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AFK Webseries
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AFK: The Webseries
Age, Race, Gender
AFK is a web series that follows the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their online characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.
From: guest (Valkan) , 88 months, post #1
I'm super lazy and have been meaning to post this on the forum for a while.

There is a webseries called AFK. About a bunch of gamers who get trapped inside a video game as their avatars. There is a teenager trapped in a middle aged guy's body. A woman trapped in a male gnome's body. And an alpha male trapped in a girl's body.

Trailer here:
Episodes 1 and 2 here:
Episode 3 here:

Website here:

Interview of JJ Fong talking about playing Steve the alpha male trapped in the female avatar's body:

My apologies for not knowing how to make clickable links.

From: guest , 88 months, post #2
Wow these are truly fantastic, can I buy them on DVD or bluray? Anyway onto episode 3

From: guest , 88 months, post #3
^by which I mean are they just onto episode 3? Or is it just the 3?

From: guest (Valkan) , 88 months, post #4
They are releasing new episodes every week. Not sure how many they have in the season.

From: guest , 88 months, post #5
Cool, just finished episode 3 very good so far

From: guest (Guest) , 88 months, post #6
The central character is a female elven ranger who hasn't revealed her gender in the real world and goes by the name Q.

I think there are 13 episodes for this series with the original posting counting as 2 episodes.

From: cj , 88 months, post #7
"... My apologies for not knowing how to make clickable links."

Trailer here:
Episodes 1 and 2 here:
Episode 3 here:

Website here:

Interview of JJ Fong talking about playing Steve the alpha male trapped in the female avatar's body:

There ya' go! :-)

From: guest (Grae) , 88 months, post #8
Hi I play Brendan on the show. Thanks for watching and your enthusiasm. It means a lot to us all. Please share it around and I hope you enjoy the rest of the series. Cheers.

From: guest (Pat) , 87 months, post #9
This series has been fun! Well made. Entertaining. Not just some gimmick.

From: guest , 87 months, post #10
Excited to see the way this series progresses - very happy with it thusfar!

From: guest , 87 months, post #11
Apparently we don't see how they look in the real world, am I right? That's disappointing.

From: guest , 87 months, post #12
Just finished the pilot. Well made, though I hope we eventually see how they look in the real world.

I'm interested about Q. What do you think she is? I doubt it will be another M2F, so I'm betting on a F2F in her case.

From: guest (Valkan) , 87 months, post #13
If we do ever see them in the real world I am betting it will be the season finale. If at all.

From: guest (Saint) , 87 months, post #14
I'm really digging this web series. Great concept, charismatic cast, beautiful location, and some nice TG potential.

I'm thinking Q might either be in a wheel chair or is a grandmother and she has the difficult choice of being a leader who is physically adept or return to the real world to be a care taker for her (grand) child.

From: guest (guest) , 87 months, post #15
Q seemed surprised by the sound of her voice when she first spoke in this body. Is it because of her character's accent, age or gender? There's a chance that she could be an M2F character.

I'm enjoying the series so far.

From: guest (Saint) , 87 months, post #16
This is great.

From: guest , 87 months, post #17
Yes, she seemed surprised, but I don't think that rules out F2F. A woman would still surprised if she has a different voice than her own.

But I think she's older than her character. She seems very tough, though.

That kiss clip is nice, and we still don't know what she is. But I still don't think it will be M2F. I'm fine with that.

From: guest (Vrugga) , 87 months, post #18
Wait till you get a load of the Orc ;)

From: guest , 87 months, post #19
I think there's clearly more to Q than what we've seen so far. Her personality, her reactions, her actions, her motivations, are so different than those of all the other main characters. I feel like they're dancing around some big revelation.

Like Saint, it occurred to me that she might be an older character. She has a certain gravitas and maturity that the other characters don't have. I doubt she's elderly, though. She mentions in the trailer that she has a kid; it's possible that it's an adult child, but I think we're supposed to assume it's a child or teenager. That pegs her as middle-aged at the oldest.

I doubt she's in a wheelchair; I think she's too sure of her movements. If she is in a wheelchair, I think it must have been a recent accident that put her there. Otherwise she would have a harder time getting used to having a fully-functioning body.

She might be a soldier. That might explain her discipline, her authoritative attitude, maybe her survival skills.

I think there's a good chance her body in the real world is a male body. They're clearly being coy about her gender in the clip Saint linked. Like guest #15, I noticed that she was surprised at the sound of her voice. She also seems surprised by the look of her hands; if she's a young, able-bodied white woman, she wouldn't find her hands surprising.

I think her name is a clue, too. We know the real names of all the other main characters (except for the orc, who doesn't speak the same language as the other characters and thus can't tell them his name). We don't know Q's real name. If Q is her first initial, which I think seems reasonable, then that doesn't leave many options. The only common American names that start with Q that I can think of are Quinn, Quincy, and Quentin. Quinn could go either way, but Quincy and Quentin are firmly male names. And if Q's name is a female name, why hide it? I don't think it's an accident that we only have an initial for her.

There's also the nature of her skill set. She's a LARPer and she has a number of outdoor skills; those aren't stereotypically feminine hobbies. She also mentions the Boy Scouts, albeit in relation to another character. Her profile on the website mentions re-enacting as one of her "life skills". If that means war re-enactment, that's even more unusual for a woman. She could certainly still be a woman in real life, but if she is, she's one who fits into a very masculine archetype.

I think she might be a transwoman, actually. I hope she is. It would put a unique spin on this story, and it would allow the series to explore gender transformation from an angle that's unusual in mainstream media. It would explain why she's so much more comfortable in her body and her current gender than Steven and Maybel. It could explain her reaction to Jack's kiss. It would put Q in a really difficult bind: does she try to stay in the game, where she can finally be a woman, or does she try to return to her child?

...of course, I'm a transwoman myself, so I'm also just hoping for some on-screen representation. :)

Whatever Q's real-life identity, she's a very compelling character. And this is a great series. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Valkan. :)

From: guest , 87 months, post #20
The last Governor-General of Australia was a woman named Quentin Bryce.

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