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List of some female shapeshifting I've found recently
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From: guest , 41 months, post #61
Incredible Hercules #120
X factor (2006) #34
Skrulls shapeshifting.Very brief

From: guest , 41 months, post #62
Eat man ch 75
Liquid metal shapeshifter.It transform into several characters and also shapeshifts into a mtf shapeshifter

From: guest , 41 months, post #63
The Mountain Climber and the Sealed Evil Fox ch 22

From: guest (mrA) , 41 months, post #64
Dark XMen - Mystique alter ego isClick to show spoiler
sbez bs Wrna Tenl" cover 3 is really good
All-New X-Men Vol 1 27 - Raze Darkholme " son of mystique and wolverine impersonates mystique" MystiqueClick to show spoiler
vzcrefbangrf Zbven Xvaebff
X Men Vol 4 6 battle of the atom RazeClick to show spoiler
vzcrefbangrf ryqre irefvba bs Xvggl Celqr

also in a spiderman comic not neccesarily shapeshift but chamaleon does near perfect diguise of aunty may and looking for comic that was based on spiderman the animated series where Chameleon impersonates felicia hardy

From: guest , 41 months, post #65
Houshin Engi ch 7

From: guest , 41 months, post #66
Eureka Seven AO ch 6/7
YuYu Hakusho ch 123
Tenjo Tenge ch 97 and 116

From: guest , 41 months, post #67
Nyotaika Shite Yandere Kanojo ni Naru
Gay friend with shapeshifting power rape his best friend

From: guest (Khanhninh) , 41 months, post #68
Is there more F2F shapeshifting for anime, cartoon, & movie?

From: Moose , 41 months, post #69
Theres literally 4 pages of content and you want more???? Stop bumping big threads like this, it doesn't help anyone, when somebody finds content itll be posted

From: guest (Khanhninh) , 41 months, post #70
I got a Shapeshifting Girlfriend interactive story chapters on these 2 site that I post:
hope you guys enjoys.

From: guest , 41 months, post #71
Metamor Coordinate 1 and 2


From: guest (Khanhninh) , 41 months, post #72
Troubletro, Nexstat, & jovian16 have a lot of F2F shapeshifting artworks on their Patreon & Deviantart. Please support them so they could make a lot of comics.

From: guest (Khanhninh) , 41 months, post #73
Click (Softcore Porno, Mini Series) [FtF, FtM, MtF MATURE CONTENT
Episode 1 - The Ultimate Attraction
23:33 The boyfriend just examines the random button on the remote that turns the girlfriend into a busty babe and then starts to make love. 27:46 the girlfriend in busty babe form tells the boyfriend to change her back, with that, he just presses the button in order to change her back, but she turns into a blonde girl with small breasts and her accent voice, then she tells to try again as he presses the button again that she finally back to herself again. 39:21 the girlfriend leans the boyfriend to the storage room and asks him to transform her the busty babe earlier. 1:15:55 the masculine guy that comes to the heat room and ask the guy to turn the heat on, and later on the masculine guy step out as he turns into a muscular woman.

Episode 3 - In Heat of The Click
10:56 2 girls are fighting to take the remote so the girl wouldn't do anything stupid about it. And suddenly, the girl accidently hits the random button that change the other girl into the fat guy, then the other girl asks her to change back, the girl hits the button that change the other girl into a muscular woman, and after the girl hits the button some more and then the other finally back to herself again. 1:01:49 the girl uses the remote button to turn herself into the blonde girl in the red bikini that help the guy. 1:09:40 the girl in the blonde girl with the red bikini form uses the remote to turn back to normal.

Episode 5 - Rod Steele 0014 - You only Live Until You Die (James Bond 007 Porno Parody)
1:22:00 An Asian woman attacks 0014 to get the remote, then he puts her into the booth that change her into a blonde muscular woman that can fight 0014.

Episode 7 - Secrets Revealed
In this final episode, we have some flashback on the remote previous owners that use it, and there are including transformation on it. 28:07 the man uses the remote to change himself into a woman.

Animated Series

Kaijudo Season 1 - Rise of the Duel Masters [FTF
Episode 19 - Heart of Darkness - Part 1
18:19 The main girl's mother appears right in front of her, but as it turns out, it was just a female kaiju(monster) witch that just disguise her to lure her in. And in 21:19 the kaiju witch turns into the main girl's mother again and takes her in as an apprentice.

Episode 20 - Heart of Darkness - Part 2
2:33 The kaiju witch uses the form of the main girl's mother to make her hateful and becomes stronger after that she change back at 3:37. At 8:20, the villainess wakes up in her 'home' and her 'mother' that appears to be the illusion of the kaiju witch when 9:30. Then at the 15:30, the witch gives the main girl a mask that can change into anyone and any kaiju she think of, starts of with the villainess, her own mother, the witch, and then back to herself. At 17:50, the witch suddenly appears to save the guys in the cage and turn out to be the main girl in disguise. And at the very end, 20:42 the witch vows that she will returns to take the main girl as she morphs into the main girl's mother.

Episode 22 - The Unbearable Being of Lightness
4:42 the android that can change her appearance starts with the main girl, the female master, and the girl on the magazine.

Episode 26 - The Rising - Part 2
4:57 The main girl disguise as the villainess to steal the main antagonist's sword.

Kaijudo Season 2 - Clash of the Duel Masters [FTF, FTM, Monster
Episode 1 - The Butterfly Effect
4:10 the main girl uses the shapeshifting mask to turns herself into a MALE teacher in order to stop the fight of the boys

Episode 2 - Cease Fire
10:35 The fire raptor king turns out to be a the main girl in disguise that come to save her future boyfriend :-D. And in 12:54 she uses the mask to disguise herself again as an aqua leader.

Episode 11 - Gargle, Gargle, Toil & Trouble
4:23 The main girl's "mother" is coming back to her as she didn't realize the witch is in disguise the whole time.

Episode 12 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
Previous Episode 11, that you realize the main girl's mother is the witch in disguise until she reveal herself in 7:45. And in 11:45, the main girl comes back to the darkness realm to meet the witch by disguise herself as the witch.

From: guest (Khanhninh) , 41 months, post #74
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Manga - Chapter 40
The protagonist dates with Doppel the Doppelganger [The Shapeshifter.

From: guest , 41 months, post #75
Troubletro Pink Benefits remastered can be read here chapter 1-9

Shamanic Princess EP 4.
Shadowy villain transform into female MC to fight her

From: guest , 41 months, post #76
Deltora Quest EP 53
Shapeshifting blob creature transform into old villain

Virgin Terminator GF
Liquid metal girl transforms into other girl

Air Gear OVA
Creature shapeshifts into a naked girl

From: guest , 41 months, post #77
DC Super Hero Girls ep #AllAboutZee
Girl has the power to shapeshifts into Zatanna and then a fusion of all the main characters

From: guest , 41 months, post #78
Female alien transform into a human female and one of the mc

From: guest (Gnosis) , 41 months, post #79
I skimmed through the movie and couldn't find the time the alien transformed into one of the main characters. Could you please provide a time stamp?

From: guest , 41 months, post #80

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