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List of some female shapeshifting I've found recently
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From: Tal , 102 months, post #1
I don't believe I've seen most of these specific instances on the board, so I figured I'd share.

1.There are several TF instances within �pixie trix comix� web comics(NSFW). All instances occur over the several pages, I tried to link from when the TF's begin. If you wish to read it for the story, I'd recommend starting from the beginning of the corresponding chapters. I'll leave out the disguise/illusion ones from their sister comic, �Magick Chicks�, which I believe have already been posted on the boards before.

Eerie Cuties

TG-TF Pages 253+

FTF-Shapeshift Pages 296-297, 299, 304

(There are several more involving some kind of gender changing orb earlier on that I didn't post, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention)

Dangerously Chloue

FTF-Shapeshift-AP Pages 38-41

FTF-Shapeshift Pages 64-100

FTF-Shapeshift Pages 247-262

TG-Shapeshift Pages105-133

2.Another webcomic I found has a character using an amulet to disguise himself for a few pages prior to this one.

3. I know the anime episode �OVA 04 - Hurricane! Disguise Girl Akane
�, of �Kimagure Orange Road� has been posted here before. But I don't believe the instances of the manga have been mentioned ever.

Since I do not believe the comic is freely legally available online, as per board rules, I'll just mention the specific pages I've found with her FTF's, instead of linking them. They should be easily enough available to read with a quick Google search.

Vol 7, Chapter 60 (throughout)
Vol 8, Chapter 66, Pages 15-19
Vol 9, Chapter 74, Page 17
Vol 11, Chapter 93, Page 3-6
Vol 15, Chapter 124, Page 13

4. Lastly, the first minute of the series finale of Warehouse 13 (Season 5, Episode 6) has a FTF within the first 1 minute of the show, using the thimble they used in prior episodes.

Click to show spoiler
Va n synfuonpx, U.T Jryyf hfrf gur Guvzoyr gb qvfthvfr urefrys nf n cebfgvghgr gb yher Wnpx gur evccre vagb n genc

From: guest (aaa) , 102 months, post #2
other shapeshift from tv series or movies? :)

From: guest , 102 months, post #3
Wow, thank you for the links

From: guest (dv) , 102 months, post #4
small correction
Vol 11, Chapter 92(!), Page 3-6

From: Tal , 93 months, post #5
With all the recent talk about a "dry spell" I figured I'd share what I've found lately. If anyone's found anything else lately involving female shapeshifters, please feel free to add!

I believe it's possibly been mentioned on these boards ages ago, but the old cartoon series “RoboCop Alpha Commando”. One of the main female villains uses a holographic disguise collar which allows her to change her face. All the episodes seem to be on youtube.

RoboCop Alpha Commando Episode 19
(starts around 11:20ish)
(Click to show spoiler
srznyr ivyynva vzcrefbangrf cnfg ybir vagrerfg bs EbobPbc )
RoboCop Alpha Commando Episode 25
(starts around 3:19)
(Click to show spoiler
srznyr cebgntbavfg gevrf ba n ubybtencuvp pbyyne naq punatrf ure snpr n srj gvzr – irel oevrs )
RoboCop Alpha Commando Episode 29
(revealed around 19:05)
(Click to show spoiler
srznyr ivyynva vzcrefbangrf gur znva srznyr cebgntbavfg guebhtubhg zhpu bs gur rcvfbqr )

I recently found out that there is a Syfy series called “Aftermath” that has some generic shapeshifter's- they turn into a pile of slime when they die. These are the shapeshifts I found so far. Most episodes seem to be on youtube as well.

Aftermath S01E06
(female shapeshift revealed around 13:13)
(male shapeshift around 34:20)
Aftermath S0109
(female shapeshifter within first 2 mins)
(Click to show spoiler
srznyr funcrfuvsgre gnxrf QAN sebz srznyr cebgntbavfg gb nffhzr ure sbez va gur erfg bs gur rcvfbqr )

Below is a bunch of anime/manga's I've found with shapeshifters, most being FTF's. I wouldn't be surprised if these had more shapeshifter content in them, so if someone wants to comb through them more thoroughly and share, please do.

