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New movie "Tomboy" [Now known as 2016's "(Re) Assignment"]
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From: guest , 31 months, post #21
Probably all the more reason to leave a few blanks along the way unfilled.

From: guest , 31 months, post #22
A pity they didn't got someone more feminine-looking than Rodriguez. She has rough features already, so the change won't be that radical.

From: guest , 31 months, post #23
I can't say I agree with that. Probably the best way for that to work is to cast a different actor to play the male version of the character before who shares a believable resemblance to Michelle Rodriguez. If anything, making the change look not too radical would actually make it much more believable too.

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 31 months, post #24
Agreed. Turning a contract killer into Bella Thorne or Ariana Grande would just be a comedy, this casting makes it more believable.

From: guest , 31 months, post #25
Either way I really really would like to see the film and hopefully the LGBT community isn't successful and trying to make this film not happen.

From: guest (KJ) , 31 months, post #26
"the LGBT community"

Becoming the hate group they accuse others of being.

From: guest , 31 months, post #27
They aren't this one great big monolithic bloc so I think it's unfair to lump all their opinions together like that.

On the other hand, a lot will have to do with how well the people scripting this thing set about it. If it's badly done and offensive to most people, well the majority of criticism for all people who voice an opinion of it will be negative, not just a particular group.

From: guest (KJ) , 31 months, post #28
They do it to others, such as Christians

From: cj , 31 months, post #29
Please back off of the political opinions, unless they are directly related to the OP topic. We are starting to veer off-topic. This thread is about the new movie.

From: guest , 31 months, post #30
If the makers have any sense, they should be able to anticipate what many of the (quite legitimate) complaints would be if they do certain things in the screenplay. Make it a point of avoiding those things from the outset.

Using a quite tangential example of an example demonstrating how that could both be done and not done is the MTV show Faking It. Originally there was a lot of alarm about the supposed premise before it aired but then it started to win a lot of support or at least a we'll wait and see attitude from those groups with what they actually did.

Though if you want to see how much of all that good and hard work got wiped out in the last 17 seconds of the last episode of Season 1, watch that season finale. Oh so close ...

They've kind of undone some of the damage over Season 2 but they did inflict on themselves quite a spectacular flame out which they could have handled much better.

From: guest , 31 months, post #31
They also might want to work on the title too.

From: guest (KJ) , 31 months, post #32
OK cj

From: guest , 31 months, post #33
OK, challenge for everyone. What sort of things can this film do so that it doesn't fall into all the usual traps you'd expect from this premise and hence offend the maximum number of people. (You'll never avoiding absolutely everyone no matter what you do but you can minimise it by actually surprising most people by avoiding the worst aspects of what they might expect).

Ideas on what to do and what to avoid?

From: guest , 31 months, post #34
Well, a lot of things that show up in Lalola are definitely out, like having to put up with people getting grabby with you at work, people shocked that you smoke a cigar, order a certain drink or are into sports. I mean that stuff was dated when it came out even in Latin America.

Stuff you could do is deal with the hassle with clothing. Not because he "has to" dress a certain way, but because he may have to go undercover and require a certain wardrobe. Here, context is everything and being a spy/hitman makes things easier.

(a trope that is so used and so ridiculous in stories is to have a bossy friend or mom who drags the person to the mall "well, you HAVE to dress like a lady". What? That's such lazy writing. Have your character put in a situation where he has to wear something he's uncomfortable, and in a way that is believable).

From: guest , 31 months, post #35
Well, I'm going to take a step back and assume it's going to be along of the lines of from the person responsible's point of view, they're trying to humiliate their enemy as much as possible. So it'd probably be more like The Skin I Live In (which got away with its dark premise due to the charm of its lead).

So I'm guessing, after the surgery by force (no way around that being horrible), they've presumably set our lead up for being brainwashed (probably through conditioning and torture - all carrot and stick stuff) until they forget who they are and to add to the humiliation (from the perpetrator's point of view) by turning them into as submissive a female as possible. I'm further guessing this plan goes wrong when they escape, eventually break their conditioning and remember who they are and it ends with them having to make a choice about getting changed back or not.

(In real life, it's reversible in the same way as fixing a smashed vase is. You can glue at the pieces back together but it's obviously not going to look the same, is it. At best in terms of physical attributes it's approximate really.)

From: guest , 30 months, post #36
Here is a picture of Michelle in make up as the man. So she is playing both roles not just the female side.

From: guest , 30 months, post #37
That's what I figured they were most likely doing. As long as it's convincing in live action and the acting is good (as well as the script obviously), well then it might just work. Are they actually filming or is this just makeup tests?

From: guest , 30 months, post #38
Here are some new picture on set of the movie.

All the pictures are on this website of you want to scroll though them.

From: guest (Saint) , 30 months, post #39
Oh wow. Very cool find! Thanks.

From: guest , 30 months, post #40
So what do we all think? This is probably going to be good to very good or bad to extremely bad. I can't see it just being ordinary or mediocre.

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