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If you could ageshift...
From: guest (JandS) , 76 months, post #1
Another "what if" topic...
For AR/AP fans !

I used a concept in my captions blog ( , sorry for the advertisment :p) : the Ageshifters.
The principle : miraculously, some people in the world obtain age-shifting ability. They can alter their own age at will (AR or AP). They can also rejuvenate or grow older people nearby just by thought. But, for a beginner, this last ability only works 6 hours and can only be used 1 time a week on the same person (and they are exhausted if they use it too much without rest).

This concept gave me lot of ideas for my F2F/AR blog, even though, I wanted to know : If you became suddenly an age-shifter, what will you do ?

From: cj , 76 months, post #2
Maybe... go back to school... just not sure if grade, junior/middle, high, or college/university.

Definitely, drop a decade or two of wear & tear, and use my acquired knowledge and experience to try a different path through life... oh, and enjoy the heck out of that reclaimed youth and youthful energy, endurance, and ability.

Do I get TG with my AR?

From: guest (JandS) , 76 months, post #3
Nope, it's just AR or AP. But hey, it's just for fun ! So let's imagine you've got the TG too if you want ;)

From: cj , 76 months, post #4
No TG - nix the back to school... I'll stick to mid-20's though. :-)

From: guest (Nintendo_Ninja) , 76 months, post #5
I wonder to what extent the age reversal work? Like if someone was crippled and they age reversed themselves to an age where they weren't, would they still be crippled or their body match whatever age they were in. That sounds great, but I’d imagine it would have some disadvantages. Imagine accidentally age reversing yourself into an age where you were sick, or an age where you were recovering from a terrible accident. Might be some good story telling in that.

I'd probably just age reverse myself to 15. I have such a youthful looking face that I still need to be carded anyway (When I trick or treat with my niece everyone thinks I’m a freshman in high school). I could use the extra energy, that's for sure. As for doing others, it would be nice age reverse my mom to an age where she didn’t have so many health problems and have a nice time with my niece at our local amusement park. The six hours would go by fast, but the memories would last a lifetime.

From: guest (Wassel) , 76 months, post #6
I remember watching a movie when I was a kid that involved AR and AP that always stuck with me. The basic concept was that this teenager has the hots for his teacher and uses this invention that his brainy best friend invented (to help plants grow faster or some such thing) to make himself the same age as her. Shenanigans ensue as he tries to woo her, changing back and forth while he does. Until in the end she discovers the truth (after falling for him back). Basically ends with the teacher de-aging herselfand the brainy best friend replacing her as the teacher so that her and the main character can be together. Which I always thought was quite a ballsy move for what was essentially a Disney style movie.

Anyone else familiar with this movie?

Anyway, always thought this was a good idea for a AP/AR story, so thought I'd just drop it in here :D

From: guest (JandS) , 76 months, post #7
Ninja > Good idea for cripple ! I didn't think about it ^^ !

But the power makes your body younger (or older) by regenerating cells. I doesn't alter time. So if you rejuvenate someone crippled to an age he was not, he will not be crippled (her cells regenerates). But if you rejuvenate someone in good state to an age he had a broken arm for example, her arm will not be "broken" again.

Wassel > Yeah ! I saw this movie. It was equivalent to "Big" with Tom Hanks but with a "happy" ending (In "Big", the grown up woman don't want to be young again)

From: cj , 76 months, post #8
"Anyone else familiar with this movie?"

Yep. "14 Going on 30" from 1988. Loved that one, wished I could have been the one who became the younger Peggy myself.

From: smrwilly , 76 months, post #9
If I keep my knowledge and aptitudes, I could probably try to AR until 6 years old (I need to know how writing).
But only if I'm 6 in 1985 (the age I was this date), not now in 2015!

From: guest (JandS) , 76 months, post #10
Sorry smrwilly, you could not travel back in time. It's just physical AR or AP ;)

From: JayGee , 76 months, post #11
Can you time shift as well. If I regressed 10 years, would it be 10 years ago as well? That way, I could try a whole bunch of options and see what works out best.

From: cj , 76 months, post #12
AR accompanied by reverse travel through time seems to be something that many of us would want. I think it may be safety or security through familiarity.

We've already been then and have a pretty good idea what to expect, and those are the times that helped to define who we are today. If we were to revert to an age where a person's foundations are set, then we prefer those same foundations... for the most part.

I'd hate to have missed all the fun things and experiences that I had as a kid if I were to grow up again. Probably half the stuff that we were able to do back then are "illegal" or "wrong" in some way. Sure we got hurt... but most of our friends and family and neighbors lived through it.

Still, you have to wonder... just what would you give up to AR (or TG)?

I'm sure that even with all the digital nannies and watchdogs... with all the padding and censoring... it would be fascinating to experience... at least for a short time, what it would be like to be a kid growing up today.

From: guest (JandS) , 76 months, post #13
If I had ageshift abilities, I'll dont use it on myself for now. I'm feeling good with my age now.

But, in the future, it could be fun to offer my wife some intimate moments with our young bodies. Just, even if in my concept I could be young forever, the fact that I could only rejuvenate her for 6 hours by week makes that I will not use it more than that. I would keep these moments of youth just for her. And immortality doesn't interest me.

Present days, I think I'll use it randomly, for fun (and for training). I'll remove some years to people I'll cross into the streets and see their reactions. I would not want my power to be known by everyone so I'll be really discreet and use it when they couldn't see me of when there'll be many people.
The only person I'll keep informed would be my wife and my close family. So, if my/her mother, my grandmother would like to be young for six hours, to enjoy it, I will help them.

Just for you to know, I created the time limit (6 hours by week) because I think, without it, it will be easy to lose control. Everyone would want to be young forever.

From: Repulso , 76 months, post #14
I'd regress back to my early twenties and stay there. Then I'd find a rich senior citizen and offer to regress him for the 6 hours a week but...I'd charge him.

From: guest (Jason) , 76 months, post #15
I had a dream that my ex used a spell to turn me into a 17 month old baby girl after catching me cheating. She humiliated me every moment of it and finally had me adopted out to a woman who refines young girls into lady like women at her school for girls. When I woke up I noticed I came all over myself

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