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[REQ] Non shallow Impersonation Stories
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From: guest (Barackobrahma) , 39 months, post #1
I was looking in Fictionmania for those stories, and even using advanced search with keywords impersonation, identity death, identity theft, couldn't find much thing.

So, as an example, Eric's "Honey, that's not me in my body", since we can see Mr. Jennings assuming the role of Diane Szalinski, when others didn't knew that (just Diane itself for most of the story), and Amy and Nick Szalinski, that also bodyswapped, and to the outside world, nothing had happened.

When I say "non shallow", Im referring to how it is dealt this impersonation... not just "wham bam thank you man" sex scenes. Although I'm not against it (since it does happen in Eric's), I was looking to stories where the impersonator has to deal with people he may (or may not) know, but not as his/her current body.


From: guest (leon) , 39 months, post #2
I know exactly what you mean, and this is exactly what I'm constantly looking out for.

I don't think there are enough content out there that actually explores the new identity itself . Some authors do a great job with this, and I really think there's much to be explored in an impersonation or an identity theft than just shallow stuff you mentioned.
And I also believe it doesn't even have to be an identity theft. I remember reading a story about a boss in a company creating an entirely new persona and forging her to be his new secretary that he hired. It was about him in the new identity, and how his employees act and behave around him when they believe he's just a lowly employee, and how he has to deal with that.

The gist is the shift in power, access to previously inaccessible people or places (or even vice versa: his or her new identity may limit him or herself) that comes with the new identity, whether it's a stolen one, an impersonation or an entirely new one is rarely thoroughly explored in these type of stories. I guess people are just fine with "wham bam."

In any case, recently I've been having more luck with searching fm manually, instead of relying on search engines that won't bother indexing the site. What I mean by that is ripping the stories in the site in it's entirety and using a text crawler software to search for terms I find common in these type of stories.
I think someone here had already done this and uploaded it for everyone. I've tried searching for the thread, but I can't seem to find it.

From: guest (Macan) , 39 months, post #3
Do you guys have any examples of stories of this type from FM?

"Impersonation" is, maybe, the aspect of body swap/body theft that I find most appealing. Also maybe why both F2F and TG appeal to me.

That was what I liked about the stories on Bodistealer's old Yahoo group.

From: treecatt , 39 months, post #4
I also prefer stories much like those you are describing. I enhanced an old story by another author (Melissa Blake) some time ago (Stolen Lives - Catherine). Don't know of anything else.

It was unfortunate Bodistealer had to bail from the community. I helped him for a short time with editing before he closed down his group.

From: guest , 39 months, post #5
The older stories by Red Janissary are great, though I'm not sure they're still up.

From: cj , 39 months, post #6
"I've tried searching for the thread, but I can't seem to find it."

It was removed by request of FM admin for violation of our own guidelines.

From: cj , 39 months, post #7
IIRC, Jay Seaver had a great story that explored this, in blog format, called "Transplanted Life" --

From: guest (Macan) , 39 months, post #8
Treecat?! Great to hear you are still around. There was a fantastic BodyTheft story from you -- "The Appraisal" -- that I have long wondered about.

A rich old man slowly steals the body of a beautiful young bride. Very good.

Do you have any more like that? It was brilliant. Very evil.
Love your edits.

From: guest (ckkew) , 39 months, post #9
Treecat, can you share the story mentioned by macan - the appraisal. It sounds interesting.

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 39 months, post #10
No good deed goes unpunished... see CJ's answer... WE HAVE FM SPIES HERE! THEY ARE WATCHING US! RUN TO THE HILLS!!!! =P
I think that I'll try that... but just using google search tricks. If successful, I'll post the results.

I think that most of Eric, Zapper, DocVS, Sammig, (as few others) goes in that direction. But, well... there are just a limited number of work that these guys can produce... so, I'm looking for more.
In TgStoryTime, had a post apocalyptic world a guy who switched bodies with a female scientist, while she was pregnant. Fun and enjoying story, since late is revealed thatClick to show spoiler
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It seems to be removed from their database. =(

@treecatt, adding that to my list. I will read it! Thanks!
Do you keep writing somewhere else?

Starting a short list, well, in paid stories. They are good, but we never talk about them... so, my 2 cents for now.

I think that one that amazes me the most, are The First, by Henry Harvey. Cheap story, but lenghty! It deals with the first (fictional, obvious) body transplant, after a guy has his body crushed in an accident. The only available body is from a girl, so you know... but, the guy has a tough life after that, because most people doesn't accept such creature (as it probably would IRL), not knowing if it is female (since it has a female body) or male (since it has a male mind and brain; the guy never crosses gender).

Also, Barbara Deloto's Shapeshifter... as it is stated, one guy can shapeshift. Thought the book you can feel what he's feeling when shifting, why he does that and so on.

Another good story is Mind Pirate - Inception by Aaron Pery. One guy dies in a car accident, but his mind is so strong that it willed itself in a hooker's body. Through the book you learn with him about his power, and how he can influence and bend others mind... as well reality itself, to the point he can control the rate his body recover from the accident.

Enticing the Unicorn, by Maxwell Avoi, is set in a medieval fantasy world, where an unicorn changes two friends into girls, to fulfill a prophecy. Short book, but fun nonetheless.

And last, Every Little Girl's Dream, by Tanya Allan. A veteran police inspector with a heart attack goes to the same hospital a sixteen year old girl is admitted after a train accident, where the girls mother died. The girl is in a comma, but when she wakes up, she lost her memory... but she remembers being a veteran police inspector. I saw that there is a second book, that I didn't read yet. To my list too!

@CJ, so, there are no way that we can... well... see that thread... for just... eerrrr... a few minutes? *making puss in boots face*

From: cj , 39 months, post #11
"so, there are no way that we can... well... see that thread"

IIRC, it was deleted outright from the board to prevent any chance of it being accidentally revealed... and so that I cannot be bribed with cookies, pieces of gold... or magical objects. :-)

From: treecatt , 39 months, post #12
Uploaded most recent version of Stolen Lives - Catherine and The Appraisal to

From: guest (Macan) , 39 months, post #13
Thank you greatly for the uploads, Treecat. Love The Appraisal. Looking forward to reading your latest revision.

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 39 months, post #14
@CJ, I have full membership to and I am willy to share it with a good soul... Neither this way? =P

Treecatt, thanks!! =]

From: treecatt , 39 months, post #15
@macan, you're welcome.

From: guest (Macan) , 39 months, post #16
Just finished "The Appraisal".

Treecatt, it is even better than I remembered.
I liked all of your new additional material.
Great work. Sexier and more evil.

Thank you very much for sharing. Always great to find quality fiction in our area.

From: guest , 39 months, post #17
Is there any way I can read The Appraisal without a Yahoo account? It seems creating an account requires inputing a valid phone number to receive a confirmation code which is not something I'm willing to do.

From: guest (Kara) , 39 months, post #18
Since Red Janissary's bodysuit fiction was mentioned,I'd also highly recommend Ghostly Writer's 2-book series "A Lie Within A Lie" They are available through Amazon Kindle and his website and I cannot praise them enough! Worth every penny.

From: guest (ckkew) , 39 months, post #19
Treecatt, just finished reading your story - The Appraisal. Great read. Thanks. Here's hoping for more from you.

From: guest , 12 months, post #20

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