Black Blood Brothers S01E01 –
(female shapeshifter at around 5:48)
(Click to show spoiler
znva srznyr ivyynva grnfrf gur znva cebgntnavfg ol oevrsyl cergraqvat gb or uvf byq ybir vagrerfg )
Dance in the Vampire Bund Chapter 24
(Click to show spoiler
funcrfuvsgre nffnffva sbphfrq ba guebhtubhg puncgre, nyfb V guvax znxrf na nccrnenapr va gur cevbe puncgre cbffvoyl )
Dance in the Vampire Bund – Episode 11 –
(Click to show spoiler
yvgrenyyl gur navzr irefvba bs gur puncgre nobir )
To Love-Ru Darkness - 59
(Page 19-28ish)
(Click to show spoiler
srznyr funcrfuvsgre qrzbafgengrf gur AFSJ nqinagntrf bs orvat n funcrfuvsgre )
To Love-Ru Darkness - S02E04 -
(Click to show spoiler
funcrfuvsgre erirnyrq nebhaq 12:00 )
Blood+ - Episode 17-20
(Click to show spoiler
funcrfuvsgre ercynprf srznyr ba rcvfbqr 17 nebhaq 11:15, naq riraghnyyl erirnyf uvzfrys yngre va rcvfbqr 20 nebhaq 14:05 – Ab zbecuf ng nyy va guvf frevrf, whfg phgnjnl'f )
Blood+ - Episode 48
(Click to show spoiler
nabgure oevrs qvfthvfr ol gur znyr inzcver vagb gur znva srznyr ivyynva – V qba’g erzrzore jung gvzr )

From: JetAbyss , 93 months, post #6
I dunno why people think there's a Dry Spell. Honestly. Since anyone (including myself) can just make new content whenever they want. I'm pretty sure the term only applies to stuff like real life minerals or something that's hard to recreate. But something like TF or TG content can be made easily. Even if you can't write or draw. Something like a RP is considered content in my book.

As for content I found I found Lemonfont's Shapeshifter comic series to be quite well done. Though some may have seen it before.

From: JetAbyss , 93 months, post #7
I'm not sure if I can link it since it is very NSFW.

From: cj , 93 months, post #8
"I'm not sure if I can link it since it is very NSFW."

As long as it follows the Guidelines here, you're fine. We do ask that you note any links to NSFW content or sites are noted as being such, though. :-)

From: Yoyoeldas , 93 months, post #9
Thanks a lot, Tal! The Aftermath one has the shapeshifter impersonate the teenage girl, luv it! Too bad it's off-screen so there ain't much ripple effect.

From: JetAbyss , 93 months, post #10 NSFW.

From: rugal , 93 months, post #11
Shapeshifter's disappointing because it seems more about an excuse to do weird body modifications than shapeshifting into other people which has always been my preference.

From: JetAbyss , 93 months, post #12
Well there was a small shapeshifting into a Hatsune Miku looking girl at 4. Which is why I counted it in.

From: Tal , 90 months, post #13
Here is some more of what I've come across recently:


The Four II (2013)
(Chinese fantasy movie with surprisingly decent budget.)

FTF, FTM, Female shapeshifter(Illusionist?)

59:12 -Click to show spoiler
Funcrfuvsgre gnxrf gur sbez bs gur bar bs gur cebgntbavfgf sevraqf(?), juvyr gurl ner va n choyvp ongu, naq erirnyf urefrys nobhg ng 1:00:31. Nsgrejneqf, fur vf frra yrnivat gur cbby bapr ntnva va gur sbez bs ure sevraq.
1:19:06 -Click to show spoiler
nsgre fcrnxvat jvgu gur cerivbhfyl zragvbarq srznyr cebgntbavfg, fur nffhzrf ure sbez naq pbzznaqf fbzr fbyqref oevrsyl.

There are several FTM scenes, but I won't bother mentioning the instances. I figured I'd mention it anyways for those who are interested in that kind of thing. There is also a sequel to the movie, but I could only find more FTM instances, and no FTF's.


Fairy Tale

Episode 24

08:23 -Click to show spoiler
Genafsbezngvba zntvp hfre Zvenwnar oevrsyl qvfthvfrf urefrys nf gur oybaqr tvey Yhpl.


(Per board rules, I won't link these, but all the following comics are available online through some googling)

We Can Never go Home (2015)

(Credit to "dv_2000_dv" on Jatr's Comic Yahoo Group)

FTF, MTF, Shapeshifter

Issue 3/4/5

Click to show spoiler
Va gur ynfg cnary bs vffhr 3 naq pbagvahvat gb vffhr 4, n funcrfuvsgre gnxrf gur sbez bs gur cebgntbavfgf srznyr sevraq naq gevrf gb unir frk jvgu uvz. Ur abgvprf ure ynpx bs fpne, naq gur funcrfuvsgre vf erirnyrq gb or n tvey anzrq Pnfrl. Fur nyfb gnxrf gur sbez bs na byq ynql juvyr qevivat, naq ntnva vagb gur cerivbhf tvey. Va vffhr 5, gur funcrfuvsgre urycf serr gur cebgntbavfg, naq unf uvz pybfr uvf rlrf naq xvff ure. Qhevat guvf, vg frrzf gb or erirnyrq gung Pnfrl vf npghnyyl znyr, naq jnagrq gb or gur “tvey jub trgf gur ureb”.

