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Comment: Japanese TF media list
Japanese TF media list
many coote! K.A.T (kids into animal transformations)-style references. You can use babelfish ( to translate it, but movie/comics/boot titles are translated into meaningless gibberish.
From: Inry* , 187 months, post #1
With the help of Inshy, I discover movie titles (
1 - "Sou Nanda", ep.4
2 - "School Rumble", ep.26
3 - "Lum"/"urusei yatsura", OVA"I Howl at the moon", classic!
4 - "Manga nihon mukashibanashi"/"Old Nippon Tales", ep. ? (this show has 1465 episones. Yes, more then one thousand!!!)
5 - "Fushigi Mahou Fan Fan Pharmacy", ep.37
6 - "Wedding.Peach DX" ep 04 "Fake Love Angels"
7 - "Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger"/"��� GANBARUGAR", ep.21
8 - "Kids.Next.Door" (KND), ep."G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E"
9 - "Petite Princess Yucie" / "Puchi Puri", ep 7
10- "Jim Button", ep. ? (I'd seen all that show, but do not remember this episode. Maybe, censored)

From: YouKnowWho* , 187 months, post #2
Cheers Inry, you've obviously put in a lot of effort in doing that and I hate to be the first (and probably only) person to criticise but from what I've found out, the Wedding Peach one is the last episode, 55. TV Tome seems to confirm this judging by the synopses of 4 and 55.

From: FenneX* , 187 months, post #3
I just downloaded "Wedding peach DX 4" (ed2k://|file|Wedding.Peach.DX.-.04.-.Fake.Love.Angels.avi|122605568|2ACC27BC8858C75D9F813D1ED8133BC8|/) - and it is THAT episode. Maybe, there are many enumeration system.

I also found Sou Anada in Torrent, but FanDan (N4) and GANBARUBAR are still mystery.
"School rumble" ep.26 downloaded too. I did not see it completely, but cat TFs not found. Another trouble.

From: YouKnowWho* , 187 months, post #4
I think the two episodes are one and the same. Some sites say that Wedding Peach has 51 episodes, whereas your episode 4 is from the Wedding Peach DX series. Simple maths would show that 51+4=55, therefore they are in fact the same episode.

From: nickname* , 187 months, post #5
Any links to torrents for wedding peach and sou nadana? I found one for the later but as soon as I download 25.1%, it stops. Tried multiple times. Strange, huh?

From: Inry* , 187 months, post #6
It exists, but with no sources.
Yes, my torren stopped too on 25.1%. Waiting for source.

From: Inry* , 187 months, post #7
torrent sou nanda downloaded OK! TF confirmed

From: Garath Xion* , 187 months, post #8
Wedding Peach the series ended on episode 51. I know this because I've seen every episode.

A bit later an OVA was made called Wedding Peach DX that takes place after the series end.

This means yes 'technically' that episode is Wedding Peach 55, but it's offical title is 'Wedding Peach DX 4' since it's part of the DX OVA. So yeah, basically it's the same episode, and both are right. Though anime geeks like tend to call it DX 4 due to the fact we see OVAs as seperate from the series itself. (not saying all anime geeks do, but alot tend to.)

From: YouKnowWho* , 187 months, post #9
Thanks for confirming that, Gareth. Don't suppose you know where to download the episode? I've found one file on LimeWire but it's taking its sweet time.

From: Garath Xion* , 187 months, post #10
Since the show's kinda 'licensed' in america (Though I hear DX was unlicensed for some inane reason recently) You can't find it other then on something like LimeWire as you found it. It'll take it's sweet time, but so far that's the only way to get it, not counting for it to be released in america.

Oh and it's GarAth by the way. Not Gareth. Think 'Gar-Wrath'

From: YouKnowWho* , 187 months, post #11
Thanks anyway Garath (sorry, the old eyes are going). So far on LimeWire I've got 1% of a 350-odd meg show after a week. Better put the kettle on...

From: guest , 160 months, post #12
what is the name of the show were it shows a girl with a green bow with orange shirt and what episode is that

From: guest , 160 months, post #13
what show is the blue and red cat from and what episode is it from

From: guest , 149 months, post #14
what is the name of the show where their is a pink screen and theirs alot of animals

From: Bodyswap1 , 149 months, post #15
I wonder if there is a japanese TG list somewhere on the internet?

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