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Scenes from a Multiverse - all 13+ Lalolas (some similarities and differences)
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From: Holly Dunn , 33 months, post #141
@Bud - Post #138
My guess would be that there was no Christmas episode of Lalola due to its format. It was created by Dori Media to sell in multiple countries. Sometimes Lalola started in Spring, sometimes in fall. Most of the Lalola's followed the episode by episode guide laid out by Dori Media. I would guess that Dori Media couldn't have predicted/timed various holidays.

From: guest (Bud) , 33 months, post #142
With all of the shows being revived lately, I think it's time for Lalola to be revived.

From: guest , 33 months, post #143
what revive? I don't think the entertainment industry in other countries is as bankrupt of ideas as the entertainment industry in US. You Yankees only interested in remake, revival, sequel, prequel, reboot etc. we have better thing to do than to keep revisiting old ideas.

From: guest (Scipio) , 33 months, post #144
Post #143

I'm not one to defend the bankrupt entertainment industry, but I think the problem is the choice of what is remade, and the lack of good ideas which go into them. Some things remade make me wonder why anyone ever made the original. But some good ideas are remade -- badly. Like, one of the best light action-horror series of the past was Kolchak, Night Stalker. But the remake threw away everything that made the original good. The most painful lack was the dearth of whimsy in the title character the "new Kolchak." I guess it only lasted a few weeks. No loss.

But Lalola definitely does need a remake, more than one, aimed at the language groups that were not represented in the original dozen or so versions. Not one English country made a version. (A pilot was made by a major broadcaster [FOX, but the advertisers at the airing weren't sold. It should have been aimed after that to a specialty cable network market, such as one with a romantic or a fantasy theme.) There is still a huge untapped market for a Lalola version done right. It's surprising the success the theme had with many different culture groups; there is a universality in its appeal, seemingly.

Last night I rewatched my DVD of SAM, the Neil Brooks movie. I still don't get the lack of respect for that film. It's a charmer. If someone would remake it into a series, it would come out a lot like Lalola, and I'd be all for it.

From: guest (Bud) , 33 months, post #145
Which actress would make a good Lola and get people to watch an American version of it?

From: Tuggy24g , 33 months, post #146
Someone who would be good at lalola series would be Rachel McAdams

From: guest , 33 months, post #147
Latin soaps when adapted by the Yankees tended to prefer having Latino protagonist. See Jane the Virgin & Ugly Betty.

From: guest (JKR) , 32 months, post #148
@Holly Dunn post#97,

Are you sure it's episode 11? I tried to go to Lalola channel with English subtitle in Youtube (which unfortunately only available until episode 28) to see the scene and figure out what the words she was saying but I couldn't find the scene you mentioned.

From: guest (Captain Cylon) , 32 months, post #149
Bud asks which actress would make a good Lalola for an American version. I've been impressed with the verve and charm of Kristen Bell, currently starring in The Good Place. She's as cute as can be and also can play a character with an edge to her.

From: guest (KJM) , 32 months, post #150
They did a pilot already. Not using the actress I would have preferred. If you could have done it when she was younger, I would have used Lauren Graham

From: guest (Bud) , 32 months, post #151
It was the woman that plays Kim on Better Call Saul. I think she probably dodged a bullet on the American Lalola not be being picked up. Better Call Saul is a great show.

From: Holly Dunn , 32 months, post #152
@(JKR) #128---Hmmm. I can't seem to find that scene you are asking about. It was very brief. Lalola/Lola was on the couch by himself, bored with the TV selections and flipping channels. They show a shot briefly of some dresses which looked like a a fashion show. He says "linda" I believe if memory serves and then slaps his forehead for saying this. I'll let you know if I run across it again.

It was one of the small nuances in the original version that didn't carry over into most other versions.

I translated some story comments in some of the Russian forums about Margosha. One comment said, "You can tell the script was written by man."

From: yoyo , 32 months, post #153
Who do you guys think was the best choice for the part of Lola from any version? (For performance/looks/any other reason)
I'm torn between Mariya Berseneva from Margosha and Rhian Ramos from the philippines version.

From: guest (JKR) , 32 months, post #154

OK thanks. What you described seems like a scene in ep 10 before the watching football scene that you mentioned earlier. I don't see any dress but she was flipping between channels because (according to subtitle in the Lalola English channel) she has an assignment to write about women so she watched the women's show to gain more insight and alternating between fitness show and shows about doing some crafts and she commented "women are idioits" and then trying to do some craft herself before angrily sweeping it away along with all her things on the table.

From: Holly Dunn , 32 months, post #155
No it wasn't that segment in episode 10. It was something else. It was very brief, but it included channel surfing and saying the word "linda" which means pretty after seeing some models walking on a fashion catwalk.

From: guest , 32 months, post #156
Talking about American remake, one thing that SHOULD be changed is Grace. In the US it is unthinkable for men & women to have that kind of platonic relationship like Grace & Lalo, even habitually sharing a bed without sexual relationship. I know it is not that far-fetched for many other cultures, but for US this is just not possible. So the American version should either have Grace be a lesbian (kinda like the reverse of "Will and Grace", funny how both characters are named Grace) or a gay man (like the Filipino version of Lalola).

From: Holly Dunn , 31 months, post #157
Is there an American remake? Are you talking about Eva Adams or something new?

From: guest (Bud) , 30 months, post #158
I noticed something interesting about the first episode of the Argentina Lalola. I don't know if it was an easter egg or just a mistake but if you watch the first episode of the Argentina Lalola and look at around the 10:12. You will see Lalo in a conference room pointing at a tv screen and there is a picture of Lola in her photoshoot cover on the Don magazine.

From: guest , 30 months, post #159
Holly I was talking about hypothetical American remake in that previous post.

From: Holly Dunn , 30 months, post #160
I was thinking about making a new thread for what people would want to see in a remake. For one, Lalola pretty much walks in and gets her old job back. I would like to see some further discrimination like many women have faced in the workforce that the character has to overcome.

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