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Scenes from a Multiverse - all 13+ Lalolas (some similarities and differences)
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From: Air Gear , 36 months, post #101
OK, finally ... India! (Can you believe this thread is at least 15 months old?).

It took a bit of time to work out but thanks to some comments on the youtube videos for Bhaskar Bharti (as that version was called), I think I worked at least the gist of it out.

Same start initially, where the ROMINA for this version puts the whammy on Bhaskar for more or less the same reasons with the help of some witches or the like.

Where things start to diverge (and fairly quickly) is that Bhaskar and his BFF (Payal) do find ROMINA very quickly as she's trying to leave at the train station. She's actually already regrets what she's done but doesn't know how to reverse it (that's why you should never do things when you're angry) - from this point, the changes make things very interesting.

What's different is that Lord K handling things from here. He's got the best theme music whenever he appears too. If you can, watch the link first before proceeding.

I think he's meant to be Lord Krishna but you have to be careful with this sort of thing with fiction in India. My takeaway is that the Gods are handling things from here. Basically, went Lord K appears, Bhaskar sees himself as himself (and presumably time stops or something as no-one else sees anything that happens and then surrounding actions continue on seamlessly as if he was never there).

Basically, Lord K drops in periodically and Bhaskar never ever gets anyone else to see him as he sees him. A lot of story beats are similar to the original in terms of still working for some sort of magazine and plots where advances have to be fended off.

Now where things also get interesting is that Bhaskar and the FACUNDO start heading in a similar direction as the others but the FACUNDO has a brother and he says his new wife has fled the marriage and she's ... well she's Bhaskar! - and he has the documentation and photographs to prove it! (dun Dun DUN).

Well, that's awkward. Also that's new. I think I managed to find out what happened. There was a real woman who existed before Bhaskar had the hex put on him and instead of a body swap, he's now piloting her and he and his body are ... well, nowhere that any mortal is going to find them anyway.

Anyhow, I think Lord K wants Bhaskar to learn a lesson about women and how to treat them and I think the following things happen along the way to the end:

Bhaskar and FACUNDO are drifting in the same direction as the others along the way but at the end, I think Bhaskar is being forced to go back to the brother when ...

Lord K reappears for the last time (he's turned up periodically) and what's notable here is that I think for the first time, Bhaskar's self-image doesn't change. This is what I think happened here:

Lord K says Bhaskar's learnt what he needed to so now he can be changed back for real. Bhaskar's like, no thanks, I'm good. Lord K's like, I'm doing it anyway and Bhaskar's No Thank You and Lord K's like Here's me doing it anyway and Bhaskar's NO REALLY I'M GOOD.

Episode 120 (the last one), that's right, he's changed back. Probably at the worst possible time, too (the Police will not take too kindly to this nor explanations). Payal helps him flee, and there's some wrapping up to do.

There's some awkward conversation between him and FACUNDO where they understandably don't look at each other very much. He's obviously upset his boss in his 'absence' who refuses to let him come back to work but they settle things as they do in all good Indian dramas with a dance number in the workplace.

Finally, FACUNDO has someone turn up to see him who looks just like his brother's wife who presumably is the original owner of that body now plonked back into it so it looks like he's going to have a happy ending and finally Bhaskar and Payal drive off together and it looks like they're going to make a go of it.

I think this was one of my favourites because it was just so wacky, complete with random bursts of peppering their conversation with English words and phrases and the Fourth Wall Breaking English Word of the Day.

Basically, everyone seems to be having fun and not taking things too seriously. I think this one sealed the deal for me with Bhaskar's first encounter with Lord K where he sees himself back to normal in that bar and repeatedly yells out to no-one in particular "I'm the man!" while dancing like a lunatic.

Good times.

From: Holly Dunn , 36 months, post #102
In Episode 29 of the Original Lalola with Carla Peterson and Margosha, along with episode 28 of the Peru version, have the Lalola character lose a bet and have to do a sexy photoshoot.

The Argentinian and Peruvian versions were awkward, but the Russian was quite sexy. The first two the characters looked lost and goofy, and in Margosha, she looked sexy mad.

Does anyone know if any of the other Lalolas had such an incident?

Filopino Lalola? LouisLouise? Bhaskar Bharti Lola Chile? Ele v Ela? I am pretty sure the last two don't for sure. If you coluld list the episode that would be great.

From: guest (Bud) , 36 months, post #103
I hate that not everyone Lalola had an episode in which Lalo was forced to wear a swimsuit in his Lola body. It didn't happen in the Argentina one, the Margosha one, Bhaskar Bharti, and Louislouise. Lola Chile had an episode in which the Lola character wore a black one piece swimsuit. Ele e Ela also had the Lola character wear a black one piece swimsuit. I think in the Spain Lola, the character had a dream where he wore a bikini.

