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New movie "Tomboy" [Now known as 2016's "(Re) Assignment"]
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From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #101
I think it's fair to say that a change in a state of mind is just as valid as any other kind of change. It seems quite likely that our lead character is going to have to learn to live with this. That seems just as likely a direction this film is going in as everything else, isn't it?

From: guest (guest1) , 22 months, post #102
don't assign the word cis to straight men and women...unless you want straight men and women to choose what words they want to use to label you ie faggot, tranny or freak's a two way street, if you don't want to be labelled then don't label others

From: guest (guest1) , 22 months, post #103
regardless of your opinion on the topic, if straight males and females are offended you should not use the word cis just as they shouldn't use derogatory terms for others. As a straight man I am offended by the word cis.

From: guest (Guest) , 22 months, post #104
What does cis even stand for?

From: guest (guest) , 22 months, post #105
cis is a term which is the opposite of transgender in that the definition of gender assigned at birth is either embraced by the person or rejected. CIS means I was assigned female and I identify as female. Trans means, I was assigned male at birth but I identity as female.

I am not trans and I have supported, defended and sympathized with the transgender community but recently I have noticed a backlash that is making me mad. I feel like "CIS" is starting to be used in a lot of attacks. Instead of pointing of bigots it's become this blanket, nuclear option and it's frankly making me lose sympathy for the trans community.

From: cj , 22 months, post #106
"It seems quite likely that our lead character is going to have to learn to live with this."


If that were to happen to most of the people I know around here, they'd likely pursue vengeance, justice, and then deal with their mind / body gender issues like any other transgender person would. I can't say which course any one person would take, as there really is no standard, each individual chooses their own course.

Cis vs. Trans

Cis and Trans are prefixes derived from opposing Latin bases. Regardless of our desire to be labeled or not, we will still be grouped by labels many times throughout our lives. It is part of our human desire to define and identify others (and whether we share interests and history) and organize things in life. When not used in a derogatory way, it would be similar to defining someone as a Man or a Woman, perhaps a Child or an Adult, or able to help me push my car out of this snow bank, or perhaps in need of having the snow shoveled from their walk for them. Depending on the context used, Cis vs Trans can better define a person, their past, or views on a specific topic of discussion. Regardless of labels and grouping, everyone should still be treated with respect and as a person.

"don't assign the word cis to straight men and women...unless you want straight men and women to choose what words they want to use to label you ie faggot, tranny or freak etc..."

Cis does not always equal straight. You can be cis and be homosexual. Also, if anyone on the street chooses to label me, they'd look like an idiot, especially if they don't know me, and we're not discussing gender or genetics... or sexual preference. People are going to call you whatever they will, but being improperly identified is annoying. I'm Cis-male, and I don't give a rat's you-know-what if I'm called such. I feel that your post was made in haste, and that its true meaning was lost. :-(

"... As a straight man I am offended by the word cis."

Really? You're offended by being defined as a man who was born a boy? You're offended by being lucky enough to have been born into a correctly-gendered body? I'm curious. Why do you feel offended? Also, you're not offended by being labeled as "straight"?

"I feel like "CIS" is starting to be used in a lot of attacks... it's frankly making me lose sympathy for the trans community."

I can understand why it's used by some. Labels group... divide people - and those who feel under-attack, or ignored will often target the group they feel is wronging them, regardless of the fact that it just a small portion of people and not that entire group who are the "enemy". Those types of generalizations need to stop, on both sides of the divide. Use the labels to help, not to hurt.

From: cj , 22 months, post #107
And I really am curious as to why guest1 (post 103) was offended being called "cis". That wasn't me being a dick, I really want to know.

From: guest (Reader) , 22 months, post #108
cis-gendered....Typically used by whiners who complain about not being accepted for who they are, so have to create a label to put on the majority of people for being okay with the gender they were born with.

From: guest (Bud) , 22 months, post #109
CJ, I want a pot of gold for being an evil but "lucky" cis male. LOL

The guilt tripping and shaming for being a white male in America is hilarious.
I thought liberals were all about "I was born this way". Oh wait, that only applies to minority groups right?

From: cj , 22 months, post #110
"Typically used by whiners who complain about not being accepted for who they are, so have to create a label to put on the majority of people for being okay with the gender they were born with."

I can't recall hearing it used in such context. Usually I only hear it being used to help define gender at birth compared to gender identity. Usually in scientific / sociological discussions.

"I want a pot of gold for being an evil but "lucky" cis male."

Sheesh, you're already lucky enough, you greedy man. :-)

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #111
Learn to live with in the sense that there seems to be the point being made that the process is irreversible.

Using another example in the vaguely same ballpark, the Portuguese version on Lalola (Ele e Ela) is not on many people's favourite list (probably just mine here actually) but it's by far the most realistic in terms of how they set about trying to deal with the situation for the entire series. Almost all the others end up not changing back nor wanting to when they get the chance but is that actually likely? Is it really?

(That reminds me, I have to write a bit on that one next - to the thread searching thing to find ... that thread.)

From: guest (Bud) , 22 months, post #112
I wanna know where da gold at.

But seriously, why are people already throwing this movie under the bus and trashing it? There isn't even a trailer for it and people are already trying to start and instigate drama over it. Why not see the film before you go all social justice warrior?

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #113
I would like to believe that they sat down and tried to anticipate at least some of the criticisms they would get for the premise and work out a way in the plot to subvert those expected outcomes that people would criticise.

I.e. try and avoid as many of the obvious pitfalls as possible.

From: guest , 22 months, post #114
I for one am really looking forward to this movie. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but how many mainstream Hollywood movies even come close to tackling any form of TG or TG related material. Plus I have always thought Michelle Rodriguez is super hot.

From: guest (another guest) , 22 months, post #115
I don't think this movie is considered "mainstream Hollywood", but it's definitely got a really great cast and a legendary filmmaker.

I mean, Walter Hill is past his prime and he's definitely had his flops but he's had a great career and he's much more seasoned than Nicholas Brooks (Sam) or Anthony G. Cohen (The Sex Trip).

This is the guy that gave us The Warriors, The Getaway, 48 Hours and freakin' Alien. He also directed some underappreciated films like Last Man Standing and Wild Bill. Not sure about Bullet to the Head. Depending on who I've talked to I've heard it was either "fun" or "complete garbage".

ReAssignment looks like a pulpy, exploitative, grindhouse crime movie. I'm surprised people are taking the time to even complain about it like it's going to have a huge influence. I guarantee you it'll be playing at art house theaters and not your local cineplex.

I'm really curious to see a trailer. And get more of the plot. Who is Caitlin Gerard's character? Why is Michelle Rodriguez's character transformed?

From: guest (KJ) , 22 months, post #116
I would prefer that somehow the M to F is not done with just the technology we have today.

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #117
To add to KJ's point, anyone remember this classic (hard to believe it's been almost 20 years, isn;t it?). Though, believe it or not, up to a point, we can actually do something like this now (though of course, nowhere near as far as this movie).

From: guest , 22 months, post #118
Too add to the two post above us I think Memory Run/Synapse is closer to what this film is.

I am optimistic about the movie but will wait till the trailer to pass any judgment.

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #119
Came for the Sci-fi, stayed for the Saul Rubinek.

From: Holly Dunn , 22 months, post #120
What do you guys think about the new title? Will it be easier or harder to find it/reference it on the Internet with this new title?

Try searching both titles and see what comes up.

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