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If a gender swap happened to the president/politician...
From: guest (Bud) , 34 months, post #1
Would they still be eligible to serve? If it was proven that they still had the same DNA but were just a different gender, would they still be eligible to serve?

Can you imagine that? If say Paul Ryan, Obama, Trump, Cruz, etc... were gender swapped into female versions of themselves? And then say Hillary, Warren, Pelosi, Palin, Jill Stein, etc... were gender swapped into male versions of themselves?

Just think of the possibilities.

Would the men turned women play the part and be women and wear dresses and skirts or be defiant and still think of themselves as men and wear suits and ties?

Just a reminder, this thread isn't mean to start a war. It is simply designed to think about the possibilities about what would happen if politicians were gender swapped and how they would cope with it and what they would wear.

From: cj , 34 months, post #2
What about politicians who were not born in the US, but who are now in the body of someone who was?

Would they be eligible... or would they pretend to be the person whose body they now wear, perhaps just so they could be President?

And just a reminder, for those who didn't catch the post in another thread leading up to this...
Please keep the political rhetoric to a minimum, and focus on the gender aspect. This is a transformation discussion board, not a political board.


From: cj , 34 months, post #3
I think some of the choices made would be dependent upon the scope of the swap or transformation. Would it be a few isolated swaps, or something akin to The Great Shift?

I would think that in the case of a few isolated swaps, some may decide to keep quite... especially the new women.

In the event of nearly identical DNA where only their gender had changed, and it was isolated to politicians... well, there would be some new laws getting created and the divide between Joe and Jill Citizen and the politicians being widened.

In the event of a widespread TG event - chaos would ensue... and it would be those who are natural leaders who would rise to... well, lead. It wouldn't matter much what body they were in or what gender they happen to now be, if their core personality remains mostly intact, they're still going to be driven to lead (or power). Sure there would be a few who may fail to adapt, and some who would be so consumed by the wrongness of the TF/Swap, that they would fail to take that lead as their main concern would be on trying to find a way back to normal.

At least, that's my short take on it.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 34 months, post #4
I always wonder how a transformation into someone that doesn't exist (a female version of you for example, different fingerprints for example), would be able to work in this world. I would imagine your SSN may point to a male version still so employers would not hire you for lying or presumably using a stolen SSN. This would result in the person having to go to jobs where they aren't checked, and so now we have a big fall from grace, so to speak, having to dance in a strip club because that's the only way they found a way to get a job.

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 34 months, post #5
@Also Interested

If you read Fictionmania they made it as if getting new identification documents is like a piece of cake...

Anyway this is worth its own thread... Will open one...

From: guest (Bud) , 34 months, post #6
Let's make it worldwide but it only affects politicians and leaders so us regular folk will not be affected. I think a lot of people would get a kick and laugh from seeing all the former male leaders of the world now be female and have to wear dresses or dress pants suits and heels.

From: cj , 34 months, post #7
"and have to wear dresses or dress pants suits and heels."

Why would they have to wear such things? Attire is an individual choice in many places around the world. Though social conventions push for certain appearances, one can choose not to conform to them.

I would think that most leaders (and most narcissistic politicians), would attempt to impose control of the situation and front themselves as how they wish to appear, not necessarily to bend to social convention now that their body has magically TFd.

But that's just my opinion.

From: guest (Bud) , 34 months, post #8
Because I said so, lol. It's my hypothetical scenario so they will abide by my rules.

You think Barry Obama would wear dress pants as president if he was gender swapped? Nope. Michelle would force him to dress up girly. They could have matching dresses HAHAHA!

From: guest , 34 months, post #9
Wish some of the politicians extremist views on rape and abortion I think a gender change would do them a lot of good.

Other however, like Obama, I don't think it would make any difference at all.

I'd say in reply to the original post, a mental health check would need to be made, I think for many more liberal politicians, the gender change would not stop them from doing their job, but for many especially more conservative politicians I think they would have a complete mental breakdown and loose all credibility, I don't think they could function in any job, let alone politics. So I think they would be still able to serve but only if they were emotionally stable following the change.

As for dresses, I think a good politician (like they have in Canada) would be able to wear women's clothes and make up to work even without a gender change, so yeah why not.

From: guest , 34 months, post #10
Freaking chauvinist Trump would kill himself.

From: cj , 33 months, post #11
I dunno guest. Trump may be too much of a narcissist to commit suicide over such a thing... and with the money he spends on things... I don't feel it'd be too much of a stretch to see him seek SRS / Gender Affirming Surgery in an attempt to regain his manhood.

From: guest (Bud) , 33 months, post #12
Trump would look hideous as a woman LOL.

Back to Obama, I think Michelle would love it if Barry got gender swapped. They could wear matching dresses and heels.

