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Upcoming TG Movie - The Sex Trip
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From: guest (Me) , 6 months, post #181
Is there a transformation scene like boobs growing?

From: Holly Dunn , 6 months, post #182
In Hollywood, there is the saying when it comes to what the network executives are looking for:: "We want the same, but different." That means the same formula of something else that succeeded, but different characters or setting. This movie follows the Lalola concept in many ways, though the character does not fall for a guy. A formula that succeeded in many other countries, but not here.

How the transformation is handled:

Click to show spoiler
Ab culfvpny genafsbezngvba vf fubjrq. Ur jnxrf hc naq tbrf vagb gur onguebbz gb crr, fvzvyne gb gur Ynybyn genafsbezngvbaf. Ohg vg vf n ovg ovg zber CT-13 guna gur Ynybyn jnxr-hcf.


Click to show spoiler
Gur zbivr jbhyq qrsvavgryl or engrq E va gur HFN. Vg jnf sha naq frkl, ohg gur znva punenpgre qbrf abg hfrf gur rkcrevrapr gb yrnea gb erfcrpg jbzra naq vf riraghnyyl ghearq onpx gb or jvgu gur jbzna ur snyyf va ybir jvgu jura ur vf n jbzna. Gur raqvat genafsbezngvba vf unaqyrq gur fnzr jnl, ohg vf jbegu n ynhtu.

Anyway, the transformations are are definitely "The same, but different." But American Hollywood is obviously not ready for this, and network executives probably aren't going to show this on Showtime, Cinemax, or any of the 100's of other cable channels. I doubt it will even make it to Netflix.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 6 months, post #183
I saw an Instagram post with the male character in lingerie. I'm assuming he transforms back wearing that?

From: Tuggy24g , 6 months, post #184
What sucks about this movie/whole situation is the movie was made in the US. Its an English speaking movie yet it has only arised in Russian. So now I have to watch an english movie is russian. :(

From: guest (Valkan) , 6 months, post #185
Found the stream for it on another forum. The movie didn't do everything I wanted it to do, but as far as TG movies go I think it is pretty good. Had all the "fun and games" you would want in a 2nd act.

Wish it wasn't a camera rip though. Takes away from the movie.

From: Air Gear , 6 months, post #186
Apologies if posted before, a Russian version of the trailer with some footage I haven't seen before. Treat as NSFW. Yes, even the thumbnail.

From: guest (para) , 6 months, post #187
I didn't find a ton of my personal preferred 'content' in the film unfortunately. Of course, with English dialogue there might be a little bit more to latch on to. The biggest let down for me is the lack of sexual content compared to what is shown in the trailers. For a movie that seems to embrace the sexual aspect of the transformation -- with a long scene taking place in a sex shop, lingering shots on scantily dressed women, and multiple scenes where the narrator is hit on -- it remains almost oddly averse to any actual sex.

The trailer shows a scene where it looks like she is about to use a sex toy. Well, that is basically the entire scene already in the trailer. It cuts in the same place in the film. I know it's Hollywood and they can't go too far, but there's not even an off camera hint. There's a line in the trailer where the transformed character says to her male friend "you are me are going to do the nasty." Seems like a bold choice, right? Well,Click to show spoiler
nal npghny npgvivgl vf fgbccrq jura fur trgf fhecevfrq ol ure svefg crevbq. Maybe some will find a laugh here, but I think it's frustrating for not taking a chance.

It might work for some people, in and out of this community. Technically, for a smaller budget film the move itself is pretty well made, Personally I was disappointed based on my own expectations set from the trailer. Not the film's fault of course, and your mileage may vary.

From: ColoradoDog , 5 months, post #188
Just a head's up: the Russian release of the movie is floating around. Just search for "Sekas Movie" on Google!

From: ColoradoDog , 5 months, post #189
Oops, I meant to say search for "Sekas Trip" on Google

From: Tuggy24g , 5 months, post #190
Sucks that it is not in English even those it is an English movie. Also the leaked video of the movie is not is good quality :(

From: Holly Dunn , 5 months, post #191
And even worse, that Russian chick's voice is super annoying.

From: guest , 5 months, post #192
It's on YouTube in Russian but super high HD quality if anyone wants to see it.

From: guest (Mr X) , 5 months, post #193

Where can I find it? I mean, I know you can't give a direct link, but can you give some hints on how to find it?

From: guest (Guest) , 5 months, post #194
The fictionmania irc forum is a good place to start

From: guest (Mr X) , 5 months, post #195
Found it. Thanks, Guest. :)

From: Tuggy24g , 2 months, post #196

From: Bodyswap1 , 2 months, post #197
Please stop trolling (Tuggy24g)

From: hskfmn , 2 months, post #198
Bodyswap1, I hope you're kidding, but it's hard to tell online.

Tuggy was trying to bump up all the recent/site-relevant threads and bury all the troll posts from the last couple days.

Thank you Tuggy for taking the time to do this! I know I personally appreciate it.

From: hskfmn , 2 months, post #199

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