Squadron Supreme (1989)

FTF, Illusion

Issue 55 “Death of a Universe”

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr vyyhfvbavfg Zbbatybj va guvf vffhr vf erirnyrq gb npghnyyl or n sehzcl birejrvtug tvey, naq abg ure hfhny ornhgvshy nccrnenapr. Yngre va guvf vffhr, Nepnan qvfthvfrf urefrys nf Zbbatybj sbe n srj cnaryf. Ernyyl abg gung terng, ohg V svtherq vg jbhyqa'g uheg gb zragvba vg.

Spiderman 2099 (2015)

Issue 2

FTF, Hologram

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr NV nffvfgnag gb guvf Fcvqrezna, Ylyn, gnxrf gur sbez bs uvf qrprnfrq tveysevraq sbe bar cnary.

Spiderman (2016)

Issue 11

FTF, MTM, Hologram Disguise

Click to show spoiler
Yngre va gur vffhr, Oynpx Png naq bguref ner erirnyrq gb or ntragf qvfthvfrq hfvat vzntr vaqhpref.

Rogue (2005)

FTF, FTM, Shapeshifter

Issue 3

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr funcrfuvsgre, Dhrfgn, gnxrf gur sbez bs Zf. Zneiry naq Tnzovg qhevat n svtug jvgu Ebthr.

Demonslayer: Vengance

FTF, Shapeshifter, Doppelganger

Issue 1/2

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr funcrfuvsgre qrzba gnxrf gur sbez bs gur znva srznyr cebgntbavfg juvyr svtugvat ure ng gur raq bs vffhr 1, naq pbagvahrf bagb vffhr 2.

Demo (2004)

Issue 5

FTF, Illusion?

Click to show spoiler
Srznyr znva punenpgre bs guvf vffhr nccrnef nf qvssrerag qrfvenoyr tvey gb rnpu crefba jub ybbxf ng ure.

Threshold (2013)

Issue 1

FTF, Hologram Disguise

Click to show spoiler
Oybaqr tvey vf erirnyrq gb or bar bs gur srznyr cebgntbavfgf, hfvat fbzr xvaq bs ubybtencuvp qvfthvfr.

Issue 3

Click to show spoiler
Znyr vf ubybtencuvpyl qvfthvfrq nf n srznyr erqurnq, nccneragyl orpnhfr gur jebat qvfp jnf tenoorq. Gurl gryy uvz gb “abg jnyx yvxr n znyr” juvyr qvfthvfrq.


Also, please feel free to add to my ongoing list in this thread! I've been trying to find more stories online of shapeshifting imposters, beside The Book of Masks/Wandering Stars, of which I read everyday. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

And a side note, I have been a “Trusted User” for several years, I was wondering if anyone knows the board's policy if you can approve your own entries? I've always assumed not, and therefor has stopped submitting things that way. Thanks!

From: guest (xa) , 90 months, post #14
The fairy tale one happens at 15:00. And lasts till next chapter

From: guest (tgfave) , 90 months, post #15
Ice Fantasy Episode 18
Male shapeshifter disguises as Mermaid Princess to fool the Fire King. He even goes as far as performing a seductive dance as her to throw the antagonist off guard.The morph is off-screen unfortunately, but does have a scene of him transforming back. It starts at 5:30.

From: Tal , 85 months, post #16
Hey guys, I'm back with another update, which I've put off for far too long. I’m going to be REALLY terrible on the brief synopsis for each item, but I figured its better I put them out there rather than not.

Web Comics

The League of Champions (Webcomic)

Page 244


Click to show spoiler
Funcrfuvsgre Flycu oevrsyl nffhzrf gur sbez bs n “ohfgl oybaqr”.

Evil Inc.


Click to show spoiler
Punenpgre cynfgvp zna gheaf uvzfrys vagb Xvz Xneqnfuvna va guvf fgevc naq gur sbyybjvat bar.


