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Scenes from a Multiverse - all 13+ Lalolas (some similarities and differences)
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From: guest (Bud) , 51 months, post #21
The Belgian one had one of the best bodies in my opinion. He loved wearing short dresses that showed off his womanly legs and chesty cleavage. Also wore a lot of pantyhose too. I loved how he checked out his former male body in the last episode. He saw the woman in his male body sleeping on the couch and looked under the blanket to see his penis LOL.

From: cj , 51 months, post #22
A SPOILER warning would have been nice there Bud. :-)

From: guest (Bud) , 51 months, post #23
I have no idea how to do that, sorry. Besides, it's been off the air for a long time. It's not a new release.

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #24
There's a first time for everyone.

My personal policy is to never assume anyone's seen something no matter how old it is. Just as well or I would have ruined Fight Club for someone just this year.

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #25
Anyway, in all the Lalola's decision day is always in the last episode and the post doesn't say which way the main character jumps so luckily I think I can salvage that. Sometimes they go back, sometimes they don't.

From: cj , 51 months, post #26
"I have no idea how to do that"


... or you can use the spoiler tags... how you do that is detailed in the Posting Guidelines below.

It's a minor deal for this particular element, but I would have liked to have been surprised when I finally get around to watching it.

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #27
Nothing's been given away yet. The decision is made at the end of the last episode in almost all of them. Past that point in the episode is when the two swapped characters face the decision to swap back and they do/don't.

Suffice to say, I think this might the one out of all of them where everything really goes to the wire. It's literally on a knife edge to the last possible moment as the sun is blotted out during an eclipse and just one more thing has to be done when ...

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 51 months, post #28
what standard do we use in using/not using spoiler tag?

With the title like this thread (similarities and differences), it is already spoiler by default...

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #29
Only if you have prior knowledge. Similarities and differences to what exactly? The big question for all of them from the outset is does the lead get back to how they were? Some do and some don't. Then there's Chile which is its own special category. Anyway, I'll rewrite the Belgium entry from the Russia thread and this has been informative in that I'll know spoiler tag the future endings for the rest.

From: cj , 51 months, post #30
Zhang Fei Fan -- use your best judgement.

A synopsis is okay in a thread like this -- but if there's a surprise or twist or something you didn't expect in the story... those would be spoilers, and a warning (or wrapping them in the spoiler tags) would be appreciated.

Bud's revelation above was questionable on the spoiler need as it was a minor thing... still would have been a nice surprise for those of us who hadn't seen it -- so no real harm there on spoiling the story itself.

Also, the ending of most of the Lalolas has already been discussed in other threads here, they either switch back or they don't... At this point discussing the ending wouldn't really be a spoiler either - but you could certainly wrap it in spoiler tags if you wanted.

From: guest (Bud) , 51 months, post #31
So what's the verdict on the Belgium Lalola? I would say it's one of my favorites and one of the cutest. She had a tall meaty chesty body too. Always a plus.

From: guest (Bud) , 51 months, post #32
Falling behind on this one. I thought this was going to be a thread about each Lalola. Slow progress.

From: cj , 51 months, post #33
I think Air Gear is setting a slow pace to appease the Mods... and to keep those who only visit once a week in the loop.

My guess is that real life interfered with the pace this time. But we'll have to be patient and see.

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #34
Mostly just being slack and for some reason I'm starting to wonder about, volunteering to do a review on every episode of "Go Princess Go" weekly which for some reason seem to end up as 2000 words or more. Hadn't forgotten about this, though. Next 24 hours, I promise.

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #35
OK, no time like the present, I guess. I did have something written in the Russia thread that started this all off but it got deleted before I could transfer it across. No big deal, I think I can do better.

Right, from what I remember this more or less starts off like the other versions we know. I'm sure I didn't imagine the LEAD passing themselves off as their own niece as opposed to cousin but I could be wrong on that. The actors are only about 10 years apart but it's quite believable (also in real life, it's not completely unheard of for uncles and aunts to occasionally be younger than their nieces and nephews).

In this version, the SWAP plays a fairly big part here, actually. Interestingly enough, I don't think they don't ever take on the identity of the lead but instead go by the name 'Jereon'. The other thing is that the SWAP ends up in a relationship with the BFF.

Interestingly enough, I think well before the end, both the LEAD and the SWAP seem to have adjusted to their circumstances well before the end of the show but still keep relentlessly moving forward to reverse things anyway, though increasingly you have to wonder who still wants that to happen, themselves included. It's like the thought is this whole situation is against the natural order of things so we have to fix this because that's just the done thing.

I could be completely wrong here but the impression I took away from this clip is that there's the slightly bizarre situation where the BFF and the FACUNDO increasingly think the LEAD and the SWAP are having an affair. At this point, the FACUNDO (called Thomas this time around) seems to know, given that when someone says she's seen his girlfriend around with another man, he shows them a magazine with what the LEAD used to look like and asks her if this is who it was.

