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Comment: Teen Titans, "Switched"
Teen Titans episode "Switched"
A villain switches the minds of the two female characters "Raven" and "Starfire" in the others body and they must try and learn each others powers to save the rest of the Titans.
From: spazzmasta* , 232 months, post #1
dear Dale Ribbons:

First of all the teen titans comic sucks and the cartoon rules. Second the animators are japanese and korean pal that why it looks that way. Thrid japanese and korean animation is far supeior to US animation. The episode "switch" I thought was funny and entertaining to watch I hope that they try a more tg switch in the future.

From: Comp* , 232 months, post #2
First off, the original Teen Titans comic was brilliant, ahead of its time. The cartoon is a pseudo anime. Guess what second? Alot of animated series storyboarded and made here are sent overseas to be animated. They all don't look like anime. Try again.

Third, Chuck Jones, Fleisher Studios, Bruce Timm, etc etc all DISAGREE WITH YOU. Hell, ever seen Big O? The anime that DELIBERATELY COPIES MAJOR ELEMENTS AND STYLES from Batman:TAS. Fourth, Everything Akira Toriyami did, Jack Kirby did ten years before. Fifth, Everything the Japanese did, they learned from us. Chuck Jones can beat any Japanese animator. Now learn some sense.

From: spazzmasta* , 232 months, post #3
ok , ok Comp or should I say Chump. First of all your right US comic book artist and Animators started the style. But here are the facts Slick!!! Japanese and Koreans have revolutionalize the industry. That is why they rule and US animation sucks. My instead of whining the new US artist should try a little hard.
Oh by the way Sport, show like big o and teen titans are doing what we humans can't that is add parts of other to become better then the sum of are parts. So Slick if you or anyone wants to discuss this further I at

From: anona mouse* , 232 months, post #4
maybe you are both mostly correct?

I havn't seen the new titans toon save for pictures but japanimation is somewhat revolutionary to animation. chuck jones etc refined it and disney made them full length. I suspect yellow submarine had more to do with japanimation styles though than disney movies.

The japanese embraced the long term multi episode story arc format both in comics and animation. americans created comics and animation but went the single story format. Comics just started going into 6 comic book long formats for trade paperbacks later on. Graphic novels pretty much came and went in the 80's and 90's.

Buffy and 24 sre a far better example of the storytelling that anima became. the stories are selfcontained but like spazz says, every episode of the season contributes to a larger picture that is extra-ordinary!

But there is much to be said for the best of both short and longer format storytelling!

Why must either of you tear down the other format to make your point?

Spazz, japanimation may rule but Little nemo kicked butt this year in the movies and it was made in the usa, tho possibly drawn elsewhere.

Comp, if chuck jones were here he'd very likely applaud japanese animation and want to work in that format. He made movies and shorts and never restricted himself to one idea or length. Only the market restricted him.

Let's be grateful that there is opportunity for many more styles and hope that quality of any type wins out over repetive druge work

how bout a list from each of you of your favorites and why you like them. Maybe we can all benefit from your taste in animation that way!

From: spazz* , 232 months, post #5
anona mouse

your out look on the situation in correct. I feel that a ture animator, artist, or filmmaker doesn't limits themselfs to only one stlye of doing things. To do is will ultimatly kill the creative process in a person. I have noticed that the style the once defined what was american and what was forigen has blured. Due to expanding ones own ablities and broadening your horizons.

ps. Buffy season 4-6 sucks, but season 1-3 and 7 ruled
pss 24 rules
pss keep the spirit

From: Dale Ribbons* , 232 months, post #6
Since I started this, I think I should say a couple of things.

First, I never, ever said I hated Anime or that 'it sucks'. I don't and it doesn't. There has been several Anime shows I have liked, and some I haven't. I just don't like the Anime style on the Teen Titans cartoon. It is just ONE of the many reasons I dislike it.

Second, the Teen Titans IS NOT true Anime. It is written and produced by the same people who did the Batman, Superman, and Justice League cartoons. You know, some of those 'inferior' American cartoons. They're Americans, 'Pal'. In fact, if it wasn't for the success of the other shows, we wouldn't even have the Teen Tians show to begin with.

Third, I really think it sucks when I can't add a review of a kiddie cartoon without someone going nuts. You guys should chill out.

From: Comp* , 232 months, post #7
I love anime. But I don't like seeing other people doing anime. This is why Marvel's Mangaverse totally sucked. It was just horribly stylized art with stereotypical anime/manga storylines with Marvel characters. I sent letters to their editors telling them "If they wanted to do a manga-verse, they damn well should've done it using nothing but black and white with a more 'back to basics' approach instead of 'Lets Japanese everything!'" The problem with this, which I fully acknowledge, is that there's hardly any competant inkers left in the comic book industry of America. With Black and White, Inkers make the art work. There's only about a dozen working comic book artists I would consider in the 'legendary skills' category, one of which is Walt Simonson(who I consider Jack Kirby's successor).

Onward. the original Teen Titans comic book started with a Robin(Dick Grayson), WOndergirl, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy. It was good, but the later additions to the team really helped it shine. I also hate it that Raven, who was one of the most compelling characters of the original series, to be distilled to a single word: Goth. Its an insult to her original characterization.

In the comics, Starfire was a character that was 'without moderation'. She's either supersweet or tear your head and shoot a starbolt down the bloody stump. In the animated series, she's almost like a Kasumi! In the comics, Cyborg's actually intelligent and knows 99% of what his body can do. In the animated series... he's a friggin moron!

The Teen Titans animated series is, to the original comic book, the Adam West Batman series was to Bob Kane's original Detective Comics #27(when Batman used to be full of angst and killed people with a double set of pistols he carried on his belt).

Also, alot of classic animation geniouses of the US of A consider anime to be amazing, while at the same time see ALOT(and I do mean ALOT) of shortcuts they take in animation(lowering the amounts of frames per second). In fact, Fleisher's Studios original Superman shorts(the one with Superman killing Nazis) exactly as many frames per second as a film camera at the time. Anime can have as low as 5 frames per second to 12 frames per second(and up to 60, but RARELY or in extremely EXPENSIVE movies like 'Akira').

Random facts. Also, if it wasn't for Steve Ditko, there'd be no Ranma 1/2(Rumiko Takahashi became a mangaka(manga artist) because she was inspired by an issue of Spiderman).

From: anonymous* , 232 months, post #8
For god sake, I a F***en kid show. Grow up!! Also it not such a bad show.

From: liljenjend0ll* , 210 months, post #9
For those who haven't noticed, the Robin in the Titans cartoon is actually Dick Grayson, as there is an episode that has the group look into their future, and Robin sees that he becomes Nightwing. I just thought I'd mention that real quick.

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