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Dark body swap or possession stories
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From: guest (L) , 14 months, post #41
Phoebe Nix is a good one with some really good TG. They don't specialize in it but a number of their Amazon shorts have it.

From: guest (Rover457) , 9 months, post #42
Any few findings?

From: guest (Anon) , 9 months, post #43
New author, possession both F2F and M2F (primarily F2F):

Worth reading, especially if you have Kindle Unlimited. Might have a new story coming out soon according to their DA page:

From: guest (anthony) , 9 months, post #44
Any way for me to read Tim O Fee, The Possession Ring? Cannot access Kindle. Thanks.

From: guest (JT) , 8 months, post #45
It looks like it's Amazon only, I've noticed that some authors avoid other platforms like smashwords for some reason. must be because of the formatting requirements but it's still annoying...

I have a few submissions for some good people with dark body swap and possession stories. Depends on how big of a story you want - I like a lot of caption writers since they make super short caption stories. I don't usually have time to read a full short story. I've read authors already mentioned in the thread and recommend all of them especially the ones on Amazon.

A dark body swap and possession writer I recently found is Anita Foote on Deviantart ( They seem new and I've liked several of them. They're shorter than the others i'm about to mention if you like darker caption stories then she has good promise. I messaged her and she says she wants to make stories on Amazon eventually.

M Wills was mentioned earlier in this thread and has a deviantart too if you wanted to support. Lots of dark stories here if you like captions (

Another one mentioned is Jimmy Zappa (

Finally, a long time favorite Nikki L. Falcon has a Deviantart and has some dark stories throughout their catalogue (

From: guest (Timofee) , 8 months, post #46
Hi, this is the author of The Possession Ring story mentioned above. Currently, because of being enrolled in Kindle unlimited, I can't publish either of my stories on other platforms. I am looking into publishing on smashwords for future stories (and when the exclusivity runs out on this one) but it won't be for another month or so at the earliest, I'm sorry.

From: guest (Anon) , 6 months, post #47
Just wanted to bump this thread since Tim O' Fee, the author of the Possession Ring story, released a few more stories on Amazon:

From: guest (Watari) , 5 months, post #48
Loving This Body by Anita Foote on Amazon is a recent one I just read. It's a Kindle Unlimited book so it's free with a free trial.

It's about a husband who is seeing an escort in secret, and now their relationship is public. The escort's falling in love with him, but the husband is having sex with her because he's preparing her body to be taken over by his transgender wife. Once the transgender wife is inside of her new female body, they quickly get to work to seal her in her new body forever. She loves her new body as they make love while the escort remains trapped in her head

From: guest (Deetoo) , 5 months, post #49
In one of the “Writers of the Future” collections there is a story called “Surrogate” by MC Summers. The story is about a man who makes his living occupying the bodies of wealthy pregnant women so they can carry on their lives in a non-pregnant body until after the birth. He gets hired by a beautiful woman who wants him to surrogate the full nine months of the pregnancy, which is far longer than usual. After months in which he comes to feel that he is this woman and becomes to feel as if the child is his, he has a miscarriage. It turn out the woman was recording his thoughts and emotions the whole time as a kind of dark entertainment.

From: guest (JT) , 4 months, post #50
Taking His Sister's Body by Jimmy Zappa is one where a brother and sister get their bodies stolen/possessed by body thieves. The issue is that the body thieves don't even realize that they're brother and sister now. The siblings always used protection up until that point (they were in love and looked like a married couple) so the body thieves don't even realize they're related to each other now as they make love without protection repeatedly. The sister watches as a passenger and is horrified as her mind becomes locked away. The thieves find their IDs and see their old address and decide to go, thinking the same last name means they're married. Wonder what mom and dad will think? Never made a sequel but I've wondered the repercussions.

From: guest (Guest a) , 4 months, post #51
Post #50 can you share the link for the story

From: guest (sick of) , 4 months, post #52
Post #51 you can get it if you just drag-copy-paste the title and the author in Google

From: guest , 4 months, post #53
some of his books

From: guest (Olly) , 4 months, post #54
Wow. Just found a new, incredible and very dark comic about an old rich man possessing a hot, young female model. It's *very* dark so I won't link to it, but if you have seen it, you know what I am talking about.

From: guest (treecatt) , 4 months, post #55
Iwashita Shoten has put out a number of hentai comics that are dark. A number of them have been translated to English. Available of various hentai sites.

From: guest (Jim) , 4 months, post #56
Post #54 Not even the name at least. Thanks for your non existent and useless information.

From: guest (Curious56) , 4 months, post #57
I am assuming Post#55 is a troll there is no such story.

From: guest (Curious56) , 4 months, post #58
Apologies, I mean Post#54 by Olly

From: guest (xas12) , 4 months, post #59
"Cepi Corpus " is a good one. Essentially this witch cheats death by possessing bodies. But she ends up, for some reason, possessing the body of a man, the man is still there, but he is "stuck", an observer in his own body. She decides to transition and goes through a sex change surgery.

From: guest , 4 months, post #60
Realistically, you can make any body swap or possession story, or any other story for that matter, dark by turning down all of the lights and putting the brightness settings of your computer or smartphone at a bare minimum and invert the colors of your screen so that you can read white on black!

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