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List of some female shapeshifting I've found recently
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From: guest (Lpa) , 84 months, post #21
Wow, these are great finds! Anyone find any recent shapeshifting scenes from movies or series perhaps?

Until now I've had no luck...

From: guest , 84 months, post #22
Awesome finds!

From: guest (Golda) , 84 months, post #23
Any updates??

From: Bodyswap1 , 84 months, post #24
There have been some new ones on youtube recently

From: guest (Ghyi) , 71 months, post #25
Did anyone find new content ?

From: Tal , 71 months, post #26
Okay I'll bite. Here is an update of what I've found since. Again, I would appreciate if anyone else would contribute...


Eternals (1985)

Issue 11

FTF Illusion

Click to show spoiler
Oynpx unverq srznyr “Frefv” qvfthvfrf urefrys nf n erq urnq sbe n srj cnaryf.

Amazing Spider-Girl (1998)

Issue 30

MTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
Flzovbg uloevq pybar bs Fcvqre-Tvey, “Znlunz”, unf gur novyvgl gb punatr ure nccrnenapr. Qvfthvfrf urefrys nf n oybaqr srznyr punenpgre sbe n srj cnaryf gb gevpx Fcvqre-tvey.

Specatular Spider-Girl

Issues 1-12

FTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
Guebhtubhg guvf frevrf, “Znlunz” (zragvbarq nobir) vzcrefbangrf ure pybar Fcvqre-Tvey. Znvayl nppbzcyvfurq guebhtu punatvat ure unve gb zngpu.

League of Champions (Webcomic)

Pages: 328-330

MTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
Fhpphohf gheaf sebz byqre oebja unverq ynql gb nggenpgvir oynpx unverq ynql.

Gold Digger (1993)

Issues: 1,2,3

Gold Digger/Ninja High School: Maidens of Twilight

4 part issue.

MTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
“Traa” vf n zrzore bs n traqreyrff funcrfuvsgvat enpr pnyyrq Enxfunfn. Uvf qrsnhyg sbez vf znyr, naq guebhtubhg gur frevrf punatrf sebz n ohss znyr sbez, gb na nggenpgvir ohfgl srznyr sbez gb frqhpr/grnfr be qvfgenpg inevbhf crbcyr. V jnfa'g gung vzcerffrq jvgu gur neg ng svefg, ohg vg dhvpxyl terj ba zr.Gur nobir 3 tvir na vqrn bs ubj ur hfrf uvf cbjref. Vs V erzrzore pbeerpgyl, gurl ner n srj bgure vafgnaprf guebhtubhg gung frevrf, ohg V pna'g or obgurerq gb qvt guebhtu rnpu bar. Gur Znvqraf bs Gjvyvtug frevrf unf nabgure bar bs uvf fcrpvrf zbecuvat orgjrra znyr naq srznyr.


Issue 91

FTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
Gur JVGPU tveyf rapbhagre nabgure zntvp hfre, “Yrnu”, jub pna genafsbez ure bja nccrnenapr.

Threshold (1998) (NSFW)

Issue 15

FTF Illusion

Click to show spoiler
Punenpgre oevrsyl zbecuf ure nccrnenapr naq punatrf onpx evtug nf fur jnf nobhg gb or xvyyrq.

Bizarre Adventures (1981)

Issue 30

MTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
Funcrfuvsgre “Cnenqbk” punatrf n srj gvzrf guebhtubhg guvf vffhr.

Video Short

(animated D&D 5E) Haste!

MTF Shapeshifting

Click to show spoiler
Va guvf navzngrq QAQ fubeg ivqrb, n jneybpx vf n punatryvat naq gheaf vagb n jbzra gb “ohtf ohaal” n thneq. Cerggl zvabe. Fgnegf ng 1:11, ohg jbegu jngpuvat gur ragver fprar gb trg pbagrkg.

From: Tal , 71 months, post #27
Small correction, "Amazing Spider-Girl (1998) Issue 30" should be FTF shape shifting, not MTF. This is what I get for doing these updates 1:00 AM. Hopefully no other errors.

From: guest (Huidf) , 66 months, post #28
Any updates?

From: Tal , 63 months, post #29
Small update:

3 Sci-Fi Short Films that I came across recently.

Double Vision

FTF, Illusion(?)

Click to show spoiler
Guvf fubeg svyz rkcyberf n shgher jurer crbcyr unir nqinaprq pbagnpg yrafrf gung pna nygre gur nccrnenapr bs crbcyr gurl frr. Pbagrkg: N pbhcyr 'ebyr cynl' sbe gur uhfonaqf oveguqnl, jurer fur nccrnef nf n lbhatre oybaqr jbzna. Yngre va gur fubeg, vg vf erirnyrq gurl ner obgu zhpu byqre, naq bsgra pubbfr gb frr rnpu bguref nccrnenapr nf gurve lbhatre fryirf.


