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Scenes from a Multiverse - all 13+ Lalolas (some similarities and differences)
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From: guest (Bud) , 49 months, post #41
Any more thoughts to this?

From: Air Gear , 49 months, post #42
Ah yes, I was coming back to this, I was prepping Portugal. Well ... no time like the present.

Portugal seems to be on the bottom of a lot of people's lists but it's my favourite. It's the "hard sci-fi" version if you like. No magic, it's all science. Crazy, crazy science. The actual name is "Ele é Ela".

Basically, you know the drill. Man in charge of a men's magazine H+7 by the name of Julio Bordal who's quite the ladies man crosses path with a woman that he has a one night stand with who doesn't take kindly to being left behind in his wake, so she later confronts him at work. So pretty much the same as the other versions. The twist? She's actually a scientist (not a witch or a friend of witches) and she roofies his drink with her latest invention.

So after drinking it, going home to his flatmate Simone (the BFF) and I think they do make some fun of her as let's face it, this version of the ROMINA is especially crazy, he wakes up the next morning and goes to use the bathroom and ... well, you know the rest. He still has to go to work and pretend to be his own cousin and do his own presentation after the obligatory convincing of his BFF as to who he is.

The first episode started with this as the cold open and then rewound things to explain how it happened. Obviously, there can't be a SWAP.

Interesting bit of trivia, Julio is played by Marco D'Almeida and his alter ego 'Julieta' by Benedita Pereira. They previously appeared together in a long running Portuguese soap opera called Tempo de Viver (which I think is 'Time of Your Life' or something like that) and before the halfway mark of the very first episode, they're already engaged in a torrid affair on his office desk. These two were actually a good choice because they're about the same height and their facial features are close enough that it could be plausible they're really the same person after some scientific rejuggling, I guess?

Obviously, in this they can never meet. The closest that happens is when Julio as Julieta gets startled by a cardboard cutout of Julio that he in his current state was just not expecting to see. Ends up with him collecting all of them and setting them on fire in the car park.

Anyway, the big complaint about this one is that he never adjusts to his situation but I find that fits with the 'hard sci-fi' version of the show. We've got like a dozen other versions, most of which go that way to varying degrees, so why not do the closest real-life reaction of someone who is turned into something they don't want to be? It's certainly the most realistic, that's for sure.

Another big plus for me was that is actual a version where the LEAD actually tells his family what happens straight off. Admittedly, he was a bit boxed in by his father threatening to call the police when the explanations as to where his son was but Julio doesn't really try to dodge for too long.

Initially, his father is shocked but after a hostage situation at their workplace, his father father realises he's being unreasonable and comes around, however, he finds Julio's attempts at an explanation to be a bit too fanciful so Julio has to fall back to the more believable explanation that he'd decided to transition and well ... just never told his father. Kind of gets even more awkward when his father goes from accepting to actively trying to be helpful.

So, this one ran for 28 episodes, twice as long as most of the other show's episodes but that still makes this one of the shortest. In the next post, I'll break down some of the elements that came up but you had a lot of the common ones, trying to do his job, trying to find the ROMINA to get this all reversed, fending off the romantic attention of the FACUNDO and also dodging the investigations of his best friend Sergio, who I guess is the ANTAGONIST because he's worried sick that something's happened to his good friend and he's not buying 'Julieta's' story for a second.

I think the one big opportunity they missed was with the ending (either of them) which I'll also cover and after this one, I've actually decided to do the US pilot because a) yes, it's quick but also b) kind of actually shares a few elements with this one. Whether it's a co-incidence or design, I don't know.

From: guest (vup) , 49 months, post #43
Thanks, Air Gear. Your work is appreciated.

Quick point of clarification: 28 episode = twice as long as most but "one of the shortests"? That left me confused. Also, do you know how many episodes each of the 13 Lalolas ran for? Don't kill yourself, I was just wondering if you know.

From: Air Gear , 49 months, post #44
I should have just said that Portugal's version had episodes that ran for about 45 minutes while the others seemed to be somewhere between 20 and 30. Actually checking that, seems like a lot of the major ones were 45 minutes so forget I said anything.

Off the top of my head ...

Argentina = 150
Philippines = 85
Indonesia = 13 (I think these were 45 minutes or so)
India = 120
Chile = a lot 200 plus (Chile's one time longest drama, maybe still is)
Turkey = 22 (then cancelled)
Vietnam = 100 (150 were planned at one point)
Belgium had a lot. Something like 40 x almost 2 hour blocks or something (that's what they are on youtube - broadcast may have been 45 - 50 minutes each)
Peru ran for a long time as well, than might have been at least 200 or so as well.
Spain - just looked it up, was 160 x 45 minutes though it got rather badly condensed for the last 30 something or so being cut down to 6 or something like that (ratings ...)
Greece, honestly not sure. Rest, not coming to me off the top of my head.

From: guest (vup) , 49 months, post #45
TYVM, AG!! Just what I was wondering.

From: guest (1015elvis) , 49 months, post #46
I am just happy that I at least get to watch the first 30 episodes on youtube with english subtitles.

From: guest (Bud) , 49 months, post #47
This is a very trivial question but it's been bugging me. In the Chilean version of Lalola, what type of panties/underwear did Lalo wear when he was Lola? Did he wear men's boxer briefs or women's boyshorts?

From: guest , 49 months, post #48
I just watched a few episodes of the Chilean Lola (as in this thread) and episode 9 answers Bud's question. There was an ENF scene at the end. Of course, there are 276? episodes and I only watched a few so I don't know if that changed. (not the hottest Lola actress, but wow the other women!)

