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Scenes from a Multiverse - all 13+ Lalolas (some similarities and differences)
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From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #1
First stop, Russia.

Here's all the posts I made from the other thread about the Russian version of Lalola "Margosha", firstly about the ending.

"Margosha finds the person she swapped bodies with, that much has happened in a few of the other series. Where it diverges is that she gets him to 'return' to work and basically pretend to be who she used to be at work (she helps him with the job since he'd never done it before) and with her parents who obviously still think he's their son. Eventually in the end, the show ends with a wedding where the two of them get married."

"Spoiler for the very start of Season 3 but I'm not going to hide it as I really think it's unlikely people are going to sit through 150 episodes of unsubtitled Russian to get to this point assuming they can even find it in the first place. If you are a Russian speaker with an interest in seeing this unspoiled though, turn back now.

Actually, I forgot about the opening scene of the third season where Margosha gets out of bed to walk to the bathroom and sees in her reflection that she's back in her previous male body at which point she starts screaming at the mirror; an obvious twist on the scene in the first episode which is the reverse of this but then she wakes up and checks ('Thank God, I still have boobs' seems to be the thought process here)."

"Usually, the whole 'it was a dream' is grounds to throw things at the screen but in this case it's OK because it's done really quickly as a cold open at the start of the last season and it is actually quite funny. Well, more so if you'd seen it without having known what's going to happen admittedly ..."

"What I like about the series is that there's 13 different versions and each takes the starting premise and runs with it in several different directions. Because pronouns get so complicated depending on which series you're talking about, I'm going to use the following terms.

1) the LEAD (self-explanatory)

2) the BFF (the best friend who is right there when it happens)

3) the FACUNDO (the new main love interest and

4) the SWAP - the woman who seems to be the collateral damage from all of this when her body is taken away and given to the LEAD and she gets their body in exchange. Even if it can be argued that they contributed to their situation, their story seems to end up lost behind that of the LEAD."

"OK, we've done Russia for the best part but then there's where the LEAD dreams, hallucinates, has a nightmare of confronting the SWAP with a gun and shooting him dead. It's pretty dark stuff.

Then there's some weird stuff where the LEAD's parents come to town except she's not exactly in the state they last remember seeing their son as, so she ropes the SWAP in to pretend to be her. I guess one advantage of finding your SWAP is that you can ... well swap ID documents and the like but the problem comes about when all that time, you've been saying your name is something completely different (in fairness, she didn't know what he actual name was or that she was an actual person who existed somewhere else beforehand).

I think there was also the issue that she said she was her cousin when she first had to explain why she's doing the presentation 'in place of' her usual appearance self. Somehow she has to extricate herself from that construct when she and the SWAP end up in a relationship. As you might have guessed, even though the end of Season 2 is a lot like the other Lalolas it was based on, the FACUNDO gets the boot presumably sometime in Season 3. I think it might have had something to do with the tension resulting from the LEAD needing the SWAP to fill in for her with her parents and also, I think alone out of all the Lalolas, the "LEAD" returns to work after having had to go "away" for a "family emergency".

"Oh, OK, there was one more thing about Russia, the reason the LEAD ends up in trouble with her own parents is that there'd been a big thing about how 'Gosha' was their son's nickname and oh what a co-incidence, hers is 'Margosha' (actually going by Margarita). Then she meets her SWAP who turns out had a completely different name, she gets the SWAP's ID and of course, parents being parents and snooping through stuff, found it. Of course, there's a great hullabaloo over the names they were told and what's in writing. Somehow the LEAD gets herself out of it, I guess it really did help to work in marketing."

"Oh, OK, I guess it got lost in there.

No, no-one changed back. Unlike all the other versions, the two people who swapped ended up getting married to each other. There was a brief dream sequence at the very start of the third season where the lead had a nightmare where she'd swapped back but then she woke up.

Some of those older threads had people saying they didn't like this turn of events and wanted it to end like the others but I actually like how many versions did something different, who wants to see the same thing done over and over again 13 times? That's also why I stand up for the Portuguese one as that's probably the most 'realistic' and it's nice to see that scenario play out at least once."

OK, next stop Belgium, then India.

From: cj , 52 months, post #2
"I'll try and space posting in that thread to no more than 1/day, so I'll copy Belgium across tomorrow and periodically write the rest then (some can be combined entries)." -- from Margosha thread.

You might want to pace things out to just one post every several days to a week, so that those who don't visit every day won't have to read through a novel-length saga of text to keep up. :-)

From: cj , 52 months, post #3
Looks like the board cut off you title due to length. What was the title going to be?

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 52 months, post #4
Thanks for the effort! This is long overdue. I like that you start with Russia and Belgium, and then India. I agree with a poster in another thread that Russian and Belgium versions are his preferred versions because they deal with some real life situation, and together with the Indian version they portray the iconic "rushing to the meeting and lashing out at the woman driver who were doing make up while driving" scene pretty realistically. Other versions which have that scene have Lola in driver seat and Grace in passenger seat, ignoring the fact that Lola is technically without a license... Belgium & Russian version have Lola in passenger seat, while the Indian version has her bribing the traffic police in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people after the police found out she is not the same person as her license indicates.