Anyway, the LEAD and the SWAP make one of what I remember being numerous trips to the ROMINA's houseboat (and I think break in yet again) except she's never in.

I'm not going to spoiler tag the ending after all but here it comes. Like I said, the LEAD and the SWAP relentlessly march towards finding a way to get swapped back and they find it. Seems to involve a high location, an eclipse and in this evading a couple of their antagonists from the firm when things go a bit further than the other version as guns are involved as well as a kidnapping.

Well, they make it just in time and literally at the last second when they're supposed to kiss and effect the swap, the LEAD can't do it and that leads to the slightly unusual following scene where the BFF and the FACUNDO are leaving (and are both varying degrees of not happy - the BFF is especially upset) and both the LEAD and the SWAP have to convince each them that they haven't swapped back. So, they really took it to the very edge.

It's kind of funny, the SWAP is hardly a passive agent in all this (there they are, daringly breaking into that houseboat) but in terms of the final decision, the SWAP just goes along with it. By the end, they're in a relationship with the BFF and the LEAD is with the FACUNDO which has been going on for a while but in the end it's like we're going to swap back and the SWAP's like OK ... and then at the last moment the LEAD's like "I can't" and the SWAP's like OK ...

To wrap things up, there's a wedding like a few of the others but they really shelled out for this one as it's a really nice church. The SWAP got a decent amount of screentime and didn't just turn up at the end (nor hadn't turned into the sort of person that got the LEAD into this situation in the first place like the original version for example) and is also invited.

Ends up with the BFF pregnant to the SWAP, the ROMINA trying to call the SWAP for some reason (but I can guess) but having her calls ignored, the LEAD goes on to give birth to a son and younger half-brother to their step-daughter (who knew something that the LEAD was able to use to prove they were still them) and presumably everyone lives happily ever after.

So I guess it kind of worked out for everyone in the end, just a little less neatly than the Russian version in the sense that in that version, the LEAD and the SWAP ultimately neatly take over each other's lives and leave no overtly obviously loose ends (here we kind of lose a couple of people and a couple of other people who didn't exist take their place, which I guess is a lot of the others).

OK, I'm sure I've missed a few key things, so we'll get those out of the way before the next one. I was going to do India next but instead it's going to be Portugal. A) because it's relatively quick and B) I think it's important to contrast it to the others which are more alike than not. It's an outlier in a few different ways but also the most 'realistic'.

All right, have at it in the comments. What'd I miss that I should have mentioned?

From: guest (Jayzie) , 51 months, post #36
I don't think I've ever seen more than a single clip of a Lalola, and I think it was in Brazil? Not sure. Where would one go to catch up on this/these series?
How exactly does this whole thing work? Is each series a continuation, or are they a different director's take on the story, or is it how the title suggest and they all occur in different universes independent of one another?

From: Air Gear , 51 months, post #37
There is no Brazilian Version. Are you thinking off "Se Eu Fosse Você"? Both movies and a TV series.

Youtube basically.

Each series is a remake of the original Argentinian version. Same starting premise, some of them go in wildly different directions, especially the Chilean one. So in effect different universes then.

This covers a lot of the basics:

13 different versions, 14 if you count the US pilot which is the only one in English (15 if you count the original proof of concept trailer).

Any additional questions, someone will be past shortly to take them if not me, I'm sure (I certainly don't know close to everything either).

From: guest (Robbie) , 51 months, post #38
Can you review the Chilean version next?

From: guest (Bud) , 51 months, post #39
Airgear, why do you think there is sexual tension and attraction between the LEAD and the SWAP? The SWAP is very aggressive toward the LEAD and the LEAD tries to fight him off but somewhat likes the advances. I just have to say WTF. You're attracted to your own body and want to have sex with a woman that is possessing your body and your possessing her female body? And what makes the SWAP so horny and aggressive? Is it because the LEAD's former male body was a womanizer and it's just a residual side effect for whoever possessing the body?

You can also see other residual side effects in all the Lalolas. For example, in the Argentine version Lalo likes to wear the color red especially red heels just like Daniela did when she possessed the female body. Back pain is also a residual side effect too. In the Belgium Lalola, the LEAD gets a lot of back massages.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 51 months, post #40
Trying to review Chile is like trying to catch a unicorn. There's so little of it out there. I'll see what I can find and I'll try and have a crack at it after Portugal and India. I suspect it's going to be the one we keep coming back to as it's so radically different to the others, so I can very much see a Chile Part 1, 2, etc.

Bud, I've going to have to get back to you. Obviously, I've only seen parts of each of these shows as they're mostly huge and also I don't speak Dutch/Flemish. I'll see what I can work out.

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