For those who don't want to look it up:
Click to show spoiler
Vg jnf jbzra'f obql fubegf

From: Air Gear , 48 months, post #49
OK, it's been almost a month, so some more on Portugal's take on Lalola with Ele e Ela.

I think one big missed opportunity is that it never really tied the two separate story threads together. One is the LEAD Julio and his dilemma about being stuck in a body which isn't his - and dealing with the friends and family who know (almost all outside work) and his alter ego Julieta at work and the issues in the workplace, which are a lot more generic.

I think a really big missed opportunity was that the mad scientist (the ROMINA in this version) never publicly outed him. So by that, I mean it is a public magazine, so make them and specifically the lead editor the story.

Which would totally have been in character with the vengeful one-night stand having a public press conference where she unveils her new discovery and when someone inevitably asks if it would work on people, she publicly named our LEAD as having been in this situation for several months. Of course, everyone sees this at work and in the final episode or two, Julio/Julieta has to deal with this.

Since almost everyone in the show in actuality never found out, that side of things always seemed like a more generic office drama/comedy and as such, it was like two different shows sharing some cast sitting uneasily next to each other. Lots of missed opportunities too as it would have all the characters at work having to deal with this information.

For example, there was a whole storyline earlier on where Julio's boss had to deal with Julio's best friend Sergio who'd become convinced that Julio and Julieta was the same person (after earlier thinking Julieta had imprisoned Julio or worse).

Ends up kind of fizzling out as a plot point in the end, unfortunately. Julio does end up convincing Sergio later that it is still him but that's much later and after everyone including Sergio ends up thinking he's having a nervous breakdown and Julio and BFF Simone don't do anything about it. Then after he's told and convinced of the fact, it doesn't lead anywhere, so not sure what the point of all of that was.

Thoughts, anyone?

From: guest (Bud) , 48 months, post #50
My favorite part of the Lalolas is seeing the leads deal with their new female bodies and being uncomfortable in their and dealing with every aspect of being a woman including fashion and unwanted attention from men.

Ele e Ela was a disappointment. I hated how the male character never at least once tried to give being a female a chance. He was so hellbent on being manly in every way especially attire. Those sandals that he wore in his female body were fugly. The outfits he wore were hideous. The only time I thought he actually acted girl is when he got dressed up for that company event when the bad guys broke in and took them hostage. I guess you could also count the time he went swimming and jumped off the diving board in a black tight one piece swimsuit.

From: Air Gear , 47 months, post #51
I take a different view. Of the 13 different versions, we have a majority of them where the lead character gives being female "a chance" and then some. I actually like it where we have a version that's probably the closest to reality. I mean there's a lot of unrelated stories about people having to deal with what they're not, in this case, someone's turned into something they never wanted to be. Why should they give it a chance and why would they like it?

As for the clothes, well, I think out of all of them, these were the most functional and practical for the workplace for the best part. I agree about the sandals but that's because of the heels. That was the one part of his attire that was decidedly unnecessarily impractical as he wasn't used to them (and we saw him stumbling over them to start with - should have gone with flats).

The company party was a weird one in that was the only time that he ever dressed like that in the entire series outside of the very beginning when Simone was trying to find him something to wear for work. It was a weird couple of episodes that really didn't fit the tone of the show as to why anyone would hold up a magazine office and take hostages even if there was something valuable there. There's so many more promising targets with fewer people around.

I really think the big missed opportunity was not tying the two threads together (his work life - who didn't know at all - and his family life where apart from Simone - everyone thinks he's transitioned). Finally being forced to deal with everyone publicly knowing the truth and being made to choose at the end would have potentially been interesting.

From: guest (Bud) , 47 months, post #52
I definitely feel like his "girly" moments were few and far between. The black swimsuit diving board scene was a waste. It would have been funny and more interesting to see him stay there longer and have to interact with women and men checking him out in the swimsuit and perhaps a man grabbing his butt or something.

From: Air Gear , 47 months, post #53
We kind of had that scene when he threw a shoe at some guys who catcalled him from a car.

From: guest (Bud) , 47 months, post #54
Oh wow. 1 minute of the entire series LOL.

The thing that I love about the Lalolas is that a chauvinistic manwhore gets his just desserts. I love how he as a gorgeous female gets to experience the way he treated women when he was a male.

What about the Peruvian Lalola? What was the deal with that one's attire? She dressed like she was going to the club every day. Extremely short, tight, and low cut dresses.

From: Air Gear , 47 months, post #55
Hold your horses there, Bud. We're doing Portugal here. We'll get to Peru soon enough (though at this current pace, it might be a year or two).

From: guest , 47 months, post #56
Anyone have the exact episode/time stamp for the black swimsuit/diving scene?

From: Air Gear , 47 months, post #57
First 30 seconds and last 30 seconds of Episode 15.

From: guest (Bud) , 47 months, post #58
Okay, I'll wait. Answer this for me. Why weren't we able to get a booty shot of him in that black swimsuit on the diving board? And maybe a butt slap or grab?

From: Air Gear , 47 months, post #59
Since you're helping keep this thread ticking over, I'll do Peru after India (next will be the US pilot because that'll be quick and there are actually a few things worth mentioning).

As for the rest of Portugal, I guess it's about time to wrap that one up now. I can only really say that those are really a question for the Portuguese production company, though.That, and about their overall approach.

From: guest (Bud) , 47 months, post #60
So get it going. I'm ready to talk about the Peruvian Lalola. I still don't get the fashion and heel choices in that one. He wore extremely tight short tube top dresses with stripper heels.

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