Flare (2004)

Issue: 29


Click to show spoiler
Nsevpna Nzrevpna tvey hfrf nzhyrg gb genafsbez urefrys gb n fubeg unverq oeharggr juvgr tvey juvyr va orq.

Issue: 31


Click to show spoiler
Syner (Oybaqr), oevrsyl qvfthvfrf urefrys nf na Nsevpna Nzrevpna tvey va n fxvzcl qerff.

Witchgirls Inc.

Issue: 9


Click to show spoiler
Znva punenpgre (oeharggr) qerffrf va gur pbfghzr bs nabgure (Oynpx unve), naq hfrf gur “Nzhyrg bs Punatr” gb svavfu bss ure qvfthvfr.

Empowered (NFSW)

Issue: Special 5


Click to show spoiler
Nobhg 60% guebhtu guvf fcrpvny, jura fubjpnfvat “Orre #7”, gur qnex unverq Avawrggr qvfthvfrf urefrys nf gur oybaqr znva punenpgre Rzc sbe n srj cnaryf.

Issue: 2

Chapter: Dire Pearl


Click to show spoiler
Yngre va guvf puncgre, Avawrggr ntnva qvfthvfrf urefrys nf Rzc sbe frireny cntrf.

Issue: 7


Chapter: Excessively Talkative

Click to show spoiler
Avawrggr qvfthvfrf urefrys ntnva nf Rzc gb fyrrc jvgu Rzc'f oblsevraq. Yngre, gurer vf n synfuonpx jurer vg fubjf Avawrggr unf qvfthvfrq urefrys nf znyr'f orsber gb unir frk ba gurve jrqqvat avtug.

Wonder Woman (1987)

Issue: 0


Click to show spoiler
Jbaqre jbzna hfrf gur “Znfx bs Cebgrhf” gb qvfthvfr urefrys nf n oybaqr tvey sbe n srj cnaryf.

Manga (None are really that great, but I figured I'd mention them)

Drag-On Dragoon: Shi ni Itaru Aka (NSFW)

Chapter 18-19


Click to show spoiler
Nagntbavfg vf pnhtug vzcrefbangvat nabgure punenpgre.

The Breaker: New Waves

Chapter 102


Click to show spoiler
Ntnva...Nagntbavfg vf pnhtug vzcrefbangvat nabgure punenpgre.


As always, I encourage anyone to contribute! How do I find these things? I simply use google search strings. So I will type in something like “is a shapeshifter” or “transforms her appearance” into google with the search perimeters to a certain site that I think may have some information. I will use something like the following, with the quotation marks:

“can change her appearance”

This searches specifically for the words “can change her appearance” within the site (which is a massive dump of wiki information). I imagine there is a million different ways people are mentioning shapeshifters or transformations in sites like these, so please try whatever variants you can come up with. Synonyms work great when rewording the search. So all of the following come back to different results:

“able to change her appearance”
“can transform her appearance”
“can disguise her appearance”
“can disguise herself as anyone”

etc. etc. etc.

Again, what you put in the quotation marks is what google is looking for EXACTLY within the site specified. You can try without quotation marks, but I find that I get more specific things while using them. Both and are great examples of areas to look. Please post if you find any more instances of unknown shapeshifters or transformations!

From: Tal , 85 months, post #17
I missed a comic on my list:

Fathom (2017)

Issue: 3


Click to show spoiler
Znyr punenpgre qrzbafgengrf n zntvpny oenpryrg gung oevrsyl qvfthvfrf uvzfrys nf gur znva srznyr punenpgre sbe n cnary

From: guest , 85 months, post #18
regarding the google searches. you can also try using asterixes:

“able to change * appearance”

google will try to match the asterix with a short number of words. when I tried the string above the first 4 search results were:
able to change both your appearance
able to change her appearance
able to change it's appearance
Able to change gender and appearance

Doesn't always work that well though

From: Tal , 85 months, post #19
Thank you Guest #18, I'll have to give it a try!

Again, apparently I forgot 2 more comics.

Penny for your Soul (2013)


Click to show spoiler
Srngherf n funcrfuvsgre jub nffhzrf frireny qvssrerag srznyr sbezf guebhtubhg guvf frevrf gb frqhpr zra

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!


Click to show spoiler
Oryvny oevrsyl nffhzrf gur sbez bs Fur Uhyx. (Gur neg vf ernyyl abg gung terng va guvf pbzvp vzb.)
From: JetAbyss , 85 months, post #20
Did they ever continue 'We Could Not Go Home' comic?

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