From: Holly Dunn , 36 months, post #104
The Spain Lalola had his erotic dream poolside wearing a bikini.

Having read the synopses of Margosha episodes, Margosha's bet was to do a photoshoot in a red bikini.

I downloaded the series in a torrent, and the series is online overseas, but you need a VPN to access it. It is higher quality online.

Instead of the red bikini agreed upon in the bet in Margosha, he/she wore a red shirt and black skirt that he/she wore to the office. He/she reluctantly pulled open the shirt and there was a nice shot of her very natural breasts bouncing in a black bra. Her facial expressions were just as good, best of the any of the versions.

From: Air Gear , 36 months, post #105
As a general rule, there's things you can't do in Indian entertainment media for general public consumption. You might have just hit a few of those on the way past.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #106
OK, looking some at the Indian ending, it did approach something the others didn't really look at as far as I can tell which is the LEAD having come to terms with the change but being bounced back to their original body anyway. What would happen then? Would they be able to snap back to their former life once they had a moment to register it?

I also liked how at the end, a god can make an entrance befitting one complete with blazing lights and accompanying music (as linked) but by now, Bhaskar having seen this so many times before presumably is just standing their with arms crossed and totally unimpressed, having had more than enough of his shenanigans, his charming rakishness notwithstanding.

From: guest (Bud) , 35 months, post #107
Brah, will you think about doing Pimmala next?

From: guest , 35 months, post #108
I don't think is a licensed remake...

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 35 months, post #109
@Air Gear Post #101

That's a great recap but I am not sure about the Indian ROMINA in the train station part. My interpretation is that after she realised her wish in the temple had turned him into a woman she was glad that it happened & refused to wish him back & went "hahaha serve you right" & left with the train.

On the ending, I think that is a great deal of symbolism in the end where the LALO & the GRACE was seen together where LALO was in the driver seat as it symbolised he was getting back his masculinity.Of all the versions only Indian, Russian & Belgium took into account the realism of the situation in which the LOLA was without identification documents including driver license. In the Belgium & Russian versions the LOLAs were not seen driving post-transformation whereas in the Indian version the LOLA only drove the car at the beginning of her transformation where she was stopped by a police who found out the photo in the driving license didn't match with her face & she resorted to bribe the police in broad daylight in front of a watching crowd. After that it was the GRACE who was mainly seen driving when both of them were together in a car & the final scene where he was back in the driver seat again therefore symbolise he was getting back his lost masculinity.

From: guest (Bhartifan) , 35 months, post #110
Bharti had the best wig of any of the Lalolas. Of all of the Lalolas with fake hair, Bharti's was the most realistic looking.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #111
Just adding links to these two threads for reference and to make it easier to find them as there's lots of good information in these two, a lot of which isn't in this thread.

Lola Observation

Does the main character turn back into a male in Margosha?

From: guest (Bhartifan) , 35 months, post #112
@Air Gear. Could you explain if Bharti wore a wig or if her hair was due to extensions?

From: guest (Bud) , 35 months, post #113
In the original Lalola, it's been established that Lalo's body was transformed into Daniela's body and vice versa. We also know that Daniela's body with Lalo in it had pierced ears. It was either a plot hole or actually shown to prove it was a transformation and not a true swap. With that being said, what about the time when Lola had sex in the pool with Facundo for the first time? Was the body he was in a virgin body meaning that the body had never been penetrated by a man or no since it was Daniela's body? Lola never complained about any physical pain down there after her first time with Facundo.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #114
I have no idea about the hair and whether it's real, fake, or extensions. Sorry about that, it's just not my area of expertise.

From: guest (Joke) , 35 months, post #115
considering that Daniela was cursed by her bf to become a guy because of she cheat on him and in the finale when Lola met her, she (now he) said something about "when I was woman I would be called whore for having 3 boyfriend but now I am a man I would be call a champion for having 3 girlfriend in a month", chance is that her original body is not virginal to begin with.

From: Holly Dunn , 35 months, post #116
Bud---Tha Lalola character visits the gynecologist around episode 58-59 in several of the versions. In the translated episode descriptions that I've read, mostly Margosha, the doctor comments that he can't believe she is still a virgin at her age and that it isn't healthy.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #117
"he can't believe she is still a virgin at her age and that it isn't healthy."

Which is the exact opposite of actual medical science but never mind. I'll just add this to the things I wish they'd asked an actual expert in the field when writing fiction file.

From: guest (Bud) , 35 months, post #118
Has anyone ever noticed that in the Spanish version of Lalola, it kind of spoils the ending of the entire show in the first episode? It shows Lalo in his Lola body in the very beginning in a skirt suit outfit walking in heels and even skipping as he wards off men trying to talk to him.

From: Air Gear , 35 months, post #119
I did notice that at the time, yes.

From: guest (why) , 35 months, post #120
dumbest posts...thought I'd waste your time since you did mine

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