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New movie "Tomboy" [Now known as 2016's "(Re) Assignment"]
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From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #61
"It's going to be like Memory Run in my option."

On that note, shall we have a go at coming up with another title? I can't be the only one who thinks it's currently kind of terrible.

From: guest (KJ) , 22 months, post #62
"beautiful Michelle Rodriguez'

Far from it in my opinion

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #63
I don't think that really works as a movie title especially from a marketing point of view. For starters, people might mix up that it's referring to the actress as opposed to a new film they're in. It's not distinct enough from the person, for starters.

From: cj , 22 months, post #64
Without knowing the full story being told, especially if there are twists or spoilers to be revealed, then we don't really know if the current title is the most fitting or not. And when you take into account the ignorance of the general public and their feelings / reactions to any "alterations" when it comes to matters that deviate from the "normal" binary and at-birth gender -- this title may be the best choice for pulling revenue from the masses who are either there to watch a violent revenge movie, see Michelle Rodriguez, or catch a horror flick where someone cuts off a guy's unit (and he reacts like most guys think they would - find and kill the SOBs who did it). My take on it anyhow.

Long story, short -- Not enough knowledge of the full story to accurately / adequately rename the movie.

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #65
Would it help if I'm more making a joke than anything else and it's not compulsory that the title be serious (post 63 serious - not serious)? Also, after we've seen the movie, we can come back and see who was closest (quite possibly by accident).

We don't do enough group activities here, it'll be team bonding and everything.

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #66
PS. #62

Boooooo that man (or woman or other) Boooooooo that (etc).

From: guest (KJ) , 22 months, post #67
Boooo that I have personal opinion?

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #68
Lighten up Francis ;-)

We're all just having fun here.

From: guest (KJ) , 22 months, post #69
I find her repulsive

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #70
OK, some of us more fun than others then ...

Moving on ...

How about Revenge! - The Movie!

I mean as terrible things you can do to a person, that's quite terrible. To add, being the recipient of such attention, the revenge you'd want to take, well that'd be pretty revengeful (is that even a word), yes? It'd definitely be up there.

From: guest (Zhang Fei Fan) , 22 months, post #71
How about "Go Assassin Go "?

Just kidding LOL...

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #72
  • Applause*

From: cj , 22 months, post #73
KJ - Her physical looks don't appeal greatly to me either, so you're not alone. IMO, she's not ghastly-looking enough for me to be repulsed though. Everybody has different tastes, and that's part of what makes the world great. :-)

"Revenge! - The Movie!"

I like it. Vague, yet accurate.

From: guest (vup) , 22 months, post #74
How 'bout we call it:

"Dude, where's my junk?"

From: cj , 22 months, post #75
"Dude, where's my junk?"

While that would be a fun title - I can see someone taking it too seriously, and then suggesting that you start looking here -- -- or here -- -- or findClick to show spoiler
Bfpne gur Tebhpu


From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #76
I regret to say I have seen this film

The gore seems to have been obscured in this trailer by making the image a negative one. Nothing will protect you from the quality of the acting (or lack of thereof).

From: guest (vup) , 22 months, post #77
Ok, "Dude, Where Are My 'nads?"

A cross between Victim and Hit Girl, a man awakes believing he's missing something, but can't quite put his finger on it. Hijinks ensue.

Protagonist: I'm gonna hunt you down and kill you for this!

Villain: And how do you plan to do that?

P: I'm a hitman by training, you know.

V: Crap, I hadn't thought about that.

From: guest (Jason) , 22 months, post #78
Michelle Rodriguez wouldn't be my first choice if I could pick who to be but she still is attractive. I can show you photos of her where she looks undeniably beautiful. Others not so much. So to me it has more to do with how she wears her hair and makeup.

From: Air Gear , 22 months, post #79
So, you're saying, called it Let's Go Nuts! then, 77?

From: guest (vup) , 22 months, post #80
We don't want to scare away people who might be allergic. Or maybe they might prefer to have the nuts gone.

If Kirk Cameron had played the "before" character, they could have called it "Groin Pains".

Maybe: "Slashed and Furious: Gone in Sixty Seconds"

Since Michelle Rodriguez is a celeb playing a character on a journey, they could call it "Star Trek: The Search for C*ck". Might be tough to get that one on a marquis, though.

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