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New movie "Tomboy" [Now known as 2016's "(Re) Assignment"]
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From: cj , 21 months, post #121
I don't particularly like either name, but IMO "(Re)Assigned" is the better of the two.

"Tomboy", brings to my mind the general definion of "Tomboy" in common use, or the movie Tommy Boy, neither of which are anywhere near as dramatic or horrible as the subject matter of this story.

Perhaps a more fitting title would be something akin to, "Hitman's Revenge" or "Worse Than Death" (no, that might make it sound too antagonistic of those seeking gender-affirmation surgery), maybe "Hell Hath No Fury as a Woman Turned".

From: guest (Saint) , 21 months, post #122
I've read the script. Don't get your hopes up over this movie. It reads like a bad fictionmania story. Sad thing is, Karyn Kusama wrote an incredible script about a man who transforms into a woman called The Invisible X. It was thoughtful, and interesting and engaging and actually had something to say about gender. It was a really great script and it couldn't find financing. Unless Walter Hill's film is really stylish or intentionally cheesy and fun (Con Air?) I simply do not understand how this movie got made.

One good thing about the script: the villain gets a pretty great comeuppance.

From: guest (KJ) , 21 months, post #123
When you search "Karyn Kusama The Invisible X." you get some great articles. Here is a bit from one;

"When Karyn Kusama, draped in laurels, left the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, she could hardly have imagined the turbulent path that lay ahead. Her first feature–the seminal (and semi-autographical) female boxing drama Girlfight–had just taken the Grand Jury and directing awards; it was booked for Cannes; Screen Gems was set to distribute. Not unlike her film's protagonist, Kusama, then 32, was simmering with ambition.

Then reality set in.

Kusama spent the better part of three years trying to find financing for her passion project, an original sci-fi script called Invisible X, only to meet with rejection at every turn. Its unconventional take on issues of gender and identity was deemed problematic, and prospective backers wondered why she couldn't just write another crowd-pleaser like Girlfight."

From: guest (Saint) , 21 months, post #124
Kusama believed that she’d earned at least the right for her next film — a sci-fi script she’d written about a man who begins changing into a woman against his will — to be taken seriously. But, to put it mildly, it was not.

“It was pretty interesting to have agents and managers say, ‘There is no way my client is going to play a character who is shedding his masculinity, and then have that role taken over by a woman. No fucking way,’” Kusama said. One manager of a major A-list star was “repulsed” by the script, especially a scene in which the man’s balls literally fall off on the bathroom floor.

“It was kind of funny, because it’s not that challenging,” Kusama continued, her genial voice taking on an edge. “But in the same way [as with Girlfight [when people said, ‘Can Laura Dern play this part instead?’ — people said, ‘You know, you would have a lot more success making this if this guy would turn into a dog.’”

From: Air Gear , 21 months, post #125
Saw a film where that kind of happened in reverse (kind of). Trailer isn't all that explanatory, though and it is arthouse.

From: cj , 21 months, post #126
RE: Tiresia (2003) -- Yes that trailer did leave me a bit wanting for more description or explanation... looked like it was going to be some BDSM (or at least the bondage part) flick for a moment. Though with the title and the titular character so closely named to Tiresias of Greek Mythology...

Anyhow, here's a link to a plot summary @ IMDB --

From: Air Gear , 21 months, post #127
Well, I've actually seen the film and ... I still couldn't really explain to you what it was about.

From: Holly Dunn , 21 months, post #128
Back to this thread topic... I can't wait to see what the movie transformation is or isn't. In the 1980's I think there was an HBO half hour horror/comedy episodic show that a surgeon turned a man into a woman using 1980's surgery. And he was played by a man before and then a woman after one surgery. So bad.

Hoping the movie uses some sci fi to stretch our minds and give us some ideas of future possibilities. Even with a dark context plot, I find that more hopeful than a plot about being butchered down below, given breast implants, and that makes you female. You need female hormones continuously if you are a genetic male to keep from growing facial hair and the like. Normal trans people deal with that. Facial surgeries are often one at high expense, but the beard in the movie may hide some of that.. The macho assassin never would keep taking hormones, though`, unless they altered his gender identity.

He'd have his genitals removed and have breast implants which could be removed while his beard grew back if there isn't some sci fi and he comes off hormones.

We'll see.

From: Air Gear , 21 months, post #129
Well, maybe there's electrolysis thrown in plus the facial surgery and a hormone implant plus some Face/Off unspecified future technology we don't actually have yet (and possibly never will).

From: guest (guest) , 21 months, post #130
I read the script. Everything is off screen. And explained as "you were given a sex change." It's really disappointing. Even more so . . . there's no point to the punishment. It's not ironic or to teach him a lesson and there's never a moment where being a woman has an advantage or a disadvantage. It's bizarre how pointless it all is.

From: guest (rush) , 21 months, post #131
If the movie took place in the future that would make new technologies plausible. But I don't get the impression it's from the future.

From: Holly Dunn , 21 months, post #132
@guest (guest)

Too bad if what you read and your interpretation is correct.

Is the script posted somewhere? Or are you in the industry or subscribe to a pro site whee the script is posted?

From: guest (Guest) , 21 months, post #133
I'm not in the industry but the script is available online if you do some digging. It was being passed around by request. I have not seen the finished film so it's possible through performance, camera and editing the film has more meaning but from what I read it honestly don't understand what inspired Walter Hill or why you his talent cast would sign on. Plus, (and maybe I've been spoiled by Mike from Breaking Bad) but the "Tomboy", Michelle Rodriguez character, has got to be the dimmest assassin I've ever seen.

From: guest (KJ) , 21 months, post #134
Saint, post #124,

Now that sounds like a movie I would want to see.

From: guest (Saint) , 21 months, post #135
I'm actually surprised, with Kusama's comeback film The Invitation being a critical hit that she couldn't find financing for it. It honestly couldn't cost that much except for the special effects. Most of it could be done with makeup but a majority of the movie just takes place in interior locations. It's really a beautifully written script. It's almost dream-like but not surreal. There's all sorts of great subtle commentary about what society expects from men and women.

There aren't a lot of jokes but one of my favorite moments is when the "new woman" is wondering around the city and decides to go back to "her" favorite bar. She sits down and the bartender looks at her and says "we've got cosmos, whiskey sours, chocolate martinis . . . . " and she interrupts him and orders "Double scotch. Neat."

It's a great little scene. It seems like a potentially great movie but the trick is half of the movie is performed by a man and the other half has to be performed by a woman who is suppose to be the genetic equivalent for the character.

It'd be different.

From: guest (KJ) , 21 months, post #136
"The Invisible X", wow, am reading articles about it from 6 years ago. Rachel Weisz playing the woman, would love to have seen this come about, rather than what seems to be is going to be rather bad.

From: guest (Saint) , 21 months, post #137
You know what's a weird coincidence? Michelle Rodriguez's first film was Kusamas first movie.

From: guest (rush) , 21 months, post #138
I think I read about The Invisible X on here a long time ago and forgot about it. I definitely would want to see this movie. It sounds similar to Orlando.

From: Air Gear , 21 months, post #139
It's also the first film to reunite Michelle Rodriguez with her Avatar co-star Sigourney Weaver. This is even more surprising than when the film to reunite Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock was The Lake House .

(The Korean original Il Mare was better.)

From: guest (ScotiaNova) , 20 months, post #140
Guardian's review of [reassignment.

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