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RE: "AFK: The Series" entry here - categories
AFK: The Webseries
Age, Race, Gender
AFK is a web series that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.
From: cj , 86 months, post #1
In the new entry for the webvideo AFK: The Series , the major element is listed as a body swap. I'm not sure what I would consider it, to be quite honest... but body swap didn't sound quite right to me from the impressions that I was getting from the other thread here.

Does anyone have a better category, or do you all feel that "body swap" is best for this one?

And now my ignorance begins to wear through (again)... are Gnomes and Elves a different race or different species than us? I would think that perhaps Mythical would be most appropriate, and thus my question moot. ~shrug~

I still haven't had a chance to watch the series myself, so I'm just wanting to make sure that we are as accurate as we can be with the categories... and the entry here.


From: guest (TheSaint) , 86 months, post #2
It's not really a swap. It's more like Tron.

From: cj , 86 months, post #3
Okay, that's easier for me to grasp.

Something like, "they were sucked into the game and transformed into their avatars / characters." So more like a transformation than a swap.

Thank you TheSaint. We'll see if this is something that others agree with, and then we'll make the appropriate change(s).

From: guest , 86 months, post #4
Tron is a good comparison. I'm not sure "transformation" is quite right, though. The characters have their consciousnesses places in the bodies of their characters rather than entering the game and then transforming into their characters. But we haven't seen anything to make us think that it's a two-way transfer, with the characters in the players' bodies, so I wouldn't call it a body swap. Possession, maybe? I can't really think of a category that perfectly fits.

I agree that "mythical" is a better fit than "race". Gnomes, elves, and orcs are races in the D&D sense of the word, but I wouldn't consider them races in the real-world sense of the word. "Mythical" works, though. I've seen similar transformations described as mythical.

From: guest (guest) , 86 months, post #5
I agree that Tron is a better comparison than a body swap. The characters became their game avatars. They didn't swap with a particular person. The comic Double Jumpers featured an actual swap with the characters inhabiting the bodies of the players and vice versa. That doesn't seem to be what is happening here.

I also like mythical over species. I'd keep gender, age and race in the list.

From: Greg , 86 months, post #6
We could compare it to the entry Dara III in the database. The situation is quite similar and though only gender was written as a category, the text clearly says transformation.

From: guest (Saint) , 85 months, post #7
I'd also amend the entry to include AGE. There are a couple of characters that are just kids in adult bodies.

From: cj , 85 months, post #8
Age is already listed.

I think this calls for a "new" category, perhaps. Maybe "Real to Fictional Character" or perhaps "Videogame" or "Created" or "User-Created" or "Avatar" would work better than "Fictional".

Let me know what you guys & gals think.

And I think we could then apply the same or similar TF category to the Dara III and any other entries where appropriate. That's the beauty of this flexible category thing Paul gave us.

From: Holly Dunn , 85 months, post #9
They seem to be real in that world. I'm not sure I would call it fictional, because they seem to be in a different reality and there aren't a lot of video game or VR effects and such.

It seems to me like a couple of gender transformations, some mythical and monster transformations, and some age transformations. Seems the straight up transformation categories on this site will work. Definitely not body swap. That would imply the game characters are in their bodies in the real world. I don't think that happened. there was no swap.

Just a transformation.

If avatar isn't a category, maybe that could be added. But not a swap. If they do a second season and the game characters are in the real world with human intelligence in the characters' former bodies, then it would be a swap.

From: cj , 85 months, post #10
I have no problem with Avatar as a category, for sure. We probably do want to work on defining what we mean when it is used, though.

I like your thinking about just listing the regular TF categories, Holly. That was something I've been thinking of myself. It seems to be how the Dara III entry is listed too.

From: guest (Saint) , 85 months, post #11
Whoops. I must have been looking at
Shadowhunters episode "The Mortal Cup"

From: guest (Saint) , 85 months, post #12
"Avatar" or "Mind Transfer" would be good additional categories

From: cj , 85 months, post #13
"Whoops. I must have been looking at
Shadowhunters episode "The Mortal Cup"

Ah. I would remind you that you could submit that change yourself... But I'm pretty sure that you already know and have done so previously. In any case, thanks for the catch, and I've made the change to that entry.

Now... back to the topic.

I've added a quick description for the Avatar TF category / type. I hope that it looks okay.

From: cj , 85 months, post #14
You can see how it looks if you search by:


or... I think this link will work.

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