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Female Possession Games
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From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #1
Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew any video games that have female possession as I have trouble finding ones that I don't know.

Thanks in advance, Bahouden!

From: guest (anya) , 101 months, post #2
In Geist you play as a ghost and at one one point take over a woman's body while she's in the shower

From: Random , 101 months, post #3
There is an old Playstation 2 game called Tsugunai: Atonement(it's one of the early PS2 games, and was probably originally supposed to be a PS1 game) where you are a warrior who pisses off a goddess who separates you soul from your body. You have to possess multiple people in the game to make their lives better before you're allowed back in your body. There's a Let's Play of it on Youtube.

From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #4
Thanks for the help so far! If anyone has more feel free to share as I'm always looking for them :D

From: guest , 101 months, post #5
List of games in the possession tag at :

There's also this RPGMaker game called Devourer at tgmangas :

From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #6
Thanks for the contribution guest! Let's make this a great thread for possession fans! :D

From: guest , 101 months, post #7
Mindjack/Xbox 360 - Rather repetitive shooter but you get to possess the main female sidekick whenever you want for like 80% of the game. She's hot

Omikron the nomad soul/PC - Never played it but i watched it plenty. Run around a mid-res future city and possess people. Several women, but only a few are hot (one asian woman in black&blue tights...)

Dishonored/All platforms - Stealth RPG Possession is really a flashy stealth function here but their is one mission where you break into a brothel and can possess the ladies as much as you want

Messiah/PC - Puzzle shooter Doubt you could find this anywhere much less get it to work, but you play as a baby that can possess people (only one NPC female was worth possessing, a female cop commander and thats it really...

Geist/Gamecube Shooter You already have a link to this one. The best female possessions in my book. Three women with huge tits and full thick butts, and no time limit like dishonored.

Clive barkers Jericho/Xbox 360 Shooter Strictly FPS here but there are 3 (I think) women in tight black tights to possess but only the asian and black chicks are worth it. You get to switch between them as long as their there and the black shiny suits show there butts quite nicely.

From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #8
Thanks for the great info guest! Yeah, I agree with the list as I have played and/or owned them. The only one I don't have is Jericho but I have played it. :D and Yeah Messiah is hard to get working but you can purchase on

From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #9
Once you get to the Red Light District in Messiah, there are many nice women to possess including dancers, prostitutes, a waitress and a fun girl, and also half naked cyborg chicks.

From: guest , 101 months, post #10
Is their a video of female possessions in messiah?

From: guest (rinsa) , 101 months, post #11
Messiah is available to download from

From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #12
There isn't any ones with just possessions but if you search up the walkthrough, it has some.

From: ilovewrenadams , 101 months, post #13
Link to female possession in messiah?

From: ilovewrenadams , 101 months, post #14
Second sight has possession in it. Not sure about any females you can possess.

From: Hank Hill , 101 months, post #15
There are the Prototype games, where you can steal people's identities by absorbing them. Not a traditional possession, but you're able to snatch anyone you want off the street and play with them for most of the game.

From: guest , 101 months, post #16
Murdered soul suspect has it but it's not very good. It's just puzzle solving mechanic and you can't even control the host, just read minds to get clues... a 60$ mistake I made...

From: guest (Bahouden) , 101 months, post #17
Yeah, I remember purchasing Murdered as well. Too bad it didn't have possession where you could control the host. If it did, it would have been a great mechanic!

From: guest , 101 months, post #18
I know Destroy All Humans 2 and onwards had possession in which you could take over females. They had some nice female possessions. Too bad we have no news on whether another game in the series is on the way.

From: guest , 101 months, post #19
Avenging Spirit has female possession although it's more cartoony! I still hope you enjoy it though as you can purchase it in app store of Apple and Android I believe.

From: guest , 101 months, post #20
@ilovewrenadams - I remember playing second sight. There are three possible female possessions in the game. Once you've unlocked your astral possession power there are a couple of levels where you can possess the main female ally, a few where you can possess cleaning ladies at a research hq, and one level set in the back alleys of an urban center where you can possess gang members, some of which are female. When in possession of a body you can have short, slightly humorous dialogue with certain people, though no mention of awareness of gender. Second Sight is a really good game, even if you don't play it for the possession aspects.

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