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Does the main character turn back into a male in Margosha?
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From: guest (Toast) , 53 months, post #1
As the title asks

From: cj , 53 months, post #2
I'm guessing "no" based on existing threads that discus the show.


From: cj , 53 months, post #3
To find more threads in this Message Board forum, simply scroll down the main Message Board page. Right under the pages available, will be a search box. Enter the text you want to search for and click the search button.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 53 months, post #4
Unlike any of the other versions ... the Russians wrote their own third season after using up all the original material. What happens is ...

Click to show spoiler
Znetbfun svaqf gur crefba fur fjnccrq obqvrf jvgu, gung zhpu unf unccrarq va n srj bs gur bgure frevrf. Jurer vg qviretrf vf gung fur trgf uvz gb 'erghea' gb jbex naq onfvpnyyl cergraq gb or jub fur hfrq gb or ng jbex (fur urycf uvz jvgu gur wbo fvapr ur'q arire qbar vg orsber) naq jvgu ure cneragf jub boivbhfyl fgvyy guvax ur'f gurve fba. Riraghnyyl va gur raq, gur fubj raqf jvgu n jrqqvat jurer gur gjb bs gurz trg zneevrq.

From: cj , 53 months, post #5
Thanks for that run-down Air Gear.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 53 months, post #6
What's fascinating about Russian television is that when they exhaust the original source material, they just keep going. After remaking every single episode of Married With Children (bar a few that didn't cross the cultural divide or something), they just came up with new ones. In fact, the writers from the original US show went and wrote some for the Russian version too.

They also work very fast, they did what the US version did in 11 years in something like 3. Margosha had a first season of 60 episodes and a second and third season of 90 episodes each as well. These were like 45 minutes or more each as well.

From: guest , 53 months, post #7
Can you imagine how awkward that would be? Having sex with a person that is in your original body and you are in theirs? Freaky.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 53 months, post #8
I'm guessing if they ended up taking it as far as getting married, not only did they got over any initial squick factor that might have been there but they also wanted to keep doing it.

From: cj , 53 months, post #9
"Can you imagine how awkward that would be? Having sex with a person that is in your original body and you are in theirs?"

Actually, yes. :-)

From: guest , 53 months, post #10
Better than having sex with some other dude. (if you had to) :-/

From: guest , 53 months, post #11
You would go from being the one that has to wear a rubber to the one tells the other to make sure it's on, LOL.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 53 months, post #12
Spoiler for the very start of Season 3 but I'm not going to hide it as I really think it's unlikely people are going to sit through 150 episodes of unsubtitled Russian to get to this point assuming they can even find it in the first place. If you are a Russian speaker with an interest in seeing this unspoiled though, turn back now.

Actually, I forgot about the opening scene of the third season where Margosha gets out of bed to walk to the bathroom and sees in her reflection that she's back in her previous male body at which point she starts screaming at the mirror; an obvious twist on the scene in the first episode which is the reverse of this but then she wakes up and checks ('Thank God, I still have boobs' seems to be the thought process here).

Usually, the whole 'it was a dream' is grounds to throw things at the screen but in this case it's OK because it's done really quickly as a cold open at the start of the last season and it is actually quite funny. Well, more so if you'd seen it without having known what's going to happen admittedly ...

From: guest , 53 months, post #13
The Lalolas crack me up. They make me laugh because during a good portion of the series the main character fights and looks desperately for his former male body and a way to change back from his current womanhood. Eventually the boobs, vagina, and estrogen take over and he's content with never getting his penis back.

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #14
What I like about the series is that there's 13 different versions and each takes the starting premise and runs with it in several different directions. Because pronouns get so complicated depending on which series you're talking about, I'm going to use the following terms.

1) the LEAD (self-explanatory)

2) the BFF (the best friend who is right there when it happens)

3) the FACUNDO (the new main love interest and

4) the SWAP - the woman who seems to be the collateral damage from all of this when her body is taken away and given to the LEAD and she gets their body in exchange. Even if it can be argued that they contributed to their situation, their story seems to end up lost behind that of the LEAD.

OK, we've done Russia for the best part but then there's where the LEAD dreams, hallucinates, has a nightmare of confronting the SWAP with a gun and shooting him dead. It's pretty dark stuff.

Then there's some weird stuff where the LEAD's parents come to town except she's not exactly in the state they last remember seeing their son as, so she ropes the SWAP in to pretend to be her. I guess one advantage of finding your SWAP is that you can ... well swap ID documents and the like but the problem comes about when all that time, you've been saying your name is something completely different (in fairness, she didn't know what he actual name was or that she was an actual person who existed somewhere else beforehand).

I think there was also the issue that she said she was her cousin when she first had to explain why she's doing the presentation 'in place of' her usual appearance self. Somehow she has to extricate herself from that construct when she and the SWAP end up in a relationship. As you might have guessed, even though the end of Season 2 is a lot like the other Lalolas it was based on, the FACUNDO gets the boot presumably sometime in Season 3. I think it might have had something to do with the tension resulting from the LEAD needing the SWAP to fill in for her with her parents and also, I think alone out of all the Lalolas, the "LEAD" returns to work after having had to go "away" for a "family emergency".

OK, that's Russia done, next stop Belgium!

From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #15
Oh, OK, there was one more thing about Russia, the reason the LEAD ends up in trouble with her own parents is that there'd been a big thing about how 'Gosha' was their son's nickname and oh what a co-incidence, hers is 'Margosha' (actually going by Margarita). Then she meets her SWAP who turns out had a completely different name, she gets the SWAP's ID and of course, parents being parents and snooping through stuff, found it. Of course, there's a great hullabaloo over the names they were told and what's in writing. Somehow the LEAD gets herself out of it, I guess it really did help to work in marketing.

OK, *now* Russia's done (for now) and *now* it's next stop Belgium.

From: guest (Toast) , 52 months, post #16
Thank you very much for the information :)

From: Air Gear , 52 months, post #17
Message deleted by cj. Off-topic - New Topic has it's own (related to this thread) thread -- -- -- Lalolas "world tour"
From: cj , 52 months, post #18
Message deleted by cj. irrelevant
From: guest (Air Gear) , 52 months, post #19
Oh, OK. I just figured the question's been answered as much as you can and there's nowhere else to go with it and hence this thread.

Did the lead get changed back, no, no they did not. Except for that moment when they dreamed when they did. (thought it was and interesting springboard to see where the others took the same question as short version their answer is either No, Yes, Yes/No and No/Yes).

What would you suggest? Maybe instead of moving that post, I'll just copy and paste the World Tour into a new one?

From: Holly Dunn , 52 months, post #20
Maybe I missed it , but what is the answer to the OP question? I didn't see it in the other threads cj referenced.

I can recall seeing the female Margosha in a bridal gown, but did she change back?

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