, which would take care of any birth records. Bribing someone at the drivers license office or threatening them with magic or something could do it to.

It's always great to research elements of your story, but in the end there are a tons of ways in a story to get ID papers.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #34
How about a swarm of nanites?

From: guest (Kareema) , 35 months, post #35
Is this question being asked from a writer perspective, i.e. "how would I write a story about transformation & deal with the issue of the lack of ID realistically" or is this question asked for the posters to imagine themselves in a hypothetical situation where they were suddenly transformed & have no documents to be fully functional in modern world?

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #36
Let's just go with a story in a realistic setting, as in the only thing supernatural so to speak is the swap/transformation but absolutely everything else related to this is fully grounded in reality.

From: guest (CleoKraft) , 35 months, post #37
Shouldn't worry about the new I.D. issue. In the U.S. the IRS is going to want to make money off you so you can pretty much bet the government will want to ensure you have a valid social security number at the very least. You could claim to be an illegal immigrant to get that started perhaps. From there maybe a student ID card and so on. Yeah it's going to be a pain but you could do it. Last thing you would want to do is fake amnesia to the authorities... because first of all... who with amnesia would willingly walk into a police station and announce that? Better off walking into a hospital emergency room.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #38
"Better off walking into a hospital emergency room."

Not really because the kind of amnesia where you don't remember anything prior to getting there isn't really a thing and neurologists know that.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #39
Also, with ICE lurking about, I think the illegal immigrant route isn't really the best approach at this time.

From: guest , 35 months, post #40
Let's just say... Claiming to be illegal immigrant in Trumperica... is not the smartest thing to do...

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