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Multiple bodies [one person controls or is in two bodies]
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From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 87 months, post #121
I dunno if you guys want it but I have a ton of Japanese stories bookmarked. Unfortunately they're not translated, so Google Translate would be your friend.

From: guest , 87 months, post #122
I'm interested if you still have them.

From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 86 months, post #123
Unfortunately, Google Translate's not the best when it comes to translating grammar and names, so the English would be broken to hell (though, if someone's willing to tranlsate, that'd be pretty great). I've still got some more, I think this should be enough for now. Obviously they're all NSFW:

"Multiple Personality Transition"

"Art of Soul Division"

"Namco x Capcom: Morrigan Panic" (Fanfiction of a crossover game that only came out in Japan, which was a precursor to Project X Zone)

"Angelo's Bizarre Adventure" (Fanfiction of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable starring a minor villain)

"Dragon Ball Z: The Most Erotic Guy in the World!" (Fanfiction of DBZ starring Yamcha)

"Girls Und Panzer: Possession War" (Fanfiction of the anime Girls und Panzer)

"Ninja Kotori-kun" (Multi-possession starting at Episode/Part 5)

"Fleet Positivity" (Fanfiction of Kantai Collection)

"Spirit Blowing Possession Gun"

"The Mysterious USB Stick"

"Slime Gummy"

"Myself the Stranger"

This is a compilation of most of the writer ecvt's works. Most of them include multiple possession:

From: guest , 86 months, post #124
A lot of these sound familiar. Did you get them from Chilla's thread on Farhad's forum?

From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 86 months, post #125
Funnily enough, no. I did, however, find them through Chilla via like 3 degrees of separation.

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 86 months, post #126
Anything new?

From: guest (veteran21) , 84 months, post #127
I'm trying to restart something similar to "A Few Heads" from awhile back on chyoa...stories additions currently need to be approved but please add if interested! i will try to add on as I can as well.

From: guest (Hikaru) , 84 months, post #128
Well, this fits.

Unfortunately it isn't translated very well and may not be that great anyway.

From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 84 months, post #129
Oh, yeah, it's not. From what I've read it pretty much never takes as much advantage as it should of its premise, and generally either body is off doing its own thing without ever interacting with the other and they're basically treated as separate characters.

This is much better written, though not as lengthy (yet)

From: barackobrahma , 84 months, post #130
Tamashii series now in anime version!

Plz dont tell CJ thatClick to show spoiler

From: guest (BarackObrahma) , 81 months, post #131
Anything new? Guys? Are you alive?

From: guest (ra0) , 80 months, post #132
I notice that nearly everything listed here is a possession. Very little in the way of transformation or shapeshifting into multiple bodies, or using duplication abilities where the creator controls multiple bodies remotely.

Is that due to lack of interest or lack of found content? I've come across a good amount of non-possesion content in stories, comics and art if there's interest.

From: guest (BarackObrahma) , 80 months, post #133
Lack of found content, for sure. We tried to catalog everything we knew on this trope.

From: guest (pubg) , 80 months, post #134
Any possessions here on comics, animes or tv shows?

From: guest (that_one_guy) , 80 months, post #135
It's definitely lack of found content and not lack of interest. We just listed a lot of possession because it's the most common method of this niche, but I doubt anyone would refuse the inclusion of other types of multi-body content.

Speaking of shapeshifting into multiple bodies...

Package Meat 4.5 (Queen's Blade)]
RIrido Gahou Code: 34 (Queen's Blade)

Both of these feature the shapeshifter character revealing that she was pulling of the rare shapeshifter multibody technique the entire time.

Also there's a Doctor Who episode that does it, but it's real brief.

From: guest (ra0) , 80 months, post #136
It looks like the original poster leon hasn't posted anything in the past 9 months. I hope he's still watching.

I'll have to assume that talk of duplication is okay in certain cases. If the resulting duplicates take different forms, making the result similar to the "mental clone" possession, and/or if the duplicates are a hive-mind and effectively still a single person, it can technically be considered a TF since the character controls something different than what they started with. As for standard cases of "cloning" duplication that don't really have TF elements, there's so many examples of that that it would take over the thread.

That said, let's start with some special cases in Naruto. Clones in this continuity don't have a proper hive mind, but it's often combined with a TF:

Naruto Shippuden: All Sexy Jutsus 0:13*, 0:48(1:44 in the 2nd video is better), 2:10, 2:34
Todos os Sexy Jutsus de Naruto Shippuden 1:44, 3:00, 5:50(MtF, but the TF isn't shown), 8:38(MtM)*
Super Harem Jutsu (video game clip)(MtF)*
Super Reverse Harem Jutsu (video game clip)(MtM)*

The infamous "Harem Jutsu ". This is a combination of a duplication and a transformation (usually MtF), and while typically the result is multiple identical girls, there are a few times where the clones transform into multiple different appearances. I've marked these with a *. Please tell me if I've missed any more anime clips where that happens.

The wiki claims that Naruto once transformed into multiple Sakura clones, but I can't find that one. Also, at 5:50 in the second video, the MtF isn't shown in the episode but that's actually Konohamaru. It's in Naruto Shippuden 220.

Seductive Jutsu (MtF)
A short comic translated from Mitsugu on Pixiv. Fun with imitating multiple characters.

There are probably doujins that are like this one but I have no idea what to search for.

From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 80 months, post #137

Quasi shapeshifting into multiple bodies; Mystique seduces Cyclops while he's blindfolded by morphing into multiple women simultaneously (allegedly).

From: guest (BarackObrahma) , 80 months, post #138
I wonder if Rogue will ever absorb Madrox and Mystique at the same time...

From: guest (ra0) , 80 months, post #139
That thought reminds me of this art: Mad with Power - Rogue x 5
by Chadwick-J-Coleman

From: guest (That_One_Guy) , 80 months, post #140
I don't think these have been posted before so lemme hit you fellas with a couple more:

Nightcrawler (2014) #8: Shadow King possesses some of the X-men to attack Nightcrawler for a hot second

X-men Legacy (2008) #231 - 233: Mutant named Proteus takes over a group of X-men, including Psylocke (briefly), Nightcrawler, and Husk.

X-men and the Micronauts: Villain accidentally takes over a young Kitty Pryde's body while still being able to control his own

New Avengers (2010) #31 - 34: Undead sorcerer spirit comes back from the dead and starts bodyhopping, eventually taking over nearly all the New Avengers

Swamp Thing (1982) #56: Swamp Thing builds some companions to keep him company

X-tinction Agenda #2: Features an Alternate Universe version of Karma

Bad Karma : Weight Gain fanfic featuring the X-man Karma

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