I think that scene is important because it set the tone for the series.

For the versions without this scene, most probably Lalo's chauvinistic nature is of secondary importance and they put more effort on his playboy attitude rather than his chauvinistic style.

For the versions which have this scene, it indicate that Lalo's chauvinistic attitude will be a recurring theme through the whole series.

For the version which have this scene and have Grace instead of Lola driving, it indicate that they care about realism and take into account real life problem despite its fantasy premise.

The way they do it in Indian version... well let's just say that this is realism and comedy at the same time in Indian style...

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #5
cj: "I can't remember now!".

I think it was along the lines of what's the same/similar and what's different. It's also worth noting that some of the variations are possibly due to the culture that made them, I'm not Indian from that general region, so I can both related to and understand some of it.

Then there's Chile which seems to be all of them at some point or other despite how contradictory that seems and truly stands alone among all of them as a result. Shine on Chile, you crazy diamond you.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #6
"I'm not Indian *but* I'm from that general region ..." is what I meant.

OK, I'll repost Belgium here in the next day or two and then pace it out to every few days then.

From: cj , 52 months, post #7
"I can't remember now!"

How about: "A guided tour through all 13 Lalolas (+ extras!) and cultural influences"... if it fits? Maybe dropping the "(+ extras!)" if necessary.

From: cj , 52 months, post #8
" and then pace it out to every few days then."

Sounds good.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #9
I think I see what you're getting at, you want to retitle the thread.

Extras = (US pilot, original Argentinian trailer before recasting, shows and movies that aren't spinoffs but sound suspiciously like they are, only a couple of those).

I was just planning to extend the original thread (does the lead in the Russian version change back or not) and cover the ending of all 13 (some are quite different from the original) more than anything else but I was going to do some of the cultural stuff, especially with the Indian version.

OK, how about this?

Scenes from a Multiverse - Looking at all 13+ Lalolas (similarities and differences)

+ can = the extra stuff.

From: cj , 52 months, post #10
I tired it, still too long, we end up with:

Scenes from a Multiverse - Looking at all 13+ Lalolas (similarities and differen

Just trying to make it look neat & tidy. No big deal, if you want, I can just leave it as is too.

From: Air Gear , 52 months, post #11
Scenes from a Multiverse - all 13+ Lalolas (some similarities and differences)

From: cj , 52 months, post #12
Done. Thanks Air Gear!

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 52 months, post #13
Cool, beside than the 4 characters - Lead, Swap (where it applies), BFF, and Facundo, maybe you could consider to include Romina as well, as the character is instrumental in this whole thing?

From: guest , 52 months, post #14
Why hasn't anyone ever mentioned how the Lalola from Spain possibly spoils the ending in the first scene of the first episode? It shows Lalo in Daniela's body walking out in public in a dress skirt outfit and heels and he's very happy and he even skips and clicks his heels on the ground. He also wards off two guys that try to talk to him as he walks by.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #15
Give us time, we're getting to Spain in due course. However, it's not really that much of a surprise that the LEAD from any of these shows doesn't get back to their former selves or wants to even if they want to from the very first episode though, is it? It's kind of a well worn trope, isn't it?

As for the question about Romina, there's a lot of different possibilities but I'm going to go with the ROMINA (keep it simple). Actually, that's going to be useful because I think she plays a much bigger role in the Belgian version than just about all the others, many of which she more or less disappears from the story not long after the start.

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 52 months, post #16

Not forgetting the Spain version where she fits the definition of a villain (in rom-com sense, not in horror movie sense)

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #17
Out of the four Spanish versions you have:

1) Argentina - Original template
2) Peru - drama like Argentina
3) Spain - similar story to above but framed more like a sitcom or rom-com
4) Chile - its own unique special brand of crazy

You could also level the same charge against the Peruvian version that you do the Spanish as the whole opening sequence is the LEAD breaking into her own workplace to replace the picture on her personnel file with what she looks like now.

From: guest , 52 months, post #18
Which one would win as having the Lola dress the most provocative or slutty? I would vote the Peruvian version. Lalo loved to wear short tight tube top dresses. I always wondered about the drastic changes in attire in the Lalolas. A man gets turned into a gorgeous woman and all of the sudden goes from suits, ties, and dress suits to short sexy dresses and dress skirts and heels?

From: Air Gear , 52 months, post #19
Well, that's why I think it's a good thing there's the Portuguese version so that least one version shows it being played 'realistically' in that that's almost exactly what didn't happen. Nice to see some variation. He's also just about the only one to at least try and be honest with his family almost straight from the outset.

From: Air Gear , 52 months, post #20
Hadn't forgotten about this. Was waiting for cj to come back.

Next stop: Belgium.

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