So if Obama was gender swapped and biologically a female meaning the DNA in the body he possesses is female, would he be "Madame President"?

From: guest (Also Interested) , 33 months, post #13
@Zhang Fei Fan but i see it also related to this a right winger gets gender swapped and can't go back to work and now has to live as a woman in a most primal way...having to sell/use your body. I mean, they can't just show up in the Senate and pretend they are who they were (assuming body swaps aren't common or anything) and can't go back to their families....they can't practice law or any other career bc they don't have proof they graduated from anywhere...Like Trump wouldn't be able to use his money if no one believed him...things like that. Fall from graace...could even be a temporary "until they learn their lesson" thing

From: guest (dolphin) , 33 months, post #14
So, I wrote a pretty comprehensive list of tgs for famous politicians. Sorry if my leftwing bias shows, but I did try my best to keep things apolitical or at least even-handed... with the exception of some rightwing bigots who are the real life versions of the "asshole victims" of typical TG fare, such as Todd "legitimate rape" Akin, who have thus been given the standard 'brutal justice' TG treatment. Normal Republicans I treated fairly.

I mixed in age, race and other tfs because the vanilla outcome of having (mostly) a bunch of sexto/septuagenarians turn into post-menopausal old ladies would have been monotonous.


It was a crisis when the President and First Lady were missing, and instead there was a different, unidentified black couple sleeping in the White House master bedroom in their places. It was even more confusing when not a single person in the line of succession could be found–– and unidentified people kept answering their cell phones. More claiming to be famous power players called in to every agency, asking questions. It didn't take long, though, to clear things up when all these people revealed knew all the classified information that their identities claimed to know, and they sure talked and acted like them. Top government scientists sequenced DNA for the claimants and confirmed otherwise inexplicable matches.
Every politician in the US, and their spouses and mistresses, had swapped genders. So had about half their offspring and a smattering of media figures. Many of the older septuagenarians and octogenarians affected had also inexplicably regressed in age–– most to middle age, some to youth.

It almost goes without saying that over-the-counter birth control was passed immediately. The transgender debate ended conclusively, now that all the proponents no longer matched the gender on their birth certificates. The now-female dominated Republican party became more sensitive and sympathetic to women's issues. Some holdouts from the far right continued with the anti-Planned Parenthood agenda but most of them became silent on the issue.

––––The White House––––

President Stanley-Ann Obama:
Renamed after her mother instead of her father and seems pretty glad about that. Seems oddly chill about the whole thing, with the gray vanishing from her hair and considering the change free license to dial up the sass. Stanley-Ann maintains a good sense of humor and her facial expressions still spawn memes.

Michael Obama:
Arms like tree trunks. Deep, soothing bass voice. Even more popular with women than ever, although now people seem much more intimidated by him. Plays basketball with his brother and continues to support healthy eating but now focuses more on personal fitness. Still doesn’t want to run for office and is content to remain active as a cultural figure.

Nathaniel “Satchel” Obama:
Satchel was upset at first, having been quite fond of being a girl, but his older sister Malia helps him out and supports him after the change and they remain quite close. Satchel decides to try out for the high school football team over his parents’ objections about concussions. Not allowed to wear hoodies, he feels more restricted by his family’s stature than ever and becomes ever more eager to get out and see the world on his own. Eventually, Satchel becomes a prominent Black Lives Matter activist and an unofficial leader of the movement.

V.P. Josephine "Josie" Jacobs-Biden: (AR 30)
Still loves giving unprompted shoulder massages, but now they're much better received. Josie and her husband, Jim (formerly Jill) Jacobs-Biden (also AR 30) plan on having another baby. Another boy, who they name Joseph Beau Biden.

––––The Presidential Race––––

Larry Rodham: (AR 45)
Slowly more popular, and actually pretty much instantly comfortable in his masculinity while remaining in touch with his feminine side. Rodham remains a feminist icon when he finally feels free to let loose on the media and his opponents for decades of sexism. The speech is very positively received for its honesty and passion, two things he always felt afraid to show as a woman. Larry is secretly stewing that Obama (and the gender change) robbed him of being the first female president.
Commits infidelity with an intern and faces impeachment by the female-dominated Republican caucus, but it goes nowhere after months of grandstanding. Overall, a good president, and the scandals seem to just slide off like teflon.

Billie Jean Clinton: (AR 33)
Has sexual relations with that man.^ Her restored relative youth and desire to explore her new body result in a second wind for Billie’s sex life. She enjoys giving the best BJs and doesn't even care if it gets on her dress. After they both succumb to infidelity, Billie and Larry acknowledge that a divorce is probably for the best. Billie remains surprisingly close with Larry and Chelsea, and is a frequently called-upon advisor to the White House… and to Larry’s bed, as it’s rumored the two are still having the best sex of their lives after the breakup. After splitting from Larry, Billie settles down in Arkansas for year or two before successfully running for Senator despite a new rash of sex scandals.