FTF, FTM, Illusion(?)

Click to show spoiler
N shgher jurer n pbzcnal vf rkcrevzragvat jvgu na qrivpr gung jvyy nyybj fbzrbar gb punatr gurve nccrnenapr ubjrire gurl'q yvxr. N tvey fgrnyf vg, naq hfrf vg gb vzcrefbangr na vagreebtngbe, gura xvyy gur crbcyr vaibyirq va gur cebtenz.

A Date in 2025

(No actual transformation)

FTF Voice Change/Disguise (timestamp 6:25 & 9:38)

Click to show spoiler
N shgher jurer crbcyr unir gurve bja vaqvivqhny nqinaprq NV gung nffvfgf lbhe qnl gb qnl yvsr. Va guvf fubeg, gur znva punenpgre vf qrcerffrq naq yvivat nybar. Uvf NV "pbhafrybe" urycf uvz trg bhg bs uvf furyy gb qngr n tvey ur yvxrf. Qhevat 2 frcnengr vafgnaprf gur NV punatrf ure ibvpr gb zvzvp uvf pehfu. V xabj guvf vfa'g n n erny GS, ohg V yvxr SGS ibvpr genafsbezngvbaf, naq V svtherq znlor fbzr bguref zvtug gbb.

From: hskfmn , 63 months, post #30
Nice finds!

I’d actually just recently seen the third one, but the first two were good also. Thanks for sharing.

From: Bodyswap1 , 63 months, post #31
Great work on finding this (Tal).

From: trifajar , 63 months, post #32
The House With a Clock in Its Walls (2018)

The witch transform to neighbor and protagonist mother.

From: Bodyswap1 , 63 months, post #33
Nice F2F.

From: guest (CopyKen) , 63 months, post #34
First off, thanks @Tal for starting this and sharing so much!
Oh and thanks @trifajar for sharing. I love that shapeshifting style ;)

From: Tal , 51 months, post #35
Small update:


Heist, Or How to Steal a Planet (2019)

Issues: 2-5 (Still Ongoing)

FTF, FTM, Disguise

Click to show spoiler
Zrzore bs gur grnz “Tnivyyr” vf n znfgre bs qvfthvfr. Guebhtubhg gur frevrf fur nccrnef nf inevbhf qvfthvfrf, be qvfthvfrf ure grnz zrzoref.

Penthouse Comix (1994) [Story: Scion (NSFW)

Issues: 1-5, 7-8

FTF, FTM, Shapeshift

Click to show spoiler
Cragubhfr Pbzvk jnf n pbyyrpgvba bs nqhyg gurzrq pbzvpf. N pbagvahvat fgbel jvguva guvf choyvpngvba srngherq n frevrf pnyyrq “Fpvba”, bs juvpu qrnyf bs crbcyr jvgu cbjref. Va gur svefg vffhr, vg vf erirnyrq bar bs gur crbcyr jvgu cbjref vf n funcrfuvsgre anzrq Crgen. Fur hfrf ure cbjref gb frqhpr frireny crbcyr guebhtubhg gur fgbel yvar. Zbfg, ohg abg nyy nobir vffhrf unir fbzr xvaq bs GS.

The Last of the Greats (2011) (NSFW)

Issues: 3-4

MTF, Shapeshift

Click to show spoiler
Punenpgre jvgu yvgreny Tbq cbjref gnxrf gur sbez bs n tveyf zbz sbe n srj cnaryf va gurfr 2 vffhrf.

Paradox (2005)

Issue: 1

FTF, Illusion

Click to show spoiler
Znva punenpgre uverf n ubbxre jvgu vyyhfvba cbjref gb nccrne nf uvf oybaqr jvsr.

A Distant Soil (1991)

Issue: 28-29

FTF, FTM, Shapeshift

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr funcrfuvsgre “Onfg” gnxrf gur sbez bs “Ynql Avavev” nf cneg bs n fpurzr va guvf fcnpr bcren. Gurer vf bgure GS’f guebhtubhg gur frevrf jvgu ure, ohg zbfg ner SGZ.

Red Sonja: Age of Chaos (2020)

Issue: 2

FTF, Shapeshift

Click to show spoiler
Erq qrzba ynql gnxrf gur sbez bs gur znva punenpgre oevrsyl.

From: guest (Halspod) , 49 months, post #36
Any update?

From: Moose , 49 months, post #37

From: guest (Shiftingfun) , 49 months, post #38 check out my page, theres quite a few FTF shapeshift artwork iv'e done : D

From: guest (Khanhninh) , 42 months, post #39
Is there anything news for female shapeshifter?

From: Bodyswap1 , 42 months, post #40
I have been uploading my personal collection of F2F videos on my mega account.
Here is the link:

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