Bernadette Sanders (AR 21):
Berny is now about the age of most of her supporters. After a couple weeks looking like a ridiculous nerd girl, with wild unkempt curly black hair and frumpy clothing, Berny (still wearing the same glasses) starts keeping her hair brushed and her clothes trendy.
Behind the scenes, her younger female staffers help pick out her wardrobe and entice Berny to awkwardly, reluctantly declare them all "besties.” Her voice retains the thick Brooklyn accent, but it’s now spoken in a sultry contralto.
She starts publicly lamenting how much time society requires women to maintain their personal appearance and becomes an overnight feminist hero, too, for her off-the-cuff remarks. Berny's youth and massive popularity–– "the voice of her generation," although she was actually born four decades before most of them–– make Sanders widely considered inevitable to be President at some point in her lifetime.
Sanders’ wife, Mary Jane, was not affected by the change and acts as a surrogate mother to her former husband.

Tina Kaine/Tina Castillo (race change, hispanic/Latina):
Ironically now the minority candidate many Democrats had wanted, Tina Kaine has two sets of memories: one of being the white male from St. Louis and governor of Virginia, and also of being born to Honduran political refugees in Puerto Rico. Both sets of memories turn out to be true, as there is ample photographic and physical evidence of Tina Castillo and all her friends claim to remember her as a headstrong and affable lady who took over her parents’ restaurant after their fatal car crash. It’s unclear whether the Castillo identity was created by magic and exists only because of the change, or if she used to be a real person who merged with Tim Kaine. She has two husbands, both of whom she can remember being completely faithful to for decades. Now she must choose between two husbands: one, the also-TG’d mother of her 3 white children, and the other, the father of her 5 latino children to whom she vividly remembers giving birth. ¡Que sorpresa! (Telenovela music plays)

Donna Trump (AR 50):
Tanks in the polls among men, but gets a moderate boost among women–– not enough to cancel it out. She keeps putting her foot in her mouth and the angry strong-man act is a lot less endearing coming from a woman. (Some supporters, though, turn even more diehard. Some develop huge crushes on her, calling her a BILF. The ‘B’ is for ‘Billionaire.’) Disappeared for over a week before the debates and reappeared having obviously having had work done.
Megyn Kelly gets endless enjoyment out of Donna's predicament and after one particular angry outburst sarcastically wonders if there's "blood coming out of her wherever." Coming fully off the hinge and raging like a Real Housewife of New Jersey, there's talk of Donna being replaced on the ticket by her more popular son, Ivan.

Mel Knavs [formerly Melania Trump:
Divorces Donna, taking well more than half of the fortune–– the prenup had been heavily favorable to “the husband”–– and almost immediately marries a younger woman. But not before a brief and scandalous tryst with Billie Clinton. Finishes that architecture degree and becomes a more successful real estate baron than his ex.

Marla Pence (AR 15):
Overcome by teenage hormones, the anti-abortion crusader goes on an omnisexual sex spree and gets herself knocked up the first week she’s female. True to her principles, she decides to keep the baby.
Scratch that––babies. It’s quadruplets. She’s showing by the time of the VP debate. Christians have mixed feelings.

2016 Also-rans:
Teodora Cruz, Jenny Kasich, Jezebel Bush, Bella Carson, Ayn Rand Paul, Scooter Walker, Richelle Perry, Christina “Chrissie” Christie, Carl Fiorina; Mary O’Malley, Lincoln Chaffee, Jean Webb

Lindsey Graham:
Now a proper southern lady, Lindsey starts wearing brightly colored, conservative, elaborate dresses onto the Senate floor like she just stopped by from the cotillion.

Marsha Ruby [formerly Marco Rubio: (race change, white/Jewish)
Not much changes for Marcia, other than her meager Spanish replaced by some Yiddish and a shifting of the demographics with whom she’s popular.

––––––Congress and Governors––––––

Joan McCain (AR 30):
Defeated in her primary by a tea party opponent, Joanie McCain takes a break from the Senate. After so many years of melanoma, her skin feels great and she vows to keep it protected with sunscreen and girly exfoliation techniques. She can lift her arms above her head again, which McCain hadn't been able to do in decades, not since being a POW in Vietnam. All the pain is gone and she feels amazing and able-bodied. She can’t believe what a grumpy old man she’d become in recent years. In her previous life, McCain had spoken out against women in the military. After a few months of careful consideration, Joan returns to active duty as a Captain in the US Navy air force and even sees combat as a pilot. She's promoted to Rear Admiral in short order and rises steadily in the Navy over the next decade, eventually becoming the first female admiral to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later a Secretary of Defense.

Chauncey Pelosi:
Can finally relax his face and stop smiling without worrying about resting bitch face syndrome.

Speaker Paulie Ryan:
"Strong conservative with a smokin' bod!" runs the headline on the New York Post for an exclusive interview. The former P90X spokesman quickly comes to resent comments about her appearance. In an interview on Fox News, she complains about being objectified and her decorum and poise and commitment to doing her job being ignored. Halfway through her interview, Fox cuts her mic and goes live to Trump.

Estella Reyes [formerly Rep. Steve King (AR 17, race change–Hispanic/Latina):
The formerly highly controversial, racist representative became a tiny 130 pound Latina girl with pert breasts and butt, and lost her ability to speak English. She ran out into the city during the confusion right after her change. When she was harassed by a police officer believing her to be an illegal immigrant, she attempted to show her ID–– and was promptly arrested for stealing a white man’s wallet. She tried to resist arrest and was tasered repeatedly. A sympathetic judge gave her a light prison sentence of just a few months, after which she was deported to Mexico. There, she found work as a prostitute for a short while. Then she got involved in drug trafficking and made her way up, eventually becoming La Doña of a drug ring, smuggling across the US border. Her calves are the size of cantaloupes.

Sen. Eli Warren (AR 25, race change–half Sioux)
Now imbued with memories of actually growing up on a reservation, Eli no longer faces criticism over claims of native ancestry, but feels quite embarrassed about them. Eli’s new identity is almost done with a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, leading to questions of whether Warren should return to the Senate or finish his tour. He goes with the latter and returns to the Senate after a few months.

Rep. Janelle Lewis (AR 33):
The civil rights leader and friend of MLK continues to be an active presence on the floor. A year after the change, Janelle appears as a guest dancer in a Beyonce music video.

Melissa “Missy” Romney (AR 40):
Struggling to adapt after losing her patrician image and very uncomfortable in her new body. Pro-choice again. Has recovered from "binders full of women" remark and is slowly becoming more popular after (Mitt's) strong stand against Trump. Mulling another Presidential run.

Mitchell Bachmann and Samuel Palin:
No longer praised for being "hot," these knuckleheads fade from the spotlight. Bachmann’s spouse sure seems a lot happier these days!

Gov. Nicholas Haley:
Frontrunner for Republican ticket in 2020. It's unclear whether this was caused by the gender swap, or would have happened anyway.

Tammy Akin [formerly ex-Rep. Todd Akin:
Legitimately raped. Body doesn’t shut the whole thing down. After enduring victim-blaming because of the short skirt she was wearing and suffering a brief episode of PTSD, she cuts her hair into a pixie cut and goes aggressively lesbian for the rest of her life.

Richelle Scott [formerly gov. Rick Scott, R-FL:
Waist-length hair, long and silky and full. Also, she’s a mermaid. Insists on serving out her term, making Tampa the unofficial capital so she can use the aquarium as a governor’s residence. Still doesn’t believe in climate change but pushes to fund many more artificial reefs off the Floridian coast, having seen the damage firsthand.

Maha Al-Habibi [formerly gov. Mike Huckabee: (AR 12, race/cultural change–Bedouin Muslim)
The former Mike Huckabee wakes up and smells the falafel. She’s in a Bedouin tent half a world away from Arkansas. She’s relieved she still remembers the English language and Christian prayers. Maha finds that she is due to be wed to the sheikh in just a few months. After weeks of dread and secretly praying to Jesus in private, she eventually opens up to and finds solace in learning the Muslim faith, finding being in a conservative religious culture to be familiar and strangely comfortable. Her new faith actually makes her a better, more complete person and she even looks forward to accepting a conservative Muslim role as a dutiful wife. After the wedding, the sheikh turns out to be a kind man, a good man, who cares deeply about her and even eventually believes her story about her former life. She bears him three children, and then he is killed by an errant U.S. drone strike while on a trip into the city with Maha’s oldest son. Maha, now in her twenties and guided by dual faiths and backgrounds, becomes a prominent peace activist in a slowly liberalizing Middle East, calling for non-violent resistance against the U.S. while speaking out against drones and terrorism alike.
Her former identity remains secret for the rest of her life.

“Mitzy” McConnell:
Swims onto a beach and deposits 100+ eggs into the sand. That's right; this change turned McConnell not only female, but also into a real turtle.

From: cj , 33 months, post #15
dolphin - that post is marked for me to read later, but the cursory glance had me laughing at the names. Should be fun, and thanks for trying to keep the story from focusing on politics.

From: barackobrahma , 33 months, post #16
Just looking around...

From: guest , 7 months, post #17

From: guest , 7 months, post #18

From: guest (IwishIwasALittleGirl) , 7 months, post #19
I would love to see Bernie Sanders in the body of a little